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6 Best Apps for Screen Mirroring Android to PC

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Screen Mirroring has introduced itself as a very rich feature providing people with the ability to share their screen onto bigger dimensions for people to watch the content thoroughly. You might encounter a situation where you cannot read a document easily on your phone's screen and have to zoom in thoroughly to apprehend the content. Thus, it leads you to a situation where you can observe the screen in a better way by sharing it onto a larger screen. For that, Android phones can be mirrored onto PC screens with the help of different third-party applications. Android potentially does not provide a direct screen mirroring feature on their phones, which leads to the need for third-party screen mirroring applications. This article provides you a variety of screen mirroring applications along with their assorted guide and overview that allow you to mirror Android to PC.

Part 1: Why should you use Screen Mirroring?

There are many conditions where screen mirroring dominates as a very significant feature and can be potentially utilized. For instance, if we consider an environment where you get to see a very impressive video on your phone that is to be shared among your family. It might get very time-taking to show it to everyone one at a time, which usually sets out the effect of the video that it should usually create. As an alternative, screen mirroring can present a very promising solution by sharing the screen onto your desktop or TV, from where everyone can watch it at a single instant of time.

Screen Mirroring can provide you a proper platform to mirror Android screen to PC with the help of different third-party platforms. These platforms can present themselves as an absolute solution to sustain both the environment of the place and keep a sense of discipline among people, in the case where you might be in an office meeting. Thus, screen mirroring can be a promising solution to such situations that can be conferred using different third-party platforms. This article provides an overview of the best and most effective screen mirroring platforms that can be used to mirror Android screen to PC.

Part 2: Scrcpy (FREE)

If we look over the free platforms that provide the features of screen mirroring without any initial cost, Scrcpy can be mentioned as the most impeccable software that is an open-source platform for displaying the Android’s screen onto the PC. This program allows you to view your phone's screen and even control all the applications through the PC as if you are controlling the phone directly. Scrcpy provides a great variety of features as compared to other screen mirroring applications. Apart from mirroring Android to PC, you can use Scrcpy to record your mirrored screen at a very high MP4 quality output. The screen can also be viewed at different angles, both horizontal and vertical. The control provided at Scrcpy is quite exquisite as compared to other platforms, which includes enhancing the video quality by managing metrics such as bitrate.



  • The features offered at Scrcpy are detailed, as described. However, it provides you with wireless monitoring through the Internet, which can be reinstated as its highlight.
  • Being an open-source application, you are not obligated to download a third-party application onto your phone.
  • It is completely free with no add-on cost.


  • Its configuration is quite hard as compared to other platforms.

Part 3: AirMirror

AirMirror is another impressive platform that provides you with extremely efficient and high-quality features for mirroring Android on PC. AirDroid developed a feature under the name of AirMirror that allows you to control the Android screen through a wireless connection. Many conventional applications that are required for screen mirroring Android to PC calls for rooting your Android device. AirMirror, on the other hand, does not demand the rooting of your Android device. Another feature presented by AirMirror is its remote control, where you can control the screen of the Android device and operate different applications through a mouse and a keyboard. Along with that, it even provides you the option of transferring files through a local network or the Internet. Conclusively, you can control every feature of the phone with the help of the computer’s remote control.



  • AirMirror provides a very user-friendly interface to its users.
  • This can prove to be a very effective alternative to the wired data transfer. You can transfer unlimited data throughout your computer and device.
  • It provides clipboard synchronization and text sending feature. Cons:
  • The web version of AirMirror has a limited data transfer rate.
  • It doesn’t support mirroring of WhatsApp and important messaging platforms.

Part 4: Vysor

This application is a varied version of screen mirroring associated with Google Chrome. This association states that Vysor is a particular extension offered at Google Chrome, which can only be operated through this specific browser. It is useless without Google Chrome on your computer. If we have it compared with other screen mirroring applications utilized for mirroring Android to PC, Vysor will not outsmart the applications. However, it is a free platform that makes it declared among the best platforms considered for mirroring Android to PC.



  • The application is quite easy to use with simple setup and connection.


  • It can lag for short periods of time.
  • As it is directly connected to Google Chrome, the speed of the browser is quite important for it to function.

Part 5: Screen Recording and Mirror (FREE)

Another screen mirroring platform that we can take into notice is the free Mirror Android to Chrome application. AllCast provides you with an explicit solution for mirroring the contents from your Android Phone onto a screen that can either be your PC, another phone, or a videogame console. The diversity offered at AllCast Receiver is quite a treat for many users, with no costs. However, while using, you need to understand the difference between AllCast and AllCast Receiver. These two applications are not the same by any means and have different dominions of installation. AllCast should be installed on the PC where you wish to mirror your screen, and AllCast Receiver should be installed on your Android phone, from where you have to share the screen onto another device. The application provides a very rich feature set with the option of audio and video support during live streaming, along with the features of photo sharing and screen sharing. This screen mirroring platform is available across all kinds of Operating Systems.



  • This platform provides a very simple and straightforward platform to share your screen from.
  • Supports multiple connections of devices.
  • Allows a very diverse connection of devices, including TV, Projectors, and consoles.


  • The application has been reported for crashing frequently.
  • File exporting takes a longer time.

Part 6: ApowerMirror

This screen mirroring application provides a simple and swift solution with a versatile system. ApowerMirror can be effectively used to mirror your Android screen to PC without any wired connection. It provides you with the additional features of connecting your device using the application and controlling it via the remote-control feature. Following this, you can also record the screen of the phone that is being mirrored to the PC. With ApowerMirror, you can definitely move for a very enhanced experience of screen mirroring Android to PC.



  • You can control the screen of your phone from the computer.
  • While recording, the annotation feature can also be used for developing tutorials.
  • Screenshots of your screen and notifications can be managed through the computer using the application.


  • Compatible for Android phones having OS 5.0 or higher.

Part 7: Mobizen

If you look for an application that can provide you a better gaming experience while sharing the screen, Mobizen fulfills the requirements and manages to attenuate a very enhanced experience of playing games on your computer through screen sharing or streaming videos from your phone with high-quality outputs.



  • It provides us with the ability to control the screen of the computer with the help of a mouse or keyboard.
  • You can move into and out of applications to view files.


  • The wireless connection feature can be enjoyed with its Professional Version.
  • Compatible for phones with Android 4.0 or higher.


This article has provided you with the best screen mirroring applications to mirror Android to PC. Following this, the article focuses on provided a comparative study of these platforms for allowing users to select the best application that suits their requirements at maximum. You need to look over the article to get to know about these platforms in detail.

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