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Our experts can help you from anywhere via screen sharing

drfone now for clients

How it works

Just some of the ways we can help you

drfone now for clients
Solve handset malfunctions
drfone now for clients
Troubleshoot app errors
drfone now for clients
Tailor your phone settings
drfone now for clients
Backup and restore your phone
drfone now for clients
Optimize battery life
drfone now for clients
Reduce your data usage
drfone now for clients
Discover which apps are right for you
drfone now for clients
Use less storage for your photos
drfone now for clients
Set appointments, calendar events, etc.

It’s like having a support expert right by your side

drfone now for clients
dr.fone now expert can see what's wrong on your device and guide your step by step using screen mirroring function.
drfone now for clients
On-screen drawing helps illustrate navigation and where to scroll or tap clearer.
drfone now for clients
Get clear instructions with live voice chat or instant messaging.
drfone now for clients

Your phone is safe

Dr.Fone Now FAQ

After terminating this service, can experts still access my phone via Dr.Fone Now?
No, experts can't connect with your phone without your permission.
Can the expert see all my personal data?
No, experts can only see your user name, your Dr.Fone Now ID, and the desktop of your mobile. You can refuse if any expert asks for accessing your personal data.
Do I need to pay to use this app?
No, Dr.Fone Now is completely free.
Is it safe to have Dr.Fone Now installed on my phone?
Yes, it's completely safe. Dr.Fone Now can't keep any of your data or get your phone connected to others at any time without your permission.
How do I make payment on Dr.Fone Now?
You can only make the payment after the expert send you an proposal. Currently you can pay with Paypal and credit card.
How to make sure the expert will provide service as promised after I make the payment?
Don't worry about it. After you accept the proposal, the money does not go to the expert's account directly. Your money is kept safe in the escrow, which can protect yourself until you’re ready to release funds. If you have not got the promised service, you can click on Complaint in Order Detail to request refund.
How can I file a complaint on Dr.Fone Now?
You can find Order Detail -> Complaint in both the Chat and the History from Navicon menu.

Need help with your mobile device? Find an expert now.

drfone now for clients