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10 Best Apps Like Zenly to Check Out in 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Zenly is a location-sharing social application created by Snapchat that helps map your own world. This app allows users to map their world with their own people and places to track anyone's real-time location at home, workplace, or any other destination.

While the app comes with many interesting features and helps track anyone's location, Zenly was shut down in 2023. Although you can download the application from third-party websites, many users are looking for the best Zenly alternatives.

location sharing and tracking apps like zenly

If you've been considering the best Zenly alternative — or using a dozen apps like Zenly to get all the features you want, this guide is the right place. We did in-depth testing on 30+ apps like Zenly to pick the top 10.

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10 Best Zenly Alternatives for 2024

Ideally, a great Zenly alternative gives you the freedom to share location with all your friends and family — with just some simple clicks. Each of the Zenly app alternatives on this list has something unique to offer.

#1 Life360

life360 family location sharing app

Just like Zenly, Life360 is a location-sharing app that's geared towards families. It's a family social networking app that combines many features, such as location sharing, driving safety features, etc. With this Zenly app alternative, you can view the exact location of all the family members. What you'll really like about Life360 is that it notifies you whenever a family member arrives or leaves any place.

#2 Find My Friends

find my friends family locator app

If you're looking for a family locator app like Zenly that's compatible with iOS devices, then Find My Friends might be a great choice. It's pretty easy to use: just install the app and start sharing your location. This Zenly alternative also helps you track others who have shared their location with you. Find My Friends is one of a few Zenly alternatives that allows users to hide their location and can be used in over 30 languages.

#3 GeoZilla

geozilla location sharing app for ios and android

GeoZilla is one of the trusted apps like Zenly and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. What makes GeoZilla different from other apps in this list is its safety reporting system. For example, when one of the family members overspeeds their vehicle or meets with an accident, GeoZilla immediately sends a notification to the numbers in the emergency list. The app also saves on the battery by keeping it in sleep mode.

#4 Google Maps

google maps zenly alternative

Google Maps is one of the best Zenly alternatives and most popular locator apps, typically available in 220+ countries. With this easy-to-use app, you can share the GPS location on the device — without the need to create groups. It also comes with many advanced features, such as voice instructions and rerouting. These features are designed to save time during emergencies or heavy traffic.

#5 Glympse

glympse location sharing application

If you're looking to choose a free Zenly alternative, then Glympse is a must-try. You can quickly share your current location with your device's GPS and inform family members about your whereabouts. The app has an easy-to-use interface, and you don't even have to sign up to use this app. It also notifies users about their Facebook and Twitter followers — to check the whereabouts of family and friends anytime and anywhere.

#6 Family360

family360 family locator and gps tracker

As the name suggests, Family360 is a great location-sharing app for family members. With the help of this application, you can share your location with family members, track if the phone is stolen or lost, and even get updates about the traffic's condition. Some of the safety features of the app include SOS or Watch Over Me. What's more interesting about Family360 is its ability to create groups, add people, and check detailed location history.

#7 Traccar

traccare modern gps tracking platform

Traccar is one of the best Zenly alternatives and open-source GPS tracking platforms available out there. It has millions of users — all thanks to Traccar's fully-featured web interface that can be used on both desktop and mobile. Some other features of Traccar include satellite imagery or mapping options. If you want to choose a free Zenly app alternative, you may consider Traccar as your best bet!

#8 FamilyTracker

family tracker real time location tracking app

FamilyTracker is one of the apps like Zenly that allows you to locate the real-time location of family members. Its advanced GPS tracking application can track the location of both Android and iOS devices. Just like Zenly, anyone can send free text messages with the Family Tracker app. While you'll get two week free trial to test the location tracking tool, you'll then have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to use the features.

#9 FamilyTime

family time advanced family locator app

If you are a parent and want to track children's location, FamilyTime is a great Zenly alternative for you. Its parental control and tracking system helps you get the real-time location of kids and even track their screen time with the help of a map. One amazing feature of Family Time is the panic alert system that helps parents contact their kids quickly.

#10 T Mobile Family

t mobile family zenly alternative application

T Mobile Family is one of the best Zenly alternatives for smart devices. It helps anyone find connected users and their location with the help of a map. Just like Zenly, users can send a text message to friends and even check their real-time location. These GPS or location tracking applications can help you keep all your loved ones safe and secure.

How to Change Location on Apps Like Zenly With Dr. Fone At Home (iOS17 Supported)?

All the apps like Zenly share real-time locations with friends and family members. But if you don't want to be tracked 24*7, it's best to spoof location with the help of a third-party tool. Dr. Fone — Virtual Location tool helps anyone change location on Zenly and other apps with 1 click. It can simulate GPS movement along the route you draw and even customize speed according to your needs. Here's how to change location on the best Zenly alternatives with Dr. Fone — Virtual Location tool:

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  • Step 1: To begin with, download the Dr. Fone — Virtual Location tool and then launch the program on your desktop. Next, connect the iPhone/iPad to the computer via a USB cable or WiFi connection. Your current location will be shown on the desktop screen.

click the teleport mode at the top right corner of the screen

  • Step 2: Click on the Teleport mode, which is typically located on the right side of the desktop screen. In the search bar, type the new location where you'd like to teleport and then press Enter.

type the location in the search bar where you want to teleport and hit enter

  • Step 3: Confirm the new location and finally select the "Move Here" button on the screen. That's it! You'll have the fake location on both your smartphone and desktop. You can now open the Zenly or any other location-sharing app to start using the virtual fake GPS location.

click move here to successfully change the location of apps like zenly


This category of Zenly alternatives includes all sorts of features and approaches. All these apps, like Zenly, are either free, have a free plan, or offer an affordable plan, so you can take your time to experiment with them and see which one matches what you need best. Regardless of which location-sharing app you choose, it is important to look for a location spoofing tool like Dr. Fone — Virtual Location. It's compatible with iOS17 devices and can spoof location on many apps and games, including Zenly, Life360, Pokémon Go, etc.

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Daisy Raines

staff Editor

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