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Root Your Android with One-Click-Root Free Software

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Android phones are one of the most user-friendly phones, with a versatile and easy-to-handle UI. But little does the common user know that the UI is just the tip of the iceberg. The Android open-source operating system has a wide range of possibility in the right hands. The gateway to unlocking this treasure trove is called rooting.

Rooting Android and What It Brings?

With a little technical working, one can gain access to the OS, make changes in it and widen the potentials of a simple Android device. All devices put this lock on root for security reasons. You might have seen some apps are incompatible on your phone, which can easily be rectified if you have root access. There are just so many things one can do after rooting, which upgrades your device like never before. But in untrained hands, rooting might mean the end of your device's life.

Benefits of rooting

  • Rooting makes your phone fully under your control. You can customize and modify according to your liking
  • Remove pre-installed apps that slow down your phone
  • Enables complete backup, unlike partial backups on regular phones
  • Boost phone's speed and battery life
  • Block Ads in any apps
  • Tweak basically every setting preloaded into Android to your liking

Rooting comes with risks

As good as it sounds, having complete control over your phone comes with its risks too. They are:

  • Making device-threatening system file changes
  • Install wrong apps, thereby making it more vulnerable to malware attacks
  • High-security apps refuse to run on rooted devices
  • Device warranty gets void
  • System update does not work on rooted Android devices starting from Lollipop

How to Root Android with One Click Root Free Software

If there is an easy way to root your Android device, it is by using a rooting software. There are a number of rooting apps available which offer rooting services. However, it is a tad bit difficult if you have older versions of Android, as some software may not support them.

Previously rooting Android versions higher than Android 7.0 was more difficult as the verified boot would check whether system files have been tampered with, thus blocking rooting apps. But times have changed and rooting is now easier with Android Nougat.

Most of the one click root software supports all the major device manufacturers. One such reliable and frequently downloaded software is Dr.Fone.

Preparation for rooting

Rooting brings major changes in your device. Before you get down with rooting, make sure you check these boxes to be on the safe side.

  • Create Backups: Before you even think of rooting, create data backups of your Android device. You might face difficulties which might lead to data loss. Better safe than sorry.
  • Erase Android Files: Delete all the Android files on your phone so that it does not get in the way of the rooting process.
  • Full Battery: Starting out to root your phone on a low battery is risky business. Make sure you fully charge the battery to keep your device safe.
  • Recovery tools at hand: There is the off chance that you might lose your data on your device, keeping a recovery tool will keep your device's back secure.
  • Pick the right software: Before you root your device using any one click root free software, make sure you pick the right one. There are plenty of software that does more harm than good. Take help from techies regarding the one click root free process to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  • Antivirus: Get powerful antivirus options before you begin. By rooting, you are pulling down all the safety nets.
  • Money matters: Be prepared to cover the costs if your device is harmed during the rooting process. Rooting a device invalidates the device’s guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

Guide to root Android (one click root free)

Dr.Fone - Root is one of the best services to root your Android device with just one click. It is an easy and user-friendly software that helps users to root their Android device without requiring any help from the professionals.

The advantages of using Dr.Fone - Root in order to root your Android device are as follows:

Dr.Fone - Root

Best one click root free software

  • It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It ensures full security by making sure that no data is leaked or lost during the rooting process.
  • It is completely free of cost.
  • It supports a wide range of Android devices.
Available on: Windows
5,377,315 people have downloaded it

Here are a few simple steps to root your Android device with one click:

Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone. Thereafter, launch it and select the “Root” option from the screen that appears.

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer with the help of the USB cable. Make sure that USB debugging is enabled. Click on the “Start” option so as to start with the one click root free procedure of rooting your Android device.

start for rooting

Step 3: Once a secure connection is established, the Android device will be automatically recognized by Dr.Fone - Root.

detection of model

Step 4: Once the detection process is completed, the rooting process is ready to begin. Tap on the “Root now” option from the screen that appears in order to start the free one click root process.

allow one click root

Step 5: Tap on the “Confirm” option when the prompt reappears for confirmation.

The rooting procedure will be successfully completed by following these simple steps.

rooted with one click

Dr.Fone -Root is, no doubt, one of the best software to root your Android device with. It provides an easy interface and instructions to make the procedure smooth. Dr.Fone -Root also offers customer support for users if they get into trouble. With this app, one can rest assured as Dr.Fone -Root make sure that there will be zero leakage of any data. With this tool, rooting an Android device is done efficiently and effectively.

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