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How to Access and Download Whatsapp Folder Contents

Sep 15, 2021 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions


WhatsApp is a constant routine that everyone forges. From waking up to going to bed – WhatsApp seemingly stays in every walk of one’s life. And, what's more, interesting about Whatsapp is the media (say the videos, images, etc.) shared amongst folks and family.

But, have you ever wondered where the media is stored? Where can you locate the WhatsApp folder on Android or iPhone? Or perhaps, how to access WhatsApp backup folder or images folder? If these are your queries too, we’re glad to have you here. We’re not just going to locate the WhatsApp database folder in iPhone or Android but will also explore where the WhatsApp folder is! Stay tuned.

Part 1: Where to find the WhatsApp folder

Let us now discover where you can find the WhatsApp folder on different platforms. Check out the following section.

1.1 For Android WhatsApp folder

When you have an Android device, you need to follow the below-mentioned path to access your shared WhatsApp files.

  1. Firstly, get to your ‘File Manager’ or ‘File Browser’ according to your device.
  2. Then, you’ll find ‘Internal Storage.’ Tap on it and scroll down for ‘WhatsApp.’
    whatsapp folder in phone storage
  3. Lastly, go to ‘Media,’, and here you can locate the files/images/videos/audios shared on WhatsApp.
    whatsapp folder for all media on android

1.2 For iOS WhatsApp folder

If you own an iPhone and want to see your WhatsApp media files, here are the steps to be followed.

  1. First of all, you need to enable WhatsApp to get your files saved on your device. For this, head to the ‘WhatsApp’ app and tap ‘Settings’ after opening it.
  2. Go to ‘Chats’ and pick out the media to be saved.
  3. Lastly, tap ‘Save incoming media.’ Once done, you can get the medial files in your native ‘Photos’ app of your iPhone.
    ios whatsapp folder

1.3 For Windows WhatsApp folder

In case you have installed WhatsApp on your Windows PC, here is the path to find your WhatsApp files and media.


1.4 For Mac WhatsApp folder

When having a Mac computer, go along with the following mentioned path.


1.5 For folder of WhatsApp Web

Many people still take the help of WhatsApp web instead of a desktop application. If you’re one of those, then you would certainly like to know how to access WhatsApp files/folders depends on your web browser. In other words, it is simply based on what web browser you are using and then you can access your files in the Downloads folder accordingly.

Part 2: How to download WhatsApp folder contents

Designed to fulfil every need of the users, Dr.Fone is of its kind toolkit that one can have. To download WhatsApp folder and data, you can simply take the assistance of Dr.Fone – Recover (iOS).

Note: If you have an Android device, then use Dr.Fone – Recover (Android) to download WhatsApp folder contents. This section just takes iOS WhatsApp folder download as an example. But the steps are similar on Android.


Dr.Fone - iPhone data recovery

The best solution to download iOS WhatsApp folder contents

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  • Greatly works with the latest iOS i.e., iOS 15, and latest iPhone 13/12/11/X models.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Privilege to preview WhatsApp folder content before downloading.
  • Grants ease of recovering data directly from your iOS device or iCloud or iTunes.
  • Can easily retrieve lost data of more than 15+ major data types such as bookmarks, voicemail, contacts, photos, etc.
  • Can effectively retrieve the lost data due to jailbreak, ROM flash, factory reset or updating, etc.
Available on: Windows
3,678,133 people have downloaded it

Step-by-step tutorial to download WhatsApp folder contents from iOS:

Step 1: First things first, install the Dr.Fone toolkit on your system and launch it. Click the ‘Recover’ tab from the main screen.

download whatsapp folder from ios

Step 2: Meanwhile, draw the connection of your iPhone with the system. Also, ensure to disable auto-sync with iTunes before moving any further. To do this, launch iTunes.

Windows: Hit on ‘Edit’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Devices’ > checkmark the ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from automatically syncing’ option.

auto-sync on windows

Mac: Hit on ‘iTunes’ menu > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Devices’ > checkmark the ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from automatically syncing’ option.

auto-sync on mac

Step 3:  From the upcoming screen, hit the ‘Recover from iOS device’ tab labelled on the left panel. Then, opt for the ‘WhatsApp & Attachments’ data type. Hit the ‘Start Scan’ button afterwards.

whatsapp folder download - select to recover

Step 4: Once Dr.Fone – Recover (iOS) is done with scanning, it will load all the detected ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘WhatsApp Attachments’ data on the results page. Simply select the data that you wish to download from the WhatsApp folder on iPhone and then hit the ‘Recover to Computer button.

whatsapp folder download from ios to pc

Part 3: How to unhide the WhatsApp image folder

Have you recently noticed that your WhatsApp images folder is no longer visible in your Gallery? Well, that may not happen due to data loss. There is a chance that it might have gone into a hidden state. To unhide the WhatsApp images folder, you need to follow down the steps in the said order and gain back access to your WhatsApp images folder within the Gallery app.

  1. Quickly get hold of your device and launch the ‘File Manager’ application.
  2. Look out for ‘Whatsapp directory’ and tap on ‘Media’ folder.
    whatsapp image folder - media selection
  3. Now, hit on the ‘More’ or ‘3 horizontal/vertical dots’ for settings.
  4. Look out for the ‘Show hidden files/folders’ option and then hit on it.
  5. Now, switch back to the ‘.nomedia’ file followed by clicking on ‘delete.’ Provide consent of your actions by clicking on ‘Ok.’
    whatsapp image folder - delete nomedia file
  6. Lastly, go to the phone’s gallery as all your WhatsApp images will be visible there!!  

Part 4: How to move WhatsApp folder to SD card

Perhaps, your phone might be running out of space and the most obvious reason is the WhatsApp media data that you often receive, right? Then, we have one considerable means to gain more disk space. Simply move all your WhatsApp folder data to your SD card. Here is how you can do that:

  1. First of all, load the ‘file browser/manager’ app on your Android device. 

    Note: In some devices, there are no native file manager apps. In this case, you can also look out and install file browsing apps like ES File Explorer File Manager from Google Play!

  2. Next, open the ‘Internal storage’ files from where you can locate the ‘WhatsApp folder.’
  3. Within the WhatsApp folder, look out for a folder under the name ‘Media.’
    open whatsapp folder from internal storage
  4. Then, tap and hold on to it to select it. Now, you need to hit on ‘Cut’ from the available options.
  5. Next, select the destination as ‘External Storage,’ then hit on ‘More’ or ‘3 horizontal/vertical dots’ and make a folder under the name of ‘WhatsApp’ by tapping on the ‘New Folder’ option.
    whatsapp folder to sd
  6. Tap on the new WhatsApp folder on your SD card to access it, and then hit the ‘Paste’ option. In a short, while your WhatsApp images folder will be moved to SD card from the internal memory.

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