iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen? Here's The Real Fix!

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Just like any other device, your Apple iPhone might also give you trouble by getting stuck. The best feature of the phone is its amazing seamless performance. But hey! Even this one can give you headaches sometimes when you have a problem with iPhone stuck on charging screen or iPhone stuck on red battery screen.

Hence, with this article at hand, we tried to explain and find viable solutions and ways to get rid of this.

Part 1: Heat iPhone Battery Before Charging

If you are in one situation like this, you can try a very easy method to overcome iPhone 6 stuck on charging screen. Just disconnect your iPhone from the charging cable. Then keep your iPhone/iPad face down and use a hair dryer aiming at the device’s back right side and edge where the battery is located, for about 2 minutes.

Now put the phone back on charge cord. You will notice that the red battery logo will be immediately replaced by the Apple logo.

heat iphone with hair dryer

Part 2: Drain iPhone Battery To Get Out Of Charging Screen

What will ensure your long lasting battery when you face a problem with iPhone stuck on charging screen or iPhone stuck on red battery screen? Even though the iPhone features a remarkable battery life, not every user experiences the crowning performance. It is important to standardize the lithium-ion battery once in a while, which will ensure a long-lasting battery life.

iphone stuck on red charging screen

Draining and recharging the battery from time to time maintains the flow of ions moving in the battery. The material properties of lithium-ion batteries demand perpetual used to maintain top performance. For this very reason, Apple recommends discharging and recharging the battery once a month.

  • 1. Use your iPhone until it switches off automatically. If it is nearing 0% life and you wish to drain it faster, turn on the flashlight, increase screen brightness, use the Internet, etc.
  • 2. Let your iPhone be in switched off condition overnight to drain the battery further.
  • 3. Plug in your iPhone and wait for it to power up.
  • 4. Hold the sleep/wake button and swipe “slide to power off”.
  • 5. Let your iPhone charge for at least 5 hours.
  • 6. With the charging cable still connected, switch on your iPhone.
  • 7. When your iPhone is back online, remove the charging cable.

Note: We have given you the solution to get out from iPhone stuck on charging screen or iPhone stuck on red battery screen. Tackle now easily!

Part 3: Replace iPhone Battery

Immediate remedy if you have a problem of iPhone stuck on charging screen or iPhone stuck on red battery screen. The iPhone undoubtedly looks impermeable, but you required few screws in order to take out your battery and it is very easy to do. You will also need some toolkit which includes a plastic pry tool, a standard Philips 00 screwdriver, and a suction cup. The main tool is a screwdriver for removing the Pent lobe screws at iPhone bottom side.

Step 1: Switch off the phone by holding power button, after that slide screen button to the right.

Step 2: Use your Pent lobe screwdriver for removing screws (mainly two)from the bottommost area of your iPhone. Keep all the screws safe.

replace iphone battery - step 1

Step 3: With the help of suction cup, apply tough pressure towards the upside of the home button, or to either side of it. Also, open up the small gap to make device screen open.

replace iphone battery - step 2

Step 4: With the help of pry tool, in order to release the clips(which are holding up the screen to your phone.), you need to work from the bottom to middle side.

replace iphone battery - step 3

Step 5: There is as Trick for replacing the battery without causing any disconnection to the screen, but you will have to carefully hold it at 90 degrees during the entire course. However,  to remove device screen, you need to apply your Philips 00 screwdriver to take out the metal plate which connected screen's cables to the iPhone. Now try to pull up the connectors then remove device screen.

replace iphone battery - step 4

Step 6: Removing the two screws out of the plate which safeguards motherboard of your device. The plate remains shield to the battery connector, but it's easy to take off and move out from the problem with iPhone 6 stuck on charging screen or iPhone stuck on red battery screen.

replace iphone battery - step 5

Step 7: Try to pull the plastic release tab to remove the battery from its place. You need to put a constant pressure, and you will hear battery releasing.

replace iphone battery - step 6

Step 8: Now carefully line up the new battery, Softly press it into place and screw the metal plate to secure it.

replace iphone battery - step 7

Step 9: If you have removed the screen completely, reconnect the cables such that they are back into place. Then replace the metal plate, inserting the tows first, carefully.

Step 10: Catch the top edge of the screen into the body of the device. You should make sure that it is not extended by more than half a millimeter. If it is protruding, it means that you haven't placed it properly. Now, mildly press the screen down working your way from the top to the bottom.

Step 11: Don’t panic if your phone won't turn on; it is a possibility that the battery was fully discharged for safety. Now go connect the charger and wait to get to turn on!

Note: Get out from the issue with iPhone 6 stuck on charging screen. Now your iPhone has replaced with a new battery. No need to search shop! No need to wait for counting days to solve your issue!

Part 4: Tips for fixing iPhone Stuck in Dead Battery Boot Loop

Have you ever heard an iPhone user say “My iPhone 6 died! I plugged the phone into the charger, got an Apple logo and then it died again. It looks like being on a loop” or “iPhone 6 stuck on charging screen”. Well, the issue doesn’t just happen on iPhone 6, but also on other iOS devices like iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, iPhone plus and even iPad.

  • In such situations, you need to boot your device into the DFU mode and reboot it after about an hour. Following is the step by step process:
  • 1. Make sure your device is in the charging mode through its USB cable.
  • 2. Hold down both Home and Power buttons on the device until the screen turns black.
  • 3. Keep holding the Home button and then release the Power button.
  • 4. Now open iTunes to check if the device is connected. A message mentioning that a device in a recovery mode is connected should appear on the screen.
  • 5. Now wait for about an hour and reboot your device. Doing so will resolve the issue.

So, for all you iPhone users out there, today we have given you some tips to overcome the issue with iPhone 6 stuck on charging screen. Since you are working with electronic items; you have to be very sensitive in all steps. Now you are good hardware specialist to resolve the iPhone stuck on a red battery screen issue.  Congratulations.

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