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Practical Guide: How to root HTC One M8 in Steps

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We all know that the smartphones have been evolving around the world with new technological interventions with time. Starting from the first huge device which can cover only a distance of about 6 miles to now, where everything can be done using a smartphone, right from making calls, sending Emails, browsing the internet and never the less paying the utility bills, there has been a paradigm shift. When it comes to smartphones, Android is the most widely used platform. Well, if you are an old Android user, but new to the world of Android Hacking and rooting, then you might need to know about Bootloader and rooting. Bootloader in literal technical term means a code that is executed before an OS starts to run. Each and every Android phones have a Bootloader that gives the instruction to the OS kernel to boot normally. Let’s now understand how we can unlock Bootloader and root HTC One M8.

Part 1: How to unlock the Bootloader and root HTC one M8

To unleash the full potential of your device and gain full privileges, you need to dig through the whole system, not just the parts that your brand deems okay for you to mess up with. And here, to take your HTC one M8 to its extreme and unleash the full potential of your M8 you need to unlock the Bootloader first and root your device. This will allow you as a user to talk to your device directly and have better controls. While rooting gives access to lot many things to the user and authority to decide and give permissions, rooting the phone without knowing the proper way how to can brick the phone. So, it is very important to know the steps to root HTC One M8 before trying to root the device.

Steps to unlock the Bootloader and root HTC M8:

Step 1: Enter Fast boot Mode

To place your HTC one M8 in Fastboot mode plug in your device to the computer and then powering it down by holding both the power and volume down button until you see the below screen.

unlock bootloader and root htc m8

Step 2: Get you Identifier Token:

Once you see the above screen, open up the command prompt on your computer. Device’s specific Identifier Token is required to get the right unlock code for HTC one M8. Type the below mentioned command to get your device specific Identifier token in the command prompt in the computer,

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Step3: Copy the Token:

Copy the code you get by excluding the first (bootloader) portions.

unlock bootloader and root htc m8

Step 4: Login to your HTCDev account:

Visit and login to your account.

Step 5: Unlock the Bootloader:

Once you have done the above step, get the code Emailed to you. Select the unlock Bootloader and move on. Select the HTC one M8 from the drop down list and then click on Begin unlock Bootloader.

Click on agree to all terms and conditions and proceed to unlock. When the next page comes, scroll completely down and click on “Proceed to Step 5”.

unlock bootloader and root htc m8

Now you need to paste the identifier token we have step 3 into the box “My Device Identifier Token” which is at the bottom and then click “Submit”.

unlock bootloader and root htc m8

Step 6: Unlock the code:

An Email will be sent to you with the unlock code. After you have received the email, you need to download and place the attachment on the desktop.

Step 7: Initiating the unlock code:

Come back to the command prompt and type the below code command,

fastboot flash unlocktoken desktop/unlock_code.bin

Note: Change the desktop/unlock_code.bin to the location of your code.

Step 8: Confirm the Bootloader unlock on your device:

Your phone (HTC ONE M8) will now ask you to unlock bootloader. Now, select ‘yes’ by using the volume up button and confirm your selection with the Power button. The phone will reboot and it’s done.

Here we go!! Your device Bootloader is unlocked!!

After the process is complete and the device is rebooted, set up the device again.

How to Root HTC One M8 using Android Root

Android Root from Wondershare Dr.Fone team is definitely one of the best one click root tool available in the market. It applies the most advanced technology in the industry and has the highest successful rate.

Dr.Fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Steps to root HTC M8 with Android Root

Step 1: Download Dr. Fone on your PC and launch the tool.

After Dr. Fone is launched, click on “More Tools” on the left column of your screen and select the Android Root from the selections shown.

drfone more tools

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer

Connect the android device to the computer using an USB cable. It is important to check whether USB debugging mode is enabled. Enable USB debugging by going to “Developer Options” and if it is already enabled, Dr. Fone will automatically recognize and connect the device.

android root connect phone

Once your device is connected to the computer, Dr.Fone will detect the android device automatically and find a solution to root your device. Now click on the start button to continue.

Step 3: Rooting your Android Device

After Dr. Fone has detected the device, the android device will be ready for rooting. Click on “Root Now” button to root your Android device with just one click.

android root phone ready

During this process of rooting, the android device will give a pop up message to confirm whether you would like proceed with the process of rooting. Click on confirm and it’s done. The tool will take few minutes before it completes the process of rooting.

android root phone rooted

Part 3: Other 3 services to Root HTC One M8:


This is another service provider for rooting your Android phones. This offers Super-Charge and customizing the Android phone in less than 5 mins with easy and safety root to unlock your Android device.



• Root All Android devices

• Quick and Easy

• Full and dedicated support team

• Supported for all major brand with Android OS


• Low trust rating and poor rating

• Hidden identity of the owner of the website which makes it less reliable

• Paid service

2. iRoot

iRoot is one of the most reliable tools to root android devices. It comes with both PC version and Android version. In PC version, iRoot can be installed on the PC that can be to root android devices with the help of computer. In android version, the tool has to be downloaded on the android device and the device can be rooted at one click after installing iRoot.



• Simple and easy to understand user interface

• Free tool to root android devices

• Available in both PC and android apk version

• Highly reliable due to high success rate

• Very simple and few steps to root android devices


• This may not support all android devices

3. KingoRoot

KingoRoot is a Rooting app for android devices. With a Mission of “Do the best, give you more than you think” the KingoRoot is in the market for a quite a long time now. KingoRoot offers easiest and fastest Android rooting experience using for both the PC and APK version for almost all devices with highest success rate. Both PC version and apk version can be used to root android devices. The KingRoot apk has to be installed in the device and on one click, the device can be rooted.



• Available for both PC and APK version

• Free service

• One click Android root app

• Trusted website


• Knowledge base should be improved

So, the aforesaid tools are some of the best tools which can be used to root HTC One M8. It is very important to follow the steps diligently as mentioned, non-compliance to which could brick the device.

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