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Everything You Need to Know to Root Samsung Galaxy Phone

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We are going to make you familiar with a paramount feature about your Android Phone today that every Android user must be well known. You must have come across the term ‘Root’ several times in your life yet unknown to it. Today, we will explore what does Rooting mean, what are the advantages of rooting an Android Phone, what things you should know before you root your Android phone. Dividing the article into four parts, we will help you understand the different aspects of rooting. 

Part 1: What is Rooting?

Let’s know what is Rooting in this first part of the article. Rooting is a way of unlocking the operating system of an Android phone so that you can install some applications, remove unwanted bloatware, update the OS, customize anything and much more. Rooting is the Android similar to that of Jailbreaking. It gives you root access to your device that means permission to customize the applications on your phone. In other words, rooting means getting ‘Superuser’ rights and permissions to your Android’s software for customizing in your own way. We can also call it as Hacking an Android device. The term ‘Root’ coming from the Linux/Unix world means a user has ‘superuser’ rights and permissions to all the files and programs on the device. This access lets him remove, add or modify any software code on the smartphone. Rooting gives you the power to do anything on your device. 

Part 2: Benefits After Rooting

There are several benefits of rooting an android phone. If you are using a Samsung, you will get a number of benefits after rooting. In this second part of the article, we are going to point out some of remarkable advantages we can get after rooting our android phone. 

 Unlock Hidden Feature & install Incompatible Applications: By default, your Samsung phone is limited and you cannot use some features because an app is blocked by the carriers or not available. But rooting your Samsung enables you to install carrier-blocked applications, you can get features of the latest android version, and make some incompatible apps into compatible.

Boosts Speed and Battery Life: Though you can also enhance the speed and battery life of your android without rooting, but after rooting you can easily and more efficiently boost the speed and battery life.

Blocks Ads in Any App: Rooting is the best way to help you block ads in many applications and on most android phones.

Back up Android Phone: After rooting your phone, you can back up not only the few things like app and date but the system applications and data also.

Remove Preinstalled Crapware: You cannot remove preinstalled application without rooting your android. There are some apps already installed on your phone when you first by it and some of them may be annoying, battery-consuming, space-wasting which you don’t use. only after rooting, you can delete them.

Update Baseband: Rooting can only help your update the Baseband on your Android phone. It is baseband that controls the radio on your device. Updating the baseband gives you potential improvement on both the signal and quality of your phone calls.

Customize Theme: Theme is the graphic that appears on any device and we can fully customize every graphic on our phone by rooting. We can load the custom theme of our choice that will change the look and feel of the phone.

Part 3: What should I pay Attention before Rooting?

There are many reasons that make us root our android phone. Before proceeding to root our phone, there are certain things we need to know and pay attention that will benefit us. It is very important to know that rooting will change everything about the inherent security from the Google and the developers. Rooting is a great technique that can unlock a lot of benefits if done carefully and successfully or it will brick your device. We have enlisted some of the important things that we should know before rooting:

Rooting is Phone Specified 

It is important to make sure that you fully know and understand the technical details of rooting your device as the details is bit different depending on the phone specified. You should make a good research about your phone on the web before rooting it.

Power up Phone Before Rooting

Next thing, you should pay attention to is to power up your phone before rooting it. Make sure it is fully charged so that it cannot be switch off while being rooted. 

Backup your Samsung Galaxy before proceeding.

Since there are risks that it will bricked your phone if the rooting donesn't go well, it's important to backup your phone data before rooting. So if anything goes wrong, you don't end up to losing all precious data on the phone.

Don’t Root to Extreme level

Some users root their android phones to speed up the performance. But consider it that every phone has its limited capacity to perform. Therefore, it is important not to root to the extreme level. 

Know well How to Root 

Before starting to root your phone, it is mandatory that you know the process of rooting very well so that it will be rooted successfully. A wrong step may brick your Android  phone. 

Learning how to Reroot

Knowing how to reboot your Android phone is also very important. You know well that rooting voids the warranty. 

Part 4: ONE Click to Root Samsung Galaxy with Android Root

In this last part of the article, we are showing you how to root your Samsung Galaxy in just single click with Android root.  Rooting an Android phone has become so easy and simple process with Android Root that you can root your Samsung Galaxy just in a single click. Dr Phone offers you the fastest and most convenient way to root your Android. Supporting over 7000 devices, Dr Phone - Android Root is 100% safe and secure. Let’s learn the steps now how to use Android Root for rooting your Galaxy: 

Dr.Fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
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Step 1. Launch Dr Phone

First of all, we have to download install and launch Dr Phone on our computer. Next, we need to click on ‘More Tools’ from the left column and select ‘Android Root’ from the toolkits. 

root samsung galaxy with android root

Step 2. Connect Phone to Computer

Now we have to connect our phone to the computer using a USB cable. We should have enabled the USB Debugging mode on our phone. The phone will be automatically detected and connected. 

root samsung galaxy with android root

After your Android phone is connected successfully, Dr.Fone - Android Root will automatically detect your phone and find a proper solution to root your phone. Click on Start to continue.

root samsung galaxy with android root

Step 3. Root Android Phone 

Once the phone is detected, there we get an option to root the phone. What we need to do now is to click on the root option.  

root samsung galaxy with android root

During the rooting process, the phone will pop up a message to ask whether you would like to root the phone. Tap on Confirm to continue the rooting. Just in a few minutes, your phone will be rooted successfully

root samsung galaxy with android root

In brief, we can conclude that this article is very useful for android users who want to know about android rooting. Reading this article will make you how to root your Samsung phone with Android Root in just single click. 

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