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Duration: 2017/08/08 - 2017/10/29

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1.Which is the correct "Notes" icon?

2. Which is the correct "Maps" icon?

3. Which is the correct "Photos" icon?

4. This is an iPhone...

4. This is an iPhone...

6. When you encounter white Apple logo issue, which tool do you use to fix it? (Hint: iPhone stuck at Apple logo)

7. Which is the correct emoji in iOS 10?

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4. The prize is a brand new iPhone released in 2017, no matter whether it's named iPhone 8 or not.
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Apple Fans Must-Know iPhone Hacks

Apple's Most Revolutionary iPhone Innovations

iPhone 1st


Multitouch technology existed long before the original iPhone. But iPhone was the first device to bring the technology into the mainstream.

iPhone 3G

App Store

App Store went live in July 2008, which made it easy for users to download apps, and gave developers necessary tools to create magical apps.

iPhone 4

Retina Display

The Retina Display introduced on iPhone 4 was like a game-changer. It effectively doubled the resolution of existing iOS devices.

iPhone 5s

Touch ID

Just like Mulitouch, fingerprint recognition technology wwasn't invented by Apple. But it brought it into mainstream by adding on iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6

Apple Pay

Apple introduced Apple Pay on iPhone 6, which made it incredibly easy for users to authorize transactions straight from their device.

iPhone 6s

3D Touch

3D Touch allows users to complete essential tasks more quickly and simply or engage in enhanced gameplay.

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