Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp Marketing

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Our world today is evolving, and so are advertising formats. Many marketers nowadays are using the internet as the main promotional medium and taking advantage of its immeasurable influence. That’s why it comes as no surprise that WhatsApp marketing has instantly risen in popularity. By far, most campaigns created and implemented on this platform have brought positive outcomes to numerous businesses around the world.

Marketing on WhatsApp is not that complicated. Anyone who has a functional device and reliable internet connection can absolutely get started and eventually nail it. However, it’s still important to familiarize yourself with the platform and know your way around it. Don’t worry. All it takes is just an instructive guide to learn the ropes of WhatsApp marketing.

In this article, we will delve into the highlights and benefits and WhatsApp marketing. We will also provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to use WhatsApp for marketing. Continue reading below to learn more.

Part 1. What Makes WhatsApp a Great Marketing Tool

WhatsApp has been there with us for a long time already. Since its launch in 2009, this internet messaging platform has been doing a great job of keeping us connected. That’s why many people deem WhatsApp a great communication and social media tool in our time. But as previously mentioned, it has been going the extra mile over the years. WhatsApp is also now utilized for marketing purposes. Do you want to know why? Below is a list of common reasons why marketing on WhatsApp is now becoming popular across the globe.

whatsapp as marketing tool

WhatsApp is a well-known instant messaging platform.

The staggering number of its users is definitely the main reason why marketing on WhatsApp is being widely considered. It’s much easier to reach out to potential customers on this platform since its user base is already established. All you need to do is create a remarkable marketing campaign and implement it on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp encrypts messages for security.

One way to gain customer trust is to assure them that any information they voluntarily share is safe. That’s why the encryption of WhatsApp messages is indeed a great advantage. With this, any conversation that transpires between you and a potential client is secure and private.

WhatsApp supports interactive content format.

WhatsApp messages are not limited to textual content only. It is also capable of delivering various media like photos and videos. As a marketer, you can leverage this feature to make your WhatsApp marketing campaign more appealing and compelling. Just research your target market very well and come up with the perfect promotional drive that suits their preferences.

WhatsApp is global.

WhatsApp is widely known internationally. That means you don’t need to restrain yourself when choosing your target audience for your WhatsApp marketing campaign. There are groups of WhatsApp users in almost every country. Hence, your promotions get a higher chance of being successful regardless of where your business is located.

WhatsApp complies with GDPR standards.

WhatsApp is compliant with the standards imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It firmly executes the highest level of security measures to protect the data of its users. Thus, you don’t need to worry a lot about the unauthorized disclosure of any information shared within the platform.

Part 2. Advantages of Engaging in WhatsApp Marketing

Using WhatsApp for marketing has many benefits to offer. That’s why many marketers consider it the holy grail of messenger advertising. Listed below are some of the primary advantages of implementing WhatsApp marketing for your business.

It helps you build a relationship with your target customers.

It’s true to say that advertising is not just about enticing potential customers. It also means building a relationship with them by simply getting in touch. WhatsApp marketing is a well-capable platform to carry it out successfully. Why so? The shortest explanation is that it provides various tools to create and distribute personalized marketing messages.

It attracts paying customers.

Many of us find WhatsApp as a reliable online platform. That’s why WhatsApp marketing messages often convert more potential leads compared to other forms of advertising campaigns. There’s no definite explanation for such results. But apparently, we can claim that targeted messaging is indeed an effective promotional tactic.

It improves customer engagement.

Making your business visible and active on WhatsApp sparks fruitful conversations between you and your target customers. Most of the time, such interactions commonly start as simple communication but eventually lead to fruitful conversions later on. That’s why marketing on WhatsApp is definitely helpful in this regard.

It provides reliable analytics.

Launching your WhatsApp marketing campaign is just the beginning. While waiting for the end result, you still have to monitor its progress from time to time. Don’t worry. WhatsApp Business and other marketing software offer reliable analytics and valuable insights to help you check the performance of your campaign. That’s another advantage you can savor from engaging in bulk WhatsApp marketing.

It’s cost-effective.

There are many WhatsApp marketing software online that doesn’t cost a lot. Most of them charge by message sent only and not per campaign. In a way, it’s a more practical approach to advertising.

Part 3. How to Build a WhatsApp Marketing Plan

We have learned previously that marketing on WhatsApp indeed offers many benefits for both the business owner and customers. But just like any other advertising technique, WhatsApp marketing also needs a solid plan. Everything must be prepared in the right place prior to the launch date. But don’t sweat it. Planning a WhatsApp marketing campaign is a piece of cake. Check out the guide provided below for your reference.

Phase 1: Identify your specific business goals.

specify business goals

It’s not advisable to move forward with the WhatsApp marketing campaign without a specific list of goals. Objectives are essential elements that will help you develop the best marketing campaign that works for your target customers. Therefore, prioritize it first before anything else. Try asking yourself: “Why are you doing this?” It’s just as simple as that.

Phase 2: Know your target market.

target customers

You can only create an effective marketing message if you know who your audience is. Therefore, determine your target market beforehand and examine them very well. Learn about their preferences and standards relevant to the nature of your product.

Phase 3: Make yourself familiar with the WhatsApp marketing software.

whatsapp mobile app

After finalizing your target audience and specific business objectives, it’s time to choose which software you will use. Find the best one with an intuitive interface and well-equipped toolbars. Afterward, administer a dry-run test and try to familiarize yourself. It will help you get your way around it and prevent unwanted delays during the actual launch of the marketing campaign.

Phase 4: Assign a brand persona that will reflect the value of your business.

create brand persona

A brand persona is simply a guiding principle that gives your business a unique identity. Try to assign one for your business. It will eventually help you tailor a great WhatsApp marketing campaign highlighting the most valuable details of your products.

Phase 5: Form and nurture your contact list.

build contact list

Obviously, you cannot implement your WhatsApp marketing campaign without building your contact list first. Prioritize it before anything else. Filter the list and ensure each contact is genuinely interested in your business. That’s the best way to get started.

Phase 6: Build an effective communication strategy.

communication strategy

Developing an effective communication strategy is the heart of every WhatsApp marketing campaign. It involves a lot of undertakings to ensure that your marketing messages are exclusively crafted for your target audience. But just a piece of advice: Focus more on informing your audience about your product rather than just impressing them.

Phase 7: Interact with your customers.

customer service

Interested customers will surely flock to your WhatsApp messenger for inquiries and other various concerns. Treat them equally. Provide clear and helpful answers to each question you receive. Additionally, you can also send them valuable insights about your product just to get in touch. Such initiatives are called customer service, which you should put first above all.


“Follow where your target customers are.” That’s one simple piece of advice that can help you a lot with your marketing efforts. WhatsApp marketing is a great technique to find your intended audience and communicate with them. Hence, read the discussions above and learn about the nature of this advertising method. Try to develop your own marketing plan afterward and implement it on the platform.

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