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How to Mirror iPhone to iPhone?

Nov 14, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

To mirror iPhone to iPhone is an amazing feature, through which one can not only watch videos, pictures and play games on the big screen but can also transfer files from one device to another. It can be helpful even if your system is updated to the latest version. iPhone to iPhone screen mirroring is the same as mirroring iPhone to PC or TV. It can help you to share media files with your friends with compatible devices easily. Not only this, but you can also share your lectures and office presentations easily with your colleagues.

Part 1. How to Mirror iPhone to iPhone with Airplay?

To mirror iPhone to iPhone is very easy. Through Airplay on iPhone, screen sharing can be done in minutes. Follow the given simple steps to enjoy and share files on another device:

1. Make both iPhone devices on the same Wi-Fi.

2. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen (or in some devices swipe down from the top of the screen).

3. Tap on Airplay.


4. On the next page tap on the device which you want to connect for screen mirroring.

5. You are connected to another device.

6. Select files to be shared on the other device.

Part 2. How to Mirror iPhone to iPhone using Third-Party Apps?

You can mirror iPhone to iPhone easily by using third party apps too. This will make screen-casting easy, even if sending and receiving devices systems are not compatible.

A. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is considered as the best app to easily share an iOS device screen to another device. You can take screenshots or record the video during sharing. Just follow the below easy steps and you are done with screen sharing process:

1. Download and Install ApowerMirror on both devices

2. Make sure that both devices are operating on the same Wi-Fi network.

3. From your device Settings go to Control Centre and tap on “Customize Settings.”


4. Tap on “Screen Recording.”


5. Launch the app on the phone and tap on “M” to scan for devices to be connected.


6. Select Apowersoft + the name of your phone.


7. Swipe up to reveal Control Centre and tap on the "Record" button.

8. Select “ApowerMirror” and tap on “Start Broadcast.”


9. Your phone screen will be mirrored on another phone.

B. LetsView

Want to know another free app that will help to mirror iPhone to iPhone. LetsView app will help you to easily share your screen and connect with other devices. Follow the simple steps to achieve your goal.

  1. Download the LetsView app on both sending and receiving devices.
  2. Open the iPhone Control Centre and select “Screen Mirroring.”
  3. After scanning devices, select your iPhone name.
  4. Connect it and enjoy sharing and streaming media files on the other device.

C. AirView

Airview is a free and easy to use app that can let you to stream video from one iOS device to another iOS device and help you to mirror iPhone to iPhone. You can share media with your friends and family as long as sending and receiving devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. This app only requires the AirPlay technology of your iPhone. By following simple steps you can mirror your iPhone to another iPhone.

  1. Download the app from the iTunes app store and install it on both devices.
  2. Open the video that you want to stream from your iPhone to another iPhone.
  3. Tap the video-sharing icon on the video present besides the forward option.
  4. Select the name of your device from the scanned devices list.
  5. Your screen will be shared with another device and video will start streaming on the other iPhone.

D. TeamViewer

Another great app for you that will make your life easier is TeamViewer. It will help you to mirror iPhone to iPhone and steam and share media files easily. It is also compatible with PC. For this app, you must have iOS 11. Follow the simple steps given below to enjoy screen mirroring using this app.

  1. Download and install the app on both devices.
  2. Go to Control Centre from Settings of your phone.
  3. Select “Customize control.”
  4. Select “Screen Recording.”
  5. Swipe up to access Control Centre.
  6. Select the name of the TeamViewer device and select “Start Broadcast.”
  7. Now on receiving device open app and enter Team Viewer ID.
  8. On sending device tap on "Allow" to develop the connection.
  9. Your iPhone is now connected to another iPhone.
Features Apower Mirror LetsView > AirView TeamViewer
Screen Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screenshots Yes Yes Yes Yes
App Data Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible Devices Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Mac Windows and Mac
Support Android/iOS Both Both iOS Both
Support Multiple Mobile Devices Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Free/Paid Free Free Free/Paid


To mirror iPhone to iPhone is an exciting experience. You can easily access and share files from your iPhone to any other iPhone by using the AirPlay feature or by using third-party apps. You can share your videos with your friends and family members as long as both devices are on the same network, even at long distances. So, enjoy the screen mirroring your iPhone to another iPhone and share your files easily.

If you want to mirror your iPhone to a PC, Dr.Fone is an excellent recommendation to consider. This powerful software allows you to easily access and share files from your iPhone to your computer, making your screen mirroring experience even more versatile and convenient. With Dr.Fone, you can not only share files with other iPhone users but also enjoy a seamless mirroring experience on a larger screen. So, whether it's for presentations, gaming, or media consumption, Dr.Fone is a reliable solution to help you mirror your iPhone to a PC with ease.

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