iPad Bricked After iPadOS 14/13.7 update: 11 Solutions to Get Through

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Who doesn’t get excited at the advent of the newest iOS. This time, the highlight is on iOS 14/13.7. No doubt Apple always ensures to accompany advanced features to the users surprise. However, there are multiple users who have talked about getting stuck with one issue or the other. Here, the emphasis is on their bricked iPad after iPadOS 14/13.7 update. If you too are experiencing the same, the problem is enough to give you a whole lot of stress. Well! You don’t have to fret anymore. We have come up with some of the useful solutions that can be of great assistance for you. Please do read the full article and get your problem solved.

Part 1. About iPadOS 14

Apple, at WWDC 2019 has provided iPad owners a great surprise with iPadOS 13. The iPad users can expect to experience this latest version with this fall. However the beta version is available for them. The iPadOS 13 is going to be available on the following models:

  • 9-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 5-inch iPad Pro
  • 7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2

Like every time, Apple this time too, is going to bring a new set of features for its iPad users. One of them can be split view of the application. Users will also experience custom font support and they can easily get the font libraries from App Store. And the list goes on.

No matter what, problems are always connected with the latest firmware. And we should not get distracted from the topic. Let’s now get the solutions for the bricked iPad after iPadOS 14/13.7.

Part 2: Update it again with an iOS tool

We are not surprised that you have used iTunes to get the iPadOS 14/13.7 update. Or probably you have attempted to done it over the air. But all the efforts went to no purpose. If this is the case, we would suggest you to make use of a professional and reliable third-party tool to achieve the results. And the tool that fits the most here is Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS System Recovery). It offers the simplest process and repairs the iOS system sans any data loss. Along with repairing, it will provide the latest firmware and delivers the quality results. Let us know how you can work with it.

How to fix bricked iPad Pro after iPadOS 14/13.7 and update it using Dr.Fone - System Repair

Step 1: Get the Tool Downloaded

First and foremost, download the tool on your computer and proceed with the installation formalities. Once done, launch the tool and choose the “System Repair” option from the main screen.

drfone home

Step 2: Choose Mode

Get the lightening cable and use it to connect your iOS device with the computer. When you establish the connection perfectly, click on “Standard Mode” option from the two tabs.

iOS data recovery

Step 3: Start the Process

Your device will be easily detected by the program. The information of your device like the model and version will be shown on the screen. Please check and select from drop-down to change. Continue by clicking the “Start” button.

drfone data recovery

Step 4: Download the Firmware

The firmware will now get automatically downloaded. Please ensure that your network is strong while it is downloading. The program will verify the firmware now.

drfone ios system recovery

Step 5: Complete the Process

Once the firmware is verified, you can click on the “Fix Now” button and it will begin to repair your iOS thereby making the device back to normal.

iOS system recovery

Part 3: 6 solutions to fix bricked iPad mini due to iPadOS 14/13.7

2.1 Charge it a while

To forget minute things in haste is nothing new in our so-occupied lives. Perhaps you have unintentionally neglected to charge your device and thinking iPadOS 14/13.7 has bricked your iPad Pro/mini. Thus, make sure to charge your iPad. It will be really unfair to claim iOS 14/13.7 as culprit if the problem is the dead battery. Just get the cable you got with the iPad and put the device on charge. Ensure to avoid the USB charging method and rather make use of wall outlet. Start charging for some time and see if it begins to run. If yes, then it was nothing like iPadOS 14/13.7 bricked iPad Air.

iPad bricked after iPadOS update

2.2 Restart iPad

Giving a restart is the most sensible step that anyone should do in the first place when facing such issues. Start following the steps below if you don’t want to see your iPad bricked after iPadOS 14/13.7 update.

  • Start with long pressing the “Power” button.
  • Keep doing this until “Slide to power off” slider doesn’t appear.
  • Swipe it and the iPad will turn off.
  • Now, again hold down the “Power” button and the device will restart.
restart iPad

2.3 Hard reset iPad

This might be sufficient when your iPad gets bricked after iPadOS 14/13.7 update. It has worked for multiple users and hence we see it as one of the potential solutions. We hope that it will work for you as well. Please ensure to carefully follow the steps given below.

  • Press the “Power” (aka “Sleep/Wake”) button along with the “Home” button for a few seconds.
  • After this, you will see the Apple logo on the screen. Once this happens, release the fingers from the buttons.

2.4 Fix in recovery mode with iTunes

hard set ipad

Try to use recovery mode restore if your iPad is still bricked. This is indeed the most helpful solution when such issues occur. Here is the stepwise guide for you. Please pay proper attention and go through it carefully.

  • Firstly, you have to get your iPad connected with your computer. Launch iTunes right after that.
  • Now, keep pressing and holding the “Home” + “Sleep/Wake” buttons together. Don’t lose the fingers from it until you see the recovery mode iPad screen on your device.
connect iPad
  • Now, on the iTunes, you will notice that your iPad is detected in the recovery mode. Click on “OK” followed by “Restore” and your device will be restored.
update itunes

2.5 Update iTunes

Many a times, an outdated iTunes can trigger a lot of issues. If you see your iPad bricked after iPadOS 14/13.7 update, you need to check if your iTunes is updated or not. If not, simple get the latest version of it. Then try to update your iPad again with it and see if anything resolves or not.

  • To update it on Mac, just go to iTunes menu after launching iTunes. Look for “Check for Updates” and iTunes will find if the new updates are available or not. Proceed accordingly.
itunes check for update
  • For Windows, open iTunes and go to the “Help” menu. Click on “Check for Updates”. If there is any update, click on “Download and Install” and follow the prompts if asked.

2.6 Downgrade it from iPadOS 14/13.7

If unfortunately the problem hasn’t left you, then sadly iOS 14/13.7 is not for you. We would, in such case recommend you to downgrade your iOS to the previous one. Don’t stress if you don’t know how. We are going to mention the stpes for it in the following section. And here too, you need to take help of a tool called Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS System Recovery).  Go along with the steps if you no longer wish toyou’re your bricked iPad after iPadOS 14/13.7 update.

  • Firstly, you need to get the IPSW file from the official site. Just visit https://ipsw.me/and choose iPad from the tabs.
  • Now, simply go for the model you are using.
  • Followed by this, select the iOS version that you want to downgrade to and hit “Download”.
  • After downloading, you need to use Dr.Fone - System Repair to flash the IPSW file on your iPad. Here are the steps for it.

Step 1: Open the Tool after Downloading

As soon as you visit the website of Dr.Fone tool, make sure to download it over your computer. When you are done with the downloading, you need to install it. Post installation, open the tool and click “System Repair”.

repair iPad bricked with drfone

Step 2: Connect iOS Device

Taking the help of an original lightening cord, be sure to connect your device properly with the PC. Upon successful connection, choose the “Standard Mode” from the two modes.

iPad Bricked After iPadOS 13

Step 3: Select the iOS

Your device will be detected by the program positively. Verify the information once and change it if anything is mistaken. Now, from the bottom, click on “Select” button. It’s time to browse for the downloaded IPSW file.

iPad Bricked After iPadOS 13

Step 4: Get the Firmware

Now the firmware will be downloaded and you will get to the next screen. Click on “Fix Now” and end the process.

iPad Bricked After iPadOS 13

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