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How to Display iPhone Screen on PC?

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Screen Mirroring is a common concept in many business ventures and personal utilities where users consider consuming this feature as an alternative to all the expensive methods and techniques that involve watching informative content over bigger screens. There are many places where people consider using the screen mirroring feature to allow people to watch the content while sitting in their places emphatically. Henceforth, we can count screen mirroring as a feature providing ease and comfort. This article shall discuss the various methods that can be adapted to display the iPhone screen on PC.

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Q&A: Is it possible to see an iPhone screen on a Computer?

You can display an iPhone screen on PC via USB and other platforms. Many people prefer using the screen mirroring feature for effectively displaying their content and saving themselves from the expenses of buying various screens and modules for displaying the screen of devices onto bigger screens. Many different software and methods have been adopted through time by people, which presents you with a very explicit list to select from.

Part 1: Display iPhone screen on PC via USB - Lonely Screen

There are many software's that have been introduced over time to present a technique for managing and controlling your screen on PC by connecting your iPhone through it. Lonely Screen is another explicable platform that has presented us with a very compelling structure, allowing any iPhone user to connect to a PC and display their screen onto a bigger system. With no need to install anything on your iPhone, unlike many other platforms, Lonely Screen utilizes Airplay for communicating with the iOS device. This enables the users to display their iPhone on PC via USB through Lonely Screen. The process of enabling this service is quite simple, which then leads you to display content that has no restriction and limitation. You can view the content of any niche and quality with this platform, which makes it an option worth a while. For successfully understanding the procedure to mirror the iPhone to PC via USB using Lonely Screen, you need to follow the step-by-step guide provided as follows. The procedure might be a little detailed as compared to other platforms; however, it is evident that this procedure is more reliable and comfortable in comparison to the existing techniques.

Step 1: Connect the phone to computer via USB

You need to connect your iPhone with the help of a USB cable to display the iPhone screen on PC through USB.

Step 2: Enable the Personal Hotspot of the iPhone.

This procedure will be concluded with the help of Personal Hotspot of the phone. To turn it on, you need to access the "Settings" from your iPhone and access the option of "Personal Hotspot." This leads you to another screen where you'll toggle the option of Personal Hotspot to enable it.

enable personal hotspot

Step 3: Launch Lonely Screen

Following this, you need to turn on the Lonely Screen application on your computer.

open lonely screen

Step 4: Mirror your iPhone

You can connect your phone with the application with the help of Airplay. Enable the option of Airplay from your iPhone and connect it with the associated computer. The iPhone is then connected on the platform and can be easily viewed on the PC screen.

connect your phone to laptop

Part 2: Wireless Display iPhone on PC with Zoom

Zoom has developed a very keen figure during the time as a platform that connects people all across the world. It provides a very detailed feature set where you can share your screen from iPhone with its screen sharing feature. However, you need to have a desktop client account to fulfill this. Two methods can be adopted while screen mirroring on Zoom over a Windows 10 PC.

Share Screen with Screen Mirroring

Step 1: Select the Screen

Tap on the option of "Share Screen" from the toolbar present below. Following this, select the screen of the iPhone/iPad from the list and tap on the button to share your screen. You might need to install the plug-in in the PC to have this shared.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone.

For connecting your phone with the PC, you need to open it up and swipe up your finger to open its Control Center. Tap on the option of “Screen Monitoring” and select the option constituting Zoom in the list provided. The phone will then be successfully mirrored onto the PC screen via Zoom.

select the zoom screen option

Share Screen with a Wired Connection

Step 1: Access the Proper Zoom Sharing Option

After starting the Zoom Meeting, you’ll observe a green button stating “Share Screen” on the toolbar below. Tap on the option to open another screen. You need to select the option displaying “iPhone/iPad via Cable," followed by the button on the bottom right to share the screen successfully.

select the iphone ipad via cable option

Step 2: Mirror your Phone onto Zoom

You need to initially connect your phone with the help of a USB cable. To successfully mirror iPhone to PC via USB, you need to accept all the prompted windows to share the screen onto Zoom. This would successfully connect the iPhone screen with the Zoom Meetings, allowing you to show the screen to all the attendees with ease.

trust the computer

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This article has presented you with the proper detailed guide explaining the steps that would be appropriate to mirror the screen of your iPhone onto the PC screen. As stated in the article, there are deviant methods that can be adopted for displaying the screen of your iPhone onto the PC. You need to go through this article in detail to understand the significance of these methods and understand the steps that are to be followed to execute the tasks successfully.

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