How to Access iCloud Photo Library on Web

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The beauty of iCloud Photo Library is that it allows you to access all your photos and videos easily--anywhere, anytime. Since your photos are now in cloud storage, you can conveniently acess iCloud Photo Library from any internet browser on any type of devices. As long as you have an internet connection, your Apple ID and, these picture will be ever ready for you.

If you are not sure how to acess iloud Photo Library online, we have outline the steps you need to take to access iCloud Photo Library on web.

Part 1: How to access iCloud Photo Library online

It is so easy that it only takes two steps:

Step 1. Launch your favourite internet browser and go to

access icloud photo library online-go to icloud

Step 2. From the main menu, click on the Photosicon.

access icloud photo library online-click photos

See... easy, peasy!

Do note that if it is the first time you are accessing iCloud Photo Library online, it will take some time to load depending on the number of photos you have stored. This will be indicated by the Preparing Library...line. All you need is a little patience. You can also do something else on your device while you are waiting for the library to populate. You will need this long wait just once. The next time you go online, everything will be much faster.

access icloud photo library online-access icloud photo library

Part 2: Comparison between iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream

iCloud Photo Library is still in its beta stage and some people are debating the necessity of having it developed seeing that Photo Stream has served Apple users beautifully. Its full potential is still being uncovered, but here are some key differences that you need to know about iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream.

Here is a quick summary of the differences:

Photo Stream

iCloud Photo Library

  • Keeps the most recent 1,000 pictures or those from the last 30 days, whichever is greater.
  • Does not utilise your iCloud storage space.
  • Can be used across any devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.
  • Keeps web-optimised quality photos--they do not retain the same quality as when you took the pictures with your camera phone.
  • Unable to upload and sync videos.
  • As long as Photo Stream is enabled on iTunes, you will be able to sync pictures and albums from your desktop to mobile devices.
  • Keeps all pictures and videos you have as long as you have storage space available on iCloud.
  • Can be accessed on any devices via
  • Able to keep images in full resolution both on the iCloud server and your device. It is able to support various image formats including JPG, RAW, PNG,GIF, TIFF etc.
  • Able to upload and sync videos.
  • Cannot sync pictures and albums from desktop to mobile devices via iTunes. Albums will be visibly removed when iCLoud Photo Library is enabled.
  • Part 3: Other things to know about iCloud Photo Library

    iCloud automatically organise your photos

    Since you can keep ALL of your photos on the iCloud server, you can, in theory, save all photos you have ever taken. Since this can mean a copious number of photos, iCloud Photo Library organises your photos and videos into different "folders" i.e. Moments, Collections and Years. You can even create new folders and make your own photo management system. You can sync these "folders" across all of your Apple devices--desktop and mobile.

    Create and contribute to a shared album

    The best thing about holidaying with a group of friends is sharing the pictures taken. Since not everyone would be free after coming back from your vacation, iCloud Photo Library makes sharing personal pictures easier--you can create shared albums of which you can control who sees want.

    Update changes automatically

    If you are a pro at editing on Photos, you will be happy to know that once you make and save these changes, it will be automatically changed to the iCloud Photo Library as well. So no matter what device you are on, you will be able to view the edited photos.

    It is super expensive

    Shutterbugs would understand when I say that the free 5GB iCloud storage is not enough. If you want to fully utilise iCloud Photo Library, you will definitely need to invest in extra storage on iCloud. The 20GB upgrade is a good value--what is $1 monthly when compared to the annoying prompts when you slip over the 5GB mark. The problem with pricing will only take it toll when you want more than 20GB worth of storage. It is definitely the most expensive price when compared to other cloud storage provider.

    Do remember that iCloud Photo Library is still in the experimental stage. It is still bound for improvements in order to make it better at its job.

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