My iPhone Screen Has Blue Lines. Here's How to Fix It!

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Now just imagine a situation wherein you were about to send an important e-mail to your higher officer and right when you were about to click the “Send” button; you see blue line on your iPhone 6 screen and display gone off in a split second. You would feel terrible, isn't it? Well, you cannot go to an Apple repair shop right away and with no known solution at hand, you would be left clueless and worried. Thus, we are here to help you with these unavoidable situations. You can rectify the problem of iPhone screen blue lines by yourself by following the simple and easy-to-use instructions given in this article. We assure you of the outcome of these methods with positive results. These solutions are very easier to conduct and your data on the iPhone will never be lost. The best part is that all these 5 methods listed below can be used for all iOS versions and you do not even need to jailbreak your iPhone for the repairing.

So, let us not wait anymore and move on to know the real reason behind these iPhone screen blue lines.

Part 1: Reasons why iPhone screen has blue lines

The reasons for your iPhone screens blue lines would differ from one kind of user to another. The problem may vary but we know that generally electronic related objects will be more sensitive if it hits hard or falls down. The iPhone has an easy fragile component which may impact slight and hard break. Firstly, you might check an overview of your iPhone to assure it is good in condition. Just check the outer glass, LCD screen etc. If the outer glass was broken; the internal LCD screen too gets damage easily. Once if the LCD screen was damaged, the internal circuit of your blue line on iPhone 6 screen is under to do service. Other most problems will be occurred by internal issues such as a problem in apps, issues in memory and also in hardware. Let’s see the reasons closely.

1. The problem in apps:

Most probably, people admire the problem while using camera apps on iPhone. When your iPhone expose in powerful light; you will get red and blue lines on iPhone screen. Not all the camera apps are denoted as reflect. There are some camera apps which corrupt your iPhone functionalities and will get display as a blue line on iPhone 6 screen.

2. Issues in memory and hardware:

You may observe that your iPhone will not respond sometimes. Even if you try to reset or switch off it will not response certainly. It sometimes crashes the internal circuit if you have insufficient storage. When it comes to hardware, the logic board may get damage. So whatever may be the reason we give the solution for blue line on iPhone 6 screen.

Part 2: Check the flex cables and the logic board connection

As said previously, the red and blue lines on iPhone screen are common if you are a long user of iPhone. What might cause so pretty?

The first thing you need to check with the flex cables and logic board connection. If you found dust; then clear it up immediately using a brush or little drop of alcohol. If any of the connection was damaged or if the flex ribbon bends at 90 degrees, then you need to replace immediately.

Once if you check all of the options and the next step is to connect flex ribbon to the motherboard and assure the connections are in the correct way. Most importantly, don’t bend the flex ribbon while you are testing or installing. When they are properly connected and then you can give up your pressure to the connectors.

Part 3: Remove static charge

Do you know about ESD? It’s nothing but Electrostatic discharge which is a major part of iPhone. The bad connection also might be a reason static charge. Mostly, this will come to the point when your iPhone screen blue lines. If the EDS was produced; the iPhone will get disturbed and the blue line iPhone 6 screen will display.

Here the solution if your iPhone screen blue lines due to static charge

We can reduce the static charge by implementing body static remover before installation. During this implementation use anti-static bracelet and use Ion fans while repairing.

remove static charge

Part 4: Check if the IC is broken

The above causes might also be the reason for red and blue lines on iPhone screen. The IC damage will also a cause for your iPhone 6 blue lines on the screen. The IC damage can be found by checking the top and left edges of the cable. If any damage occurs; then you can replace the new one without any hesitation.

replace ic

Here we give the solution if your iPhone 6 blue lines on screen due to IC damage:

The IC has to be replaced immediately if it gets damaged. And don’t crush it for further damage to happen.

Part 5: Replace the LCD screen

If at all it was a hardware problem; you have to check the LCD flashing problem. Neither the screen might get damage nor will it not connect correctly. This might lead to an internal circuit problem if you leave the LCD damage as it is. The LCD bleed happens due to crash in LCD. You better want to change the LCD screen a new one. Once if you change the new one and even though your iPhone 6 blue lines on the screen; the only fault is you have not fixed the LCD screen properly.

replace lcd screen

Here we go for a solution if your iPhone screen blue lines due to damage to LCD screen:

You can buy an LCD kit for replacement if you want to do by yourself.

Now! The reasons and the solution for the red and blue lines on iPhone screen have been found. We have mentioned the instructions which you repair or if you wish to service your iPhone 6 blue lines on screen in a shop. A good solution has left in your hand now!! Move on guys!

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