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How To Manage Files From Android/iOS Devices on a PC With Dr.Fone Air?

File management is extremely effective in controlling device storage and organization. While you become aware of the whereabouts of your device's storage, you can also control the folders and their respective details. Wondershare Dr.Fone Air comes with the ability of online file management on iOS and Android .

Note: For users who are managing their iOS files, they can access their mobile phone album directory, manage their device's media, and support file import, export, and removal. For Android users, the service can manage their albums, videos, music, and files.

Part 1: Online File Management iOS

Step 1Scan QR Code to Connect to iDevice

Connect your iOS device to the computer by scanning the QR Code from the Dr.Fone Link app.

scan qr code to connect

Step 2Navigate to Folders for File Management

As the device connects with Dr.Fone Air, navigate to either Photos or Videos to access particular files that can be managed online.

access folders to manage

Step 3Manage Files Easily

Select any respective picture out of the list and export it to your computer. You can also add images and other media to your device through this service. Delete any image if you do not require it for your iDevice.

manage photos of ios device

Part 2: Online File Management Android

Step 1Connect your Android device to Dr.Fone Air

You will have to connect your Android device to Dr.Fone Air by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen.

connect by scanning

Step 2Access to Folders for File Management

After connecting successfully, work through the Photos, Videos, Audios, and Files folders for easy management of your Android device.

navigate to folders of android

Step 3Manage Files Easily

If you consider working with Photos, for instance, you can add new images to the device with the Add button. Conversely, export important images to your computer by selecting and clicking the Export button. Delete any particular image from your Android device through online file management Android.

manage all files of android

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