What Should I Do If My iPhone Power Button Is Stuck?

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After using iPhone for a long time, it has been observed that iPhone power button stuck or seems to malfunction. It is a common issue that is faced by plenty of users. In this case, you can make some effort to fix iPhone 6 power button stuck. Additionally, there are some alternatives that you can try instead of using the Power button. In this post, we will teach you what to do when iPhone 4 power button stuck. These solutions are also applicable for other generations of iPhone as well.

Part 1: Use AssistiveTouch as Power Button alternative

If you don’t wish to cause any damage to the Power or the Home button on your device, then you should turn on the Assistive Touch and use it instead. Additionally, if iPhone power button stuck, then you can simply use the Assistive Touch option as an alternative as well. It is used to perform plenty of tasks quickly without pressing various buttons. In order to fix iPhone 6 power button stuck, you need to turn on the AssistiveTouch option and then use it to Power off your device.

1. Firstly, unlock your device and go to its Settings > General > Accessibility.

2. Now, enter the “Assistive Touch” menu and toggle on its option.

3. Afterward, you can see a dimming light circle (in a square) on the screen. You can simply tap on it to get the Assistive Touch menu.

enable AssistiveTouch

4. To power off your device, just tap the Assistive Touch icon.

5. This will provide various options for Home, Siri, etc. Just tap on the “Device” option.

6. Under this category, you can again view various options like Volume up, down, etc. Tap and hold the “Lock Screen” icon for a few seconds.

use AssistiveTouch as power button alternative

7. After holding the “Lock Screen” icon, you will get the Power slider on the screen. Just slide it to turn off your device.

If your iPhone 4 power button stuck, then you can use Assistive Touch to turn your device off. Though, you should be sure that the button will start working again as the Assistive Touch only functions when the phone is on and the display is functioning. Not just the Power button, it can also be used as a substitute for Home, Volume up, and Volume down button as well.

Part 2: How to turn on iPhone without Power Button?

Now when you know how to use the Assistive Touch to turn off a device, let’s learn how to turn it on again. Since your iPhone power button stuck and the Assistive Touch is not available, you need to follow these steps to turn on your iPhone without power button.

1. To start with, plug a USB or lightning cable to your device’s charging port. Make sure that the port is clean and working.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to a charging source (a power socket, computer, power bank, or any other power source).

3. Wait for a few seconds as your phone would be charged enough. Once it is charged, you will get the following screen.

4. Now, you can just slide to unlock your device (or verify any other screen lock).

turn on iphone without power button

Part 3: Tips for repairing iPhone power button

Needless to say, the substitutes for repairing iPhone 4 power button stuck are pretty tedious. Therefore, if the power button on your device is not functioning or stuck, then you need to fix it in order to use your iPhone the usual way. You can consider the following suggestions to fix iPhone 4 power button stuck issue.

1. Are you using an iPhone case?

Most of the times, the iPhone power button stuck in the iPhone case while using the smartphone. Therefore, before you take any extreme steps, make sure that the Power button is not stuck. Just put your phone outside the case and press the Power button a few times to make it work.

2. Clean and twist the button

Chances are that the iPhone 6 power button stuck because it has got dirt in the socket. Simply blow the area a few times or vacuum it lightly to suck the dirt. After vacuuming, the Power button might align properly on its own. If it won’t, then you need to twist it a little to ensure that it is working properly.

3. Disassemble the phone

If none of the above solutions work, then you need to disassemble your device. Use a screwdriver and take off the screen. Now, you need to remove the battery and the logical board which is located just below the power button. Afterward, you need to push the power button and fix the logical board again. Make sure that you test the button again before assembling the device.

4. Is it a software issue?

Too many times, when iPhone power button stuck, users only think that it is a hardware-related issue. If the power button on your device is not damaged and still not functioning, then chances are there could be a software-related issue with it. In this case, we recommend using Dr.Fone - System Repair. It is an excellent tool that can fix all the major issues related to an iOS device without any trouble.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - System Repair

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5. Visit a nearby Apple Support

If you don’t want to take any risk, then simply visit a nearby Apple Service Center. If your iPhone is covered with Apple Care, then you won’t have to pay a large chunk to resolve iPhone power button stuck. This is certainly the safest option to fix your iPhone 6 power button stuck.

We are sure that after following this guide, you would be able to resolve the iPhone 6 power button stuck problem. Go ahead and give these easy fixes a try. If you also have a solution for iPhone power button stuck that we haven’t covered, feel free to let our readers know about it in the comments below.

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