How to Mirror iPhone to iPad?

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You might reach a scenario where you wish to show a very important video to your family or colleagues. However, with your phone, it seems quite difficult to have this covered at a single time. For this, you require a larger screen to show the case, leading you to a condition where you need to buy devices with larger screens. This might seem quite an expensive liability, which leads you to search for cases where you can save both the money and cover your requirements with ease. Screen mirroring comes as an optimal remedy to such cases where it provides cost-effective solutions for people who seek to share their content on larger screens. This article looks forward to providing screen mirroring solutions for users who seek to mirror their screens from iPhone to iPad. With these remedies, you can surely carry out the screen mirroring of iPhone to iPad and save both the time and money with such prudent methods.

Part 1: Can you screen mirror from iPhone to iPad?

The trending feature of screen mirroring is getting a common requirement of many iPhone users where they seek to mirror the screen of their iPhone onto something bigger to have a better view of their screen. With the screen mirroring feature, you can look to mirror your iPhone's screen onto an external screen such as a TV, computer, or an iPad. This article considers the concept of mirror iPhone to iPad and provide efficient solutions in carrying out the task. It is possible to have your screen mirrored from iPhone to iPad; however, if we consider any direct feature available that allows screen mirroring without an iPhone, there has been no direct feature provided by Apple yet that covers the screen mirroring requirements. For now, you can always look forward to third-party screen mirroring applications that can provide you the option of screening iPhone to iPad without a Wi-Fi connection. There are many applications available for this purpose, which might get strenuous for you to decide on. For easing your search, this article provides you with the most appropriate and cognitive applications that can help you screen mirror iPhone to iPad with explicit output screen results.

Part 2: Why should you use screen mirroring?

Before discovering the applications and their guides on how to effectively utilize them for screen mirroring iPhone to iPad, it is important for many of the people to understand the significance of screen mirroring your devices onto bigger screens. There can be many reasons for why screen mirroring is preferred in comparison to other extravagant options.

If we take the environment of an office into consideration, we can clearly demonstrate the use of screen mirroring during a meeting. At an instant, where a meeting attendee feels to add a positive contribution that he discovered on his/her iPhone, it might get extremely hard to get it circulated amongst all members. For that, he/she has to get up from their position and circle around the room, showing it to everyone sitting in the meeting. This demonstrates the decorum of the meeting, leaving the people present in the room in a very awkward and inconvenient situation. For this, you can utilize the screen mirroring feature present on your iPhone to professionally manage the situation and have your message circulated across all members of the meeting without any hiatus in the decorum of the meeting. This analogy can be implied across a school, where you need to keep a progressive environment without any disruption. For this, you need to focus on using screen mirroring applications for efficiently covering all your demands. This, however, can be covered out using a third-party screen mirroring application.

Part 3: How to mirror iPhone to iPad without Wi-Fi?

You might feel the small size of the iPhone’s screen quite difficult to use in places where you need to read a document or a book written with a minuscule font. As stated above, iPhone has not provided any efficient solution to screen mirroring that can be covered without a Wi-Fi connection; there are several applications that can be taken into consideration for attaching your iPhone to an iPad without a Wi-Fi connection.


The first third-party tool that you can look to use in such cases is ApowerMirror. This application provides you with the function of mirroring your iPhone to an iPad with a professional interface. As we believe there are numerous applications for utilizing this function, you can always look up to ApowerMirror to provide efficient solutions in this domain. ApowerMirror provides an explicit experience in streaming your iPhone onto an iPad. It also allows you to control the screen of the iPhone through your desktop using the mouse and keyboard. This application does not present a simple screen mirroring feature but provides you with different expressive characteristics such as recording the screen of your iPhone using ApowerMirror’s recorder. For effectively using ApowerMirror to screen mirror iPhone to iPad, you need to follow the guide provided as follows.

Step 1: Download Application

It is important to have the application on both devices before using it for mirror your iPhone onto your iPad.

Step 2: Organize your iPhone's Settings.

Following this, you need to add the Screen Recording feature onto your iPhone from its Settings. Open Settings on your iPhone, followed by the Control Center where you can customize the window by adding or removing different applications and features. Open “Customize Controls” to add “Screen Recording” in the list.


Step 3: Add iPad in the List

After adding screen recording in the list of the Control Center, you need to open the ApowerMirror App on your iPhone and tap on the M button for locating your nearby iPad. A list appears on the front showing different nearby devices, out of which you need to select the name of your iPad to add it.


Step 4: Initiate Screen Recording along with Mirroring

Before your start, the procedure of mirroring your iPhone onto an iPad, you should record the broadcasting by accessing the Control Center and selecting the option of Recording Screen. Select the app from the list and tap on Start Broadcasting to mirror the iPhone's screen onto your iPad successfully.


ApowerMirror is available for users in different price packages where you can get a lifetime package at $259.85 for running the application on two different devices. Followed by this, you can also opt for a yearly package of $119.85.


  • It provides easy setup with diversity in functions apart from screen mirroring.
  • It is a cross-platform application with high-quality video outputs.
  • Allows remote control of the screen using the larger-screened device.


  • This application is not free and demands the purchase of the package.
  • Drains out the battery of the iPhone easily.


TeamViewer is another explicable platform that provides the screen mirroring services to its users across PC, smartphones, and tablets. The diversity of the application provides you remote control of the computer screen using its feature. However, if you look for screen sharing iPhone’s screen onto an iPad using TeamViewer, you need to look at the guide provided as follows.

For iPhone

Step 1: Download Application

You need to download TeamViewer QuickSupport on your iPhone and launch it.

Step 2: Access Screen Recording on iPhone

Open Settings followed by the Control Center to customize the controls present there. In the window following Customize Controls, add Screen Recording.


Step 3: Start Recording

Open the Control Center of your iPhone and hit the Record button. After selecting TeamViewer, tap Start Broadcast.


For iPad

Step 1: Download and Enter ID

You need to have the application installed on your iPad. Following this, enter the ID of your iPhone that can be seen from the iPhone's application. Hit Remote Control.


Step 2: Use Screen Sharing

After allowing access through your iPhone, your iPhone is now mirrored onto the iPad with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is available for users at $22.90/month for a single user and $45.90/month for multiple users.


  • TeamViewer is a free application for screen sharing.
  • It works across all platforms.
  • It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform.


  • Information can be compromised or stolen.

Part 4: How to mirror iPhone to iPad with Airplay?

Step 1: Link your devices.

You need to link your devices over a single Wi-Fi connection for using the AirPlay feature.

Step 2: Screen Mirror your iPhone

Using your iPhone, access the “Screen Mirroring” tab from the “Control Center” by swiping up the screen. With the list opened upfront, select the iPad, leading to instant mirroring of your iPhone screen to iPad.


Bonus Tips: How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Web Browsers?

Although you are seeking a proper solution to mirror your iPhone screen to the iPad, you can look for a specific solution if you seek to mirror your iPhone to a web browser. Wondershare Dr.Fone Air provides an online solution to its users to mirror iPhone to iPad's web browser without any wired connection. This wireless solution provides quick results without requiring the user to put effort into the process.

wondershare drfone air

There are several prominent features that Dr.Fone Air holds in the market. It presents itself as a complete mirroring solution which is observed across the features provided below:

  • You are required to scan and connect your devices without requiring features like Bluetooth and NFC.
  • The tool is swift in process, where you can connect your devices within a few minutes without registering for software or downloading it.
  • Find the option of adjusting the mirrored screen in many ways, including zooming the screen, rotating, and taking screenshots.

With that, look into the step-by-step procedure of screen mirroring iPhone to iPad web browser with the help of Dr.Fone Air:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone Air and Connect

Access the website of Dr.Fone Air on your web browser and make sure the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Scan QR Code or Add Cast Code

Install Dr.Fone Link on the device and scan the QR code appearing on the screen. Conversely, you can also use the cast code for connecting.

Step 3: Mirror iPhone to Web Browser

The devices will connect successfully, and the iPhone screen will be mirrored to the web browser.


The article has provided users with a valuable overview of how to screen mirror iPhone to iPad with the help of multiple techniques. Along with providing cognitive solutions where you can correspond to the process without requiring Wi-Fi or through AirPlay, this article has also featured Wondershare Dr.Fone Air as an excellent remedy for situations where you have to mirror your iPhone to a web browser. Follow these instructions to find the perfect tool for every situation that you might face.

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