What Can You Do with Dr.Fone Air Online Screen Mirror?

create a better meeting
create a digital classroom
create an immersive experience

Meeting Spaces

Create a better meeting: Instantly share and present presentations, documents, spreadsheets, videos, and
more from your phone in real time during meetings or training.

Active Teaching

Create a digital classroom: Get out from behind your desk to make lessons more fun and intuitive,
improving course engagement and enhancing learners' collaboration.

Home Entertainment

Create an immersive experience: Everything that shows up on your phone, such as games, movies,
photos, e-books, etc., will now appear on the computer, taking your entertainment beyond the screen for a complete multi-sensory experience.

Focus on Your Mirroring Experience

free and no ads

Free and No Ads

Completely free and easy to use. No ads, no bundleware. All for a better product experience.
without Bluetooth or NFC

Without Bluetooth or NFC

No need to access Bluetooth, NFC, or other permissions. Scan to connect, easy to operate.
security and privacy guarantee

Security and Privacy

We keep your files secure - there is no need to upload and download files during presentations.

3 Steps to Mirror Phone Screen
to PC via Web Browser

go to drfone.io
use dr.fone link app to scan
mirror phone screen to pc
google play button app store button
google play button app store button

Note: Please download the Dr.Fone Link App on your Android/iOS phone first. Then scan the QR code
through this App or manually add a 9-digit cast code to allow access to the computer.

FAQs - You May Still Be Wondering

  • Screen mirroring helps you project the display of a smaller screen to another screen larger in size in real time. Tools like Dr.Fone Air provide a coherent system of using their free online service for screen mirroring mobile devices to the computer through a web browser for scenes, such as training individuals about a process, presenting the operations of an application, communicating with people, and using it for entertainment purposes. This concept holds considerable differences from screen casting, where the latter concept shows the screen displays content in another output display in the same room. On the other hand, screen mirroring shows the mirrored screen with all the movements happening on it while in the same room. The benefit of screen mirroring is that you can normally use the device without interruption.
  • Dr.Fone Air is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge IE10, or higher versions. If you use an older version, it may not be active.
  • Dr.Fone Air is an excellent choice to mirror your phone screen to the web browser. You can easily share your phone on a large-screen computer and take screenshots of your phone on your computer. After you capture your screen, you can view, edit, and share the image. Follow the steps below:
    Step 1. Go to drfone.io in the Google Chrome browser.
    Step 2. Connect your Phone and Computer to the same Wi-Fi network.
    Step 3. Use the Dr.Fone Link App to scan the QR Code or enter the Cast Code to mirror your phone screen wirelessly.
    Step 4. Once connected, your phone content will instantly be shown on the Chrome browser.
    Step 5. In the right control panel, left-click the screenshot icon to capture a screenshot.
    Step 6. Press Ctrl+J to open the Chrome Downloads tab to find the screenshot.
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Online Screen Mirror

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