Quick Guide: How to Jailbreak Android Devices

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The Android OS has grown to surpass iOS as the most used platform with 72% of all smartphone users using Android devices. There are several reasons why most people choose Android. But perhaps the most important one is the ability to customize and tweak the OS to meet any user’s needs. One of the ways to get the most out of your Android device is to jailbreak it.

You’ve probably heard the term jailbreak in relation to iPhones and other iOS devices. With Android devices, it is often referred to as rooting. Essentially rooting an Android device is the same as jailbreaking it.

A jailbroken device gives you more control and the access to more features than a regular Android device. Yet, that is just one of the reasons why you want to jailbreak Android. In this article, we will share with you an easy and effective way to jailbreak Android as well as a few reasons why you’d want to jailbreak your device.

How to Jailbreak Android Devices

Jailbreaking an Android device is not difficult. The availability of numerous jailbreaking tools and apps ensures that you can jailbreak Android quickly and easily. Some of the more popular apps to jailbreak Android include Kingo Root, Kingroot and iRoot. Yet, jailbreaking an Android device is a highly invasive process and may cause all sorts of problems when done wrong.

Therefore, you need an Android jailbreaking tool that is not just easy to use but effective and reliable. Dr.Fone - Root presents a credible solution for the following reasons:

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Dr.Fone - Root

Best Free Android 1- Click Root Tool

  • Dr.Fone - Root makes the rooting process simple and hassle free.
  • It supports over 7000 Android devices.
  • It has the highest success rate in the industry.
  • You can use it to root your device Free of Charge.
  • The process is 100% safe and secure.
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How to jailbreak Android devices with One Click


Here’s how to use Dr.Fone - Root to easily jailbreak Android. But before we begin, there are several things that you must do to prepare the device for rooting. The following are the most crucial ones:

  • Ensure the device is fully charged to prevent running out of battery during the process.
  • Find a good and reliable method to root the device and then study it to ensure you understand all aspects of the process.
  • Back up all the data on your device.
  • Disable the anti-virus and firewall on your device, which may sometimes interfere with the rooting process.

Step-by-step guide

Now simply follow these simple steps to jailbreak your Android device using Dr.Fone - Root.

  1. Begin by installing Dr.Fone to your computer. Once installed, launch it. In the program’s main window, select “Root” from the options provided.

    click Root to start jailbreaking

  2. Use a USB cable to connect the Android device to the computer. If you are using Android 4.2.2 or above, you may need to allow USB debugging before you continue. Simply tap “OK” on the popup message that appears on the device.

    Once USB debugging is enabled, the program will detect the device and you are ready to continue.

  3. Click on “Start” and Dr.Fone - Root will begin the process of finding the best way to jailbreak Android.

    jailbreak Android by clicking Start

    The process may take a few moments depending on the device model.

    detecting the device during jailbreaking

  4. After a few minutes, Dr.Fone - Root will be ready to root the Android device. All you have to do now is to simply click “Root Now” for the process to begin.

    most important step in jailbreaking

  5. You should receive a message on your device asking you to confirm that you want to root it. Tap on “Confirm” and the process will continue.

    jailbreaking Android complete

    Ensure you keep the device connected through the entire process and in a few minutes, your device will be rooted successfully.

Video Tutorial: How to Jailbreak Android devices

Why Jailbreak Android?

If you’ve never thought about jailbreaking your Android device, you may be wondering why do it. Why go through the process? What good will it do? Well, the following are just some of the top reasons why jailbreaking your device may be a good idea.

Get incompatible apps

Have you ever wanted to install a certain app that your friends are just raving about only for Google Play Store to display a message saying you can’t?

It can happen because some phone carriers will restrict apps for a variety of reasons. Jailbreaking your device allows you to bypass this restriction and install apps that were previously incompatible with your device.

get incompatible apps

Block Ads on apps

Some apps can be quite annoying in the way they display Ads every time you use them. If you’d like to block these Ads when playing a game on your device or browsing, jailbreaking your device will help with that.

You can block these advertising networks by blocking them on the root levels of your device in much the same way you would block a website on your Wi-Fi network.

block ads on apps

Back up everything on your device

We all know how important it is to back up the data on your device. Yet, with an unrooted device, you are unable to back up everything. Jailbreaking your Android allows you to install apps like Titanium Backup that can then help you back up everything on your device including all your settings and apps.

Back up everything on your device

Disable or remove stock android skins

Device manufacturers like Samsung and HTC will often modify the Android skins to one they think you will like. The problem is, sometimes these modified skins are often too bulky (taking up too much space on your device) or too ugly. A jailbroken device gives you the ability to remove these skins and make your Android device as beautiful as you want it to be.

Disable or remove stock android skins

Unlock hidden features

There are lots of hidden features on your Android device that you may never have access to unless you jailbreak the device. Some of the coolest ones include the following:

  • Attach a PlayStation controller to your device and use it when playing games.
  • Download and use apps that are not yet available in your country.
  • Block callers from calling at certain times.
  • Use your device’s camera in high-FPS modes and even enable 249fps slow motion even if your phone doesn’t have the necessary features.

Flash a custom Kernel

Perhaps the biggest advantage you get with a jailbroken device is the ability to flash a custom Kernel. A Kernel is what your device uses to communicate with the apps installed on it. The benefits you get from a Kernel will depend on the particular Kernel, and range from prolonged battery life, better performance and a whole host of other benefits that will improve your experience with an Android device.

Flash a custom Kernel

With Dr.Fone, jailbreaking your Android device is a much more simplified process. You can experience all the benefits of a jailbroken Android device in a very short time.

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