How to Create an Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategy

James Davis

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There’s no denying that the best time to shop is during Black Friday. Why so? Simply because stores are offering wonderful deals and exciting promos to make the most of your hard-earned money. Therefore, you should not miss out on this golden opportunity. Clear your schedule ahead of time and plan your shopping tactics to get the best of the bargain.

In the same way, sellers are also preparing a lot for this much-awaited season. Most of them are implementing various promotions to engage with customers and inform them about their Black Friday offers. Have you already planned your campaign for the busiest shopping day of the year? Don’t worry. It’s not yet too late. You still have a lot of time to come up with a great Black Friday marketing strategy.

In this article, we will talk about the best marketing strategy for Black Friday. We will provide some advertising tips and ideas you can use for your business. Continue reading below to learn more.

Part 1: What You Need to Know About Black Friday?

Black Friday traditionally marks the dawn of the Christmas season in the United States. During this day, people go shopping and enjoy lots of exclusive deals from different stores across the country. But it’s not just the sole purpose of this special event. Black Friday is also beneficial to businesses in certain ways. If you wish to understand it better, check out the list of Black Friday benefits provided below.

black friday shoppers

  • It boosts website traffic and generates sales.

It’s pretty obvious that the Black Friday sale amplifies website traffic and converts leads. People during this season are constantly looking for the best offers store after store. That’s why it’s important to step up your game with the aid of a comprehensive Black Friday marketing strategy. It will surely make your business shine among others.

  • It helps you clear old stocks and recalibrate store inventory.

You may take advantage of the holiday rush to launch a new line of merchandise. That’s absolutely a great way to end the year for your business and customers. But beforehand, you first need to free up some space on your store inventory. Don’t worry. Black Friday is going to help you a lot in this regard. Just come up with an exceptional marketing strategy for Black Friday, and the rest will follow.

  • It connects you to more paying customers.

Many people are programmed to shell out some money during the Black Friday sale. For most of them, it’s a chance of a lifetime that should not be taken for granted. That’s why you need to be ahead of your competitors. Design an interactive Black Friday marketing strategy to reach more paying customers and get an opportunity to introduce your products.

  • It gives you more time to organize order fulfillment better.

With an effective Black Friday marketing strategy in place, you will surely get tons of orders from diverse customers. It’s indeed a great traction for your business. However, keep in mind that such huge movements come with a responsibility to your customers. One of which is order fulfillment and on-time delivery of the products. But don’t worry about it. Most of them are advanced orders and certainly not due until Christmas week. You will surely sort everything just in time.

Part 2: 8 Best Black Friday Strategies to Put in Place

You certainly have a bunch of options when it comes to Black Friday promotions. However, you should still choose the best approach that suits your business and come up with a systematic plan. Don’t fret it. We have listed below the eight best Black Friday strategies you can implement during this peak season. Check them out.

  • Launch an Early Access campaign on WhatsApp.

early access deals

Weeks before the Black Friday sale, try to launch a marketing campaign offering early access to your deals and promos. You may set certain conditions that interested individuals must meet to get listed. For sure, this Black Friday marketing strategy will bring your store an inch closer to paying customers. That’s why it’s best to use WhatsApp and other widely used social media platforms to aid its implementation.

  • Announce your Deal of the Hour on WhatsApp.

deal of the hour announcements

On the day of the Black Friday sale, don’t let each hour pass without anything special to offer. Design a Deal of the Hour program that will run throughout the entire day of the event. Of course, you should entice consumers beforehand. One way you can try is to initiate a quick Deal of the Hour reminder on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. It’s a simple yet powerful Black Friday e-commerce strategy that will help you attract potential customers.

  • Engage customers in some interactive games for special promos and deals.

black friday spin the wheel

Take advantage of this event to interact and build a strong connection with your customers. Launch some interactive games with special promos and exciting deals as prizes. How to do it? It’s pretty simple. You may publish a website page for this game and promote the links via WhatsApp. There’s no doubt that this Black Friday marketing strategy will surely increase your website traffic in no time.

  • Design an irresistible reward program for new customers.

One way or another, the Black Friday sale is a great opportunity to gain new customers. That’s why you must offer certain deals that are exclusive to them. One of which is a reward program for first-time customers. You may give them a welcome gift in the form of discounts, vouchers, or free products upon meeting certain conditions. However, you should ensure the reward program for new customers is widely promoted and clearly announced. Don’t worry. WhatsApp can help you a lot with the delivery of these marketing messages.

  • Excite your customers using a countdown timer for deals and promos.

black friday countdown

Remind your customers from time to time that your offers are available for a limited time only. You may publish a countdown timer on your website or post regular updates on social media. To elevate the excitement even further, alert your customers about the expiring offers via WhatsApp. This Black Friday strategy is a great way to get positive outcomes that benefit both the sellers and the shoppers.

  • Trigger abandoned cart notifications on WhatsApp.

The simplest way to lessen abandoned carts during this season is to trigger WhatsApp notifications. All you need to do is set up a short alert reminding the customers to check out their orders. Oftentimes, this marketing strategy for Black Friday works magic. That’s why you should take it into consideration and add this tactic to your campaign plan.

  • Suggest various gift ideas to your customers via WhatsApp.

Most customers during Black Friday are buying Christmas presents ahead of the holidays. That’s why suggesting excellent gift ideas will be a great way to engage with them during this shopping event. Don’t worry. This Black Friday strategy is not so complicated to implement. Just choose the best products in your store and recommend them to your target audience. In this regard, WhatsApp is definitely the best platform to use in sending these marketing messages.

  • Give exclusive discounts in exchange for sharing your social links.

discount follow social media

It’s pretty obvious that customers are most active during this season. Many of them will take any challenge to get product discounts and freebies. Therefore, you should take advantage of this shopping hype to increase your social media followers. Offer discounts and freebies to customers who will follow the social media handles of your business. Launch a WhatsApp marketing campaign containing the mechanics of this initiative.

Part 3: Why Implement WhatsApp Marketing for Black Friday 2023?

Mass promotion is the ultimate key to a successful Black Friday marketing strategy. You must design a particular campaign that provides the important details of your exciting deals and amazing promos. On this subject, targeted ads seem more effective in finding leads and driving sales. That’s why WhatsApp is commonly used as one of the main platforms for Black Friday marketing strategy. It provides an efficient channel to introduce fantastic offers during this season. But apart from that, there are other reasons why you should consider implementing WhatsApp marketing for Black Friday. Check out the list below.

  • There are many WhatsApp marketing tools you can use to craft and launch campaigns in easy steps. No need to have technical skills. Most of them are equipped with intuitive interfaces and powerful toolbars.
  • Compared to other forms of advertising, WhatsApp marketing is much more affordable. It’s a wise choice if you’re implementing campaigns under a tight budget.
  • WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging and social media platform. Therefore, you can be sure that your Black Friday marketing strategy will reach a large portion of your target audience.

Part 4: Important Tips When Crafting a Black Friday Marketing Strategy

You’re now probably ready to step up your game on the upcoming Black Friday sale. That’s good to hear. But before you go ahead, make sure that you’re a hundred percent prepared to plan and launch a well-structured Black Friday marketing strategy. Read the tips below and keep them in your mind.

  • There’s no room to procrastinate. Start early. Plan your strategy at least one to two months before the Black Friday sale. Use it to prepare everything prior to the actual launch date.
  • Keep your lines open during this season. Respond to the messages of your customers as soon as they reach your inbox. Make sure you give them the details they need.
  • Check the payment channels and the order processing facilities of your store. Ensure your customers will not have difficulty placing and paying their orders before, during, and after the Black Friday sale.
  • Expect that your website will receive a large number of visitors during this season. Therefore, check its general health beforehand and fix anything that might cause some problems.


It’s true to say that Black Friday is the epitome of a business year. That’s why you should leverage this opportunity to connect with potential customers and drive sales. Plan ahead and come up with an effective Black Friday marketing strategy to reach your objectives. Make use of popular social media platforms like WhatsApp in implementing your advertising campaigns. For sure, these widely used tools will help you reap positive results for your business.

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