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Things You Must Know for Screen Mirroring iPhone 6

Nov 14, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Screen mirroring iPhone 6 is as easy as the casting screen of any other iPhone. Screen mirroring is the easiest way for watching videos, photos, or just surfing the web on the big screen. It will help you to share files with your friends and enjoy a large screen display. Screen mirroring can be done through a hard-wired connection or wireless connection.

Part 1. Is Screen Mirroring Available on iPhone 6?

Screen mirroring iPhone 6 is not difficult and easily available. There are two main methods through which you can achieve screen mirroring.

A) Wired Screen Mirroring: HDMI or VGA Adapter

B) Wireless Screen Mirroring: Screen Mirroring with Apple TV (widely used)

Note: There are also other ways to mirror screen or cast screen on TV and PCs through numerous apps.

Part 2. How to Use Screen Mirroring on iPhone 6/6 Plus?

Screen mirroring iPhone 6 comes in the easiest way to be handled. By using hard-wired and wireless technology it will take a few minutes to enjoy a large screen display.

A) Wired Screen Mirroring

On iPhone 6/6 Plus, screen mirroring can be done using Lightning to HDMI Adapter or Lightning to VGA Adapter. For Wired connection, simply follow the given steps:

1) Connect HDMI cable or VGA cable to adapter and TV/PC,

2) Connect the lightning end of the adapter to the iPhone 6/6 plus.

3) Change TV /PC to HDMI or VGA input and hence, iPhone 6/6 plus screen is being mirrored on TV /PC.

B) Wireless Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring iPhone 6 can also be achieved through wireless technology on Apple T. It only requires AirPlay. Just follow the given simple steps to enjoy a large screen experience.

1) Ensure that iPhone 6/6 Plus and Apple TV are on the same internet connection.

2) Swipe up from the bottom on iPhone screen and tap on Airplay mirroring.


3) Tap Apple TV from a list of scanned devices to connect the TV with iPhone.


4) If prompted, enter the code for creating a connection with TV.

5) To disconnect screen mirroring tap on mirroring again.

Part 3. Top Apps for Screen Mirroring iPhone 6

Screen mirroring iPhone 6 to PCs and TVs other than Apple TV is not difficult. It will need only some apps and your iPhone will be connected to a large screen. You can easily enjoy your videos, pictures, and video games on the big screen. There are numerous apps for screen mirroring. Widely used apps are listed below:

a) ApowerMirror

This app is considered as the best free mirroring app for every smartphone. This will cast an iPhone screen to TV or Computer without lag. You just need to download and install this app on the computer and iPhone and then mirror your iPhone screen through the control center. Follow the simple steps to get the desired results.

1) Download the app on your PC and iPhone.

2) Install and launch the app on both devices.

3) Open the app on the phone and tap the “M” icon.


4) Select the device name from the scanned devices list.


5) Select the phone screen mirror.


6) Swipe up to reveal the control center.

7) Tap on AirPlay mirroring or Screen mirroring.

8) Select the name of your PC from the list of scanned devices.

9) Your iPhone screen will be projected to your PC screen.

b) Lonely Screen

For those who don't have apple TV, Lonely Screen is the best app for them to screen mirroring iPhone 6. It turns PC or TV as Airplay receivers. By using this app you can easily share and stream media files to Windows or Mac. Here is a big deal for you, if your device does not have enough memory. Then this app is best for you as takes very less storage space. Follow the simple steps to enjoy this app.

1) Download the app on both devices.

2) Install and launch the app.

3) Make sure that both devices are on the same network.

4) Swipe up and access the Control center.

5) Select AirPlay Mirroring or Screen Mirroring.

6) Select the name of your PC from the scanned devices list.

7) Your iPhone is connected to PC.

Here is a nightmare for you; as some clients are not satisfied with this app due to some malware in the app, and also because of its weak performance.

c) ApowerSoft iPhone Recorder

Another easy to use the app to screen mirroring iPhone 6 is ApowerSoft iPhone Recorder. This app also lets you record screen and take screenshots during streaming. It also makes use of AirPlay technology to share pictures and videos from the iPhone to the computer. Follow the simple instructions to experience a large screen display.

1) Download and install the app on both devices.

2) Make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

3) Launch the app and swipe up to reveal the Control center.

4) Select “AirPlay Mirroring” or “Screen Mirroring.”

5) Select the name of the device from the scanned devices list.

6) Your iPhone screen will be cast to the big screen of your computer.

This app will also let you record the screen, for that, just tap the record icon on the upper left corner in the app.


Screen mirroring iPhone 6/6 plus is available and it is quite easy with its built-in airplay service but if apple TV is unavailable then one can install screen mirroring apps that suit them best. By using these apps you can record the screen or even take screenshots too. You can easily enjoy your files, lectures, presentations, pictures, and videos on a large screen by using these features.

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