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How to Screen Mirror on iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus?

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iPhone8/ iPhone 8 Plus has come with such powerful features that you can easily watch full HD and 4K media directly on your screen. But still, some find it difficult to enjoy the iPhone8/8Plus display. Then in this situation, the only option you are left behind is to screen mirror on iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus to a large screen. Screen mirroring helps you to enjoy your files i.e. video, music, pictures, lectures, and video games, on a large screen. You can do this wirelessly or with the help of physical connections including cables.

Part 1. How to screen mirror on iPhone 8/8 plus wirelessly? – Airplay

To screen mirror on iPhone 8/8 Plus wirelessly you will need an Apple TV that makes it compatible with Airplay. Airplay has been devised by Apple to make it easy to stream videos on a large screen from your handset. Your iPhone and Apple TV should be on the same network for this purpose. Just follow the simple steps below and enjoy a large screen display within minutes.

1. Make sure to connect your iPhone and TV to be on the same network.

2. Unlock your iPhone and play the video you want to enjoy.

3. Swipe up to reach the Control Centre of your iPhone.

4. Switch on the AirPlay.

5. Select the "Screen Mirroring" option from Control Centre.

screen mirror on iphone 8 1

6. Select your device i.e. Apple TV from scanned devices.

screen mirror on iphone 8 2

7. Exit the Control Centre.

8. Tap on the play button so that TV will give you the display of your iPhone screen.

Part 2. Best apps for screen mirroring iPhone 8

Many apps in the software world make it easy for you to screen mirror on iPhone 8. It will help you to not only rely on 5.5 inches display but can make your life easier by large display on big screens.

Here is a list of best apps that will help you to screen mirror on iPhone 8/8 Plus:

1) Apower Mirror

Apower mirror is a powerful application that helps you to connect your screen to the PC. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. There is no need for any cables or adapters in this case. You just have to download this app on your iPhone and computer. You can even take a screenshot of any picture or video on the computer. Thus, Apower Mirror will make your life easy. Just follow the following simple steps and enjoy a large screen experience.

1. Download and install the app on the iPhone and Computer.

2. Connect both devices on the same WiFi network.

3. Swipe up to access Control Centre.

4. Select "Screen Mirroring."

5. Select the "Apowersoft" from the scanned devices list.

screen mirror on iphone 8 3

6. iPhone screen will be shared with Computer.

Now, as you are connected with your computer you can enjoy other features too. You can take screenshots and record the screen too from your iPhone. The price per month for this application is 29.95$. You can select other packages too according to your account requirement.

2) AirServer

Airserver a famous application helps to screen mirror on iPhone 8/ 8Plus to Computer. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. It is compatible with iOS 11 and others too. You just have to follow simple steps like other apps to have a large screen display.

a) Download and Install the app on receiving and sending devices.

b) Make sure that both devices are on the same network.

c) Swipe up to access Control Centre.

d) Select “Screen Mirroring.”

e) From the list of scanned devices select your computer running AirServer.

f) Your iPhone screen will be connected to your computer.

A free trial is available for this application but it usually costs approximately 20$. Check out other plans according to your requirements.

3) Reflector 2

Reflector 2 is another popular name to screen mirror on iPhone 8 to Computer. It is especially for those who love live video streaming. It can be used for both Windows and Mac iOS. You can connect to your PC by following some simple steps similar to Apower Mirror.

1. Download the Reflector app on your iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and PC.

2. Install and launch the app on both devices.

3. Connect the PC and smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Swipe up and reach the Control Centre.

5. Select "Screen Mirroring."

6. Select your computer name from the scanned devices' names.

7. Enjoy a large screen display as you are connected now.

You can connect your TV to a computer too through HDMI cable. In this way, you can be connected to multiple devices. The price of its premium package is 17.99$.

4) iOS Screen Recorder

iOS screen recorder is another powerful application that is not only limited to iPhone 8 but it is also compatible with devices supported by iOS 7.1 and 11. It is easy to use like other screen mirroring apps. Dr.Fone toolkit for iOS screen recording is best to screen mirror on iPhone 8 and iPads. Follow the below simple guide to enjoying features.

1. Download iOS screen recorder from Dr.Fone toolkit and run it.

2. Make your smartphone and PC connection on the same network.

3. Swipe up to open the Control Centre of your iPhone.

4. From scanned devices, select Dr.Fone.

5. Enjoy the screen mirroring to PC.

It has some limitations in features but the great deal is it can help you to easily record videos, and games. A sad thing for all of you is that it cannot be used for Mac. But still, you can use it to screen the mirror and enjoy the large display. iOS screen recorder price of a year includes 19.90$. But you can check out other plans especially for a lifetime too.

Pros and Cons of All apps

Features Apower Mirror AirServer Reflector 2 iOS Screen Recorder
Screen Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screenshots Yes Yes Yes No
App Data Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible Devices Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Windows
Support Android/iOS Both Both Both Only iOS
Full-screen Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Multiple Mobile Devices Yes Yes Yes No


To screen mirror on iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus is not a difficult task. You need just a proper app according to your requirements and follow the simple steps. By using these apps, you can record videos, take screenshots; enjoy video games and presentations on a large screen. You can even connect to multiple devices too. Apower seems to be a bit costly than other apps but if you want to enjoy to a greater extent then, price becomes a second priority. So, best of luck with your choice and enjoy a large screen display.

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