Quick Solutions to Fix iPhone Checking for Update Stuck

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Many iOS versions have been released, the latest being iOS 17 and iOS 17 Beta, and the users are very fond to update their iPhone with new features and technologies. 

However, imagine, if you tried to download the iOS and all of sudden your iPhone is stuck on checking for an update. What will be your next move? You would not be able to understand the process. 

Sometimes, you may come across these type of unavoidable scenarios. Hence, we here would give you quick solutions to fix iPhone checking for update stuck. If you follow the below-listed solutions. you will get out from iPhone stuck on checking for an update in normal condition.

Solution 1: Network Connection

First and foremost thing to tackle the situation of iPhone checking for update stuck is to ensure that you have an active Wi-Fi connection. For that, do some preliminary checks, such as:

a. You must ensure that Airplane mode is off, if not then check it off.

b. Checking the Wi-Fi connection, if any issue is due to the network connection, then, first switch it off for 60 seconds and then connect to your Wi-Fi to remove network related issues.

check wifi connection

Note: Also you must ensure that there is no issue from Apple status, that you can check at: https://www.apple.com/in/support/systemstatus/

apple service status

Solution 2: Restart the iPhone to fix iPhone checking for update stuck

If your iPhone is stuck on checking for update, after going through the initial settings, it is time to force restart iPhone to refresh the device. This helps to shut off any open apps and removes extra memory that somehow consumes device resources, and all these can be done with the simple process of restarting the device. Required process is explained here:

restart iphone

For restarting the device you need to opt for pressing and holding the sleep/wake button of the device> doing so, a slider will appear, so now you need to slide it from left to right to make the screen turns black. > Here in this situation, just wait for a while-say about 60 seconds> After that repress device sleep/wake button to turn on the iPhone back. That’s it, now your device is ready with refreshed data. Most of the time, all the issues get resolved following these simple steps.

Solution 3: Free up enough storage before checking for update

If you are an extensive user of iPhone then there might be the chances that the device is studded with lots of stuff, some stuff is useful, but side by side we keep on storing extra things that acquire a large space in our device. This makes it slow in processing as well as sometimes causes hindrance against various tasks such as iPhone stuck on checking for update issue.

Solution to this problem is quite simple, for that first thing you need to assess that how much data is utilizing your device and how much space is left out. 

For that go to the settings> general> about, under this heading you will have the information about the capacity of the device and how much space is left.

check iphone storage

In case little or no space is left, then on a priority basis.

a. Delete unused app for long time.

b. Delete extra data such as media files, old text messages.

c. Clear the cache memory.

d. Remove old browsing history data, Safari cache, etc.

Just follow above points to remove extra data, and your device is ready to go for the further update process.

Solution 4: Reset Network Settings

If iPhone is still stuck on checking for update, then you should go for resetting your device network settings, for that you are not supposed to go for any complex structure, just follow certain steps mentioned below

Go to the Settings> General> Reset>then Reset Network Settings

reset network settings

Resetting the Network option is used to refresh all your network related settings such as cellular data settings, Wi-Fi networks, and their relevant passwords, also APN/VPS settings. So before you go through this process, you must save all your details such as network data, Wi-Fi passwords so that after the resetting process you can easily access your network connection.

Solution 5: Factory Reset iPhone to fix Checking for update stuck

Normally we advise not to go for factory reset option till it is very urgent, but if a problem such as iPhone checking for update stays for long, then you can opt for this option but only after doing a proper backup of your data.

To factory reset iPhone, visit Settings> General> Reset> Erase all content and settings

Remember to back up everything on iPhone beforehand. You can learn how to back up iPhone using iTunes here.

factory reset iphone

Solution 6: Update iPhone using iTunes

We do have an alternate option for the process of update when due to some reason as iPhone checking for update is stuck. You can do so manually with the help of iTunes.

First of all, make a note that you do a backup of the device with either iTunes or with iCloud service.

Now the required process is:

a. First, install the latest version of iTunes (https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT201352) to your system

b. Now make a connection between your device and system.

c. Launch iTunes and choose your device.

d. There you need to select a summary option, then go for available Update checking.

e. Now select Download and update option.

(In case of any password required, just enter it). That’s it, the process of updating the device.

update iPhone with itunes

Solution 7: Restore iPhone with iTunes

Now, in order to restore your device with iTunes, you are supposed to follow certain steps, and they are as follows:

restore iPhone with itunes

Launch iTunes on your system> connect the device with computer> enter the passcode(if any) then follow the instructions given on the screen> choose your device (iPhone)> select Restoring backup in iTunes (make a selection against appropriate size and date there)> Restore button (enter passcode if asked), wait for a while, your device will get synced and restarting process goes on.

Thus, your device is ready to use.

Solution 8: Fix iPhone checking for update stuck without data loss

This is actually one of the most appropriate solutions against any kind of system error in your iPhone. It is none other than Dr.Fone - System Repair tool to resolve your iPhone checking update stuck issue.

Under this, you just need to launch the software> As soon your device gets connected to PC Dr.Fone toolkit will detect it> go for Repair option (there you can see your device details)> booting up the device in DFU Mode> Choose the firmware> Finally click on the fix now to resolve the issue.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - System Repair

Fix iPhone checking for update stuck without data loss.

Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

By following this process, your problem of checking for update stuck iPhone will get resolved without causing any data loss.

Now you have a solution if your iPhone checking for update is stuck. Although, when you rectify using your iPhone features, you may get iPhone checking for update stuck issue again and again. For the long-term solution, we recommend you to use Dr.Fone - System Repair. Thank you for reading.

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