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Remove the Lock Screen Fingerprint


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Users of Android phones can benefit from data and file protection tools like passwords, patterns, and PINs. But there are also some significant disadvantages, for example:

  • Someone may have repeatedly entered the wrong password to access your phone.
  • You may have forgotten the PIN on your device, pattern, or PIN.
  • The lock screen fingerprint can also malfunction if there are repeated tries from an unauthorized finger.

fingerprint warning

If you use a wrong password or a fingerprint unlock, it can permanently lock your Android device.

We can use many practical methods to remove the Android phone lock screen fingerprint. For example:

According to you, the most typical or initial option must be factory reset. However, when you try the factory reset method, you will lose all data on your phone. So, can you unlock an Android phone without a factory reset? Yes, we will tell you how to unlock your phone without fingerprint and resetting your Android phone.

factory reset phone

Follow these methods to bypass the fingerprint lock without resetting the phone. It will save you from losing your data. All our methods are very easy and safe.

Useful Methods to Bypass Fingerprint Lock

1. Restart your Phone

If your fingerprint is not working or the device prompts you with an error in the fingerprint functioning, possibly the fingerprint reader is not responding, and the device needs to restart to get rid of this error.

phone restart ui

When a device restarts, the fingerprint functionality is restored after entering the device pattern, password, or PIN. This is the simplest method to reset your fingerprint hardware.

2. Remove your phone battery

Old android phones have removable batteries. If you can remove your phone battery, remove it and then put it back. Now turn on your phone. Doing so can help solve the fingerprint lock issue if there are bugs or system errors.

removable battery

3. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

On Android handsets, you can attempt Dr.Fone to remove the fingerprint without professional skills. It allows you to delete the password, PIN, pattern, and fingerprint from an Android phone.

Step 1: Connect your Android device.

Open Dr.Fone on your PC, then among all the tools, choose "Screen Unlock."

user interface

Step 2: Select a device type.

We are in this part to provide you with two ways to unlock practically any Android handset, including those made by Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo, LG, and others. It's crucial to choose the right device brand to unlock the lock because the recovery modes for various phone models vary. The list contains every supported device model.

remove screen lock

Here you will have some brands to choose from, don't make it wrong.


Step 3: Put your device into Recovery Mode.

You will learn how to put your device into Recovery Mode; it's important to do as instructions, although this part may look a little strange. And there are 3 different Samsung Recovery Modes as examples.

(Get into Recovery Mode in Samsung phone with Bixby)

mode with bixby

(Get into Recovery Mode in Samsung phone without Bixby)

mode without bixby

(Get into Recovery Mode in Samsung phone with the Home button)

mode with home button

Step 4: Instructions to Wipe Cache Partition

In this part, it is the final but crucial step to unlock your device; if you click any wrong button, your phone may not work anymore.

wipe data to unlock

OK, you already passed the unlock process; locks like pattern, password, or fingerprint disappear!


safe Downloadsafe & secure

4. Hard Reset your Device

Users of Android smartphones and tablets can troubleshoot various issues with their devices using a feature known as Android Recovery Mode. For example, it might be helpful if you discover that your device is functioning strangely. Recovery Mode Android technically refers to a unique bootable partition with a recovery application installed inside it.

recovery mode options

However, users can also use it to reset the android password if it is forgotten. This password also includes fingerprint locks. The instructions for resetting android devices through recovery mode differ for every android device.

5. Google Find My Device

As you are likely aware, every Android device is connected to a Google account. As a result, if you'd like, you may also use it to unlock Android. You'll need to know your Google account login information for this. When you're ready, use these instructions to find out how to unlock a phone password.

google find my device

  1. Login using your Google credentials by going to the official Google Find My Device website.
  2. You will see the gadgets connected to your Google account as you enter the interface and a map of where they are.
  3. To wipe the device, click the ERASE DEVICE option on the left side panel. You will then be required for your password.
  4. Once more, select "Erase." This will reset the device and get rid of the dysfunctional fingerprint lock.

6. Seek Help from Local Dealers

It might be a complicated case if you cannot reset your lock screen fingerprint through the methods described above. In this situation, you need to visit your nearest mobile technician, who can help you restore your device.

mobile repair

Why does not Fingerprint Work:

1. Fingerprint Hardware Module Problems:

The fingerprint module should be clean, just like a clean finger is. Unfortunately, the module would collect liquid from your fingers, especially if you had used a moisturizer earlier, making it difficult for the sensor to read your fingers accurately.

fingerprint lock issue

Please inspect the fingerprint module for any fluids or debris and clean it with a dry cloth to resolve this. If the dirt is on the module, clean it with wipes or a moist cloth wet with water.

2. Software Update:

Another software-related issue that may occur because " fingerprint sensor not working" issue is a software defect. Try checking if you have a pending update on your device and install it. Moreover, if the problem started after a system update, you may wait for a new update to fix the problem or go back to the previous update.

software update

To install an update, open the Settings app, tap on 'System,' pick 'System Update,' and download and install any pending update.

3. Clean your Screen:

If you have a device with under-display fingerprint scanner, you might need to clean the screen properly before using the fingerprint. In some cases, screen protectors also interfere with fingerprint functioning.

phone screen clean


Any method can solve the problems of using your device with your Android handset. The best thing about these solutions is that you don't need difficult professional skills to complete the tasks. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock is the easiest way to help your device if you have a password or fingerprint problem.

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