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5 Effective Black Friday Content Ideas For Your Business

James Davis

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

It’s fair to say that the power of social networking platforms today is immeasurable. A single post can become a global hit instantly and transform a huge portion of the population. That’s why many marketers leverage the strong influence of social media to promote businesses during Black Friday. By far, this advertising technique has always been effective in serving this particular purpose.

However, keep in mind that the popularity of social media is not enough to guarantee the success of your campaigns. You still need to ensure your posts are visually and textually appealing to gain traction with the public. But don’t sweat it. There are lots of Black Friday content ideas that can certainly help you bring your store to the top.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Black Friday social posts to your business. We will also provide some Black Friday content ideas and tips to help craft your own. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Part 1. Benefits of Black Friday Social Media Posts

Most people nowadays are social media users. That’s why it’s unsurprising that promoting businesses has become much more convenient today. All you have to do is write a captivating post and publish it online. By doing such engagements regularly, your store will gradually gain momentum on the internet and boost its digital presence.

Advertising your Black Friday deals on social media is definitely a wise tactic. Why so? Simply because everyone flocks to these platforms during this season to find amazing offers. But apart from that, Black Friday social posts offer something more. Check out the list of benefits provided below.

social media black friday

It helps you reach more potential customers.

As previously mentioned, social media is now dominating our digital world today. Most people nowadays are using these online platforms on a daily basis. That’s why publishing Black Friday social posts will certainly help you achieve your sales goals during this season. Just make sure you’re incorporating various Black Friday content ideas to get the best result.

It gives you an accessible platform to give updates about your Black Friday deals.

Giving Black Friday updates to your customers is of paramount importance during this shopping event. You have to alert them about expiring offers from time to time. In this regard, use social media to efficiently communicate with your audience. Get inspiration from relevant Black Friday content ideas and publish them along with significant information needed by your customers.

It helps you provide high-quality customer service.

Make your social media handles available to receive various customer inquiries. That’s definitely the best way to provide unparalleled customer service during Black Friday. Don’t ignore any of them. Instead, strive hard to answer each query that reaches your inbox.

Part 2. Tips on Crafting Excellent Black Friday Social Media Posts

As previously mentioned, the content of your Black Friday social posts matters a lot. It is the main advertising element that influences the behavior of the customers during this shopping season. Therefore, you should take time to explore diverse Black Friday content ideas before settling on a particular campaign format. Read the tips listed below to understand it better.

  • Think of your business goals when writing captions and finding pictures for your Black Friday social posts. Make sure that your content reflects your professional intentions as a marketer or business owner. That’s the best way to get promising results from this undertaking.
  • Study your chosen platforms very well. Try to write Black Friday social posts that comply with their identity and purpose as online networks. Make sure your content adheres to their community guidelines and policies.
  • Write Black Friday social posts as if you’re personally talking to your target customers. Try to use a friendly tone and conversational approach for your captions. Always remember that your content must always be substantial and interactive to obtain fruitful results from it.
  • Don’t just publish plain texts. It’s best if your Black Friday social posts are accompanied by fascinating images or videos all the time. Don’t worry. WhatsApp and other popular social media platforms support the publication of multimedia content. Therefore, you will not have a hard time doing it. Just ensure you process the licensing of the materials beforehand to avoid unwanted disruptions during the implementation of the campaign.

Part 3. 5 Best Black Friday Content Ideas

It’s now time to plan your campaign structure and write amazing Black Friday social posts. Don’t worry. There are lots of wonderful Black Friday content ideas out there that can help you craft your own. Check out the list provided below.


giveaway social posts

It has already been proven many times that Black Friday social posts containing giveaway mechanics are effective. Giveaway posts can blow up the engagement rate of your page and make it go viral in no time. Therefore, include this marketing format in your Black Friday content ideas. Announce the giveaway promo on your social media handles to attract your customers. Right after, direct them to your WhatsApp channel for the details and mechanics.

Deals announcements in collaboration with influencers

Let’s say your social media pages are not doing well. If that’s the case, an interactive collaboration with popular influencers will certainly help you a lot. Choose the best content creator that fits very well with your brand identity. Plan the theme and flow of the content together before launching it on social media. With regard to the format, you may focus on the announcement of your Black Friday deals. It’s a great way to find interested participants for your promos. Just ensure your official online accounts are prominently advertised in the Black Friday social posts of your selected influencer.


discount social posts

Everybody wants to spend less while getting more on this special shopping day. Therefore, you should offer a bunch of Black Friday discount vouchers as part of your marketing strategy. Publish eye-catching Black Friday social posts explaining how to get discount coupons from your store. Right after, promote it further on your WhatsApp channel and email newsletter to reach more customers.

Promo updates

Customers are always waiting for crucial updates on your shopping deals and promos. Thus, you should regularly publish Black Friday social posts containing this information. Schedule at least three enticing content every week leading up to the Black Friday sale. In addition, run a weekly WhatsApp and email marketing campaign to connect directly with your subscribers.

Extended offers

extended promos social posts

For sure, many stores will extend their Black Friday offers for a few more days after the actual shopping event. You should also do the same thing to get additional revenue from last-minute shoppers. Promote it very well on your social media handles right after the Black Friday sale. Furthermore, send exclusive announcements about the extended deals to your WhatsApp contact list and email subscribers.

Bonus Reminder: Grow and Manage Your WhatsApp Audience Before Black Friday 2023

There are lots of social media platforms out there that can help you with your Black Friday promotions. Each of them has something special to offer in this regard. But in terms of reach and popularity, WhatsApp is surely ahead of others. That’s why using this instant messaging platform to deliver your Black Friday content ideas is indeed a wise move. If you’re planning to incorporate WhatsApp marketing for the upcoming Black Friday sale, you should start growing your WhatsApp audience now. Here are some tips to help you get started.


  • Promote your WhatsApp channel on social media and other digital platforms.
  • Offer exclusive Black Friday deals in exchange for joining your WhatsApp channel.
  • Publish special SEO blogs where you are at liberty to promote your WhatsApp channel and attract new subscribers.
  • Always respond to WhatsApp messages sent by your customers unless it is unrelated to your products.
  • Make sure that your WhatsApp marketing messages are transformative and substantial. Don’t include any information that is not helpful for your customers.
  • Launch some pop-up campaigns on your website encouraging visitors to opt-in to your WhatsApp channel.


One thing is for sure: You will not run out of Black Friday content ideas. There are lots of formats you can explore and choose from. That’s why take time to study each option and ensure your final choice will be beneficial for your brand. Read the discussions above to help you arrive at the best decision. Manage your social media following and build your WhatsApp audience beforehand to reach more potential customers. It will somehow feel rough at first while doing the preparations. But once the result comes out, your hard work as a marketer will certainly pay off.

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James Davis

James Davis

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