dr.fone - Erase (Android)

Fully Erase Everything on Android and Protect Your Privacy

  • Simple, click-through process.
  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently.
  • Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs and all private data.
  • Supports all Android devices available in the market.
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drfone android data eraser
Simple deletion or factory reset does not erase the data on Android permanently. The deleted data still can be recovered with available technology. Android Data Eraser ensures that your privacy is safe by permanently erasing deleted files, clearing browsing history, caches and protecting your personal information.

Selling or Donating your Android Phone?

Use Android Data Eraser to wipe out your personal data first.

Erase All Kinds of Personal Data on Your Android

You can use Android Data Eraser to wipe all private information, including photos, messages and attachments, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and app data, etc on your Android permanently.

Why Choose dr.fone toolkit

Simple, fast, and effective.

100% Unrecoverable

Erased data can't be recovered by any tool.

100% Security

No data kept or leaked during the process.

Ease of Use

Intuitive interface for everyone to use.

Support All Android Devices

dr.fone - Erase (Android) supports all available Android devices in the market. No matter you have Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, LG, or ZTE, etc. and what Android version your phone is running, This Android data eraser helps you erase everything on the phone permanently.


How does dr.fone - Erase (Android) work?

This Android data eraser helps you render your data completely unreadable and then clean up the whole disk completely. Then, users need to manually do factory reset on the phone afterword. With these two operations, your data will not be able to be recovered by anyone again.

Does dr.fone - Erase (Android) completely erase all data on the phone?

Yes, this Android data eraser completely and permanently clean up all the personal data on the phone, including contacts, messages, photos, call logs, calendars, app and app data, etc.

What should I pay attention to when I use dr.fone - Erase (Android)?

Please do not disconnect the phone or open any other Android management software during the whole process. And at the end, follow the instruction on Android Data Eraser to perform factory reset on your phone.

What Android devices does Android Data Eraser support?

Currently this Android data eraser supports all Android devices available in the market. And it will quickly support more new Android devices once they are released.


4 Reviews

    it works!!

    dr.fone cleaned my samsung s5 completely without a hitch. now I can sell it without worrying about my information.

    By Jerry

    gooood job!!!

    It really worked smoothly.

    By Alex

    Great App

    At first I was skeptical. But it turns out working perfectly. Nice!

    By Bob

    dr.fone - Erase

    it's very good

    By youness

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