Dr.Fone User Guide for Phone Transfer

Learn how to use Dr.Fone to transfer messages, photos, videos and more to a new phone with one click. Download the latest version of Dr.Fone and get started now.

How To Transfer Data From iOS to Android/iOS?

Transferring data between smartphone devices is a process that has not yet been acknowledged as an easy process. Many services and procedures are introduced; however, the device-to-device transfer has still remained a problem. Amidst the confusion, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer came as a savior to all the problems by providing a comprehensive phone transferring system.


Part 1: Transfer Data From iOS To Android

Step 1Launch Phone Transfer Tool

Initiate the process by launching Wondershare Dr.Fone on the computer. Continue from Toolbox > Phone Transfer to redirect towards opening the particular tool.

open phone transfer

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function, we will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2Select Device As Source and Destination

As it opens on a new window, the connected iOS and Android device will be detected by the platform. As they are detected, the data is being detected and loaded on the platform, which is displayed on the bottom of the device. However, it is important for you to define the path of transfer; thus, the selection of Source and Destination. Use the Flip button if needed to change the direction of transfer.

set ios android transfer path

Step 3Select Data Types to Transfer

After the selection of Source and Destination, continue to select the categories of data that you want to transfer. Checkmark all the required data types and proceed to tap the Start Transfer button. You can also select the option of Clear data before copy to clear out the existing data in the Destination device.

choose data to transfer

Support Data: Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Contacts Blacklist, Text Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Alarm, Bookmark, Voicemail, Ringtone, Voice Memos.
Step 4Turn Off iCloud Syncing

Following this, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer displays to perform a specific operation, as shown by the prompt on the window. As it asks to turn off iCloud syncing, open the Settings of your iDevice and continue to select your name from the top.

Proceed from iCloud > Photos and continue to turn off the toggle of iCloud Photos on the screen. As a pop-up comes in display, click the Download Photos & Videos option.

disable icloud syncing

Step 5Observe Progress of Data Transfer

Once done, the pop-up window on the front shows the progress of the data transfer. Click Cancel if you wish to stop the transfer.

view completion of ios android transfer

Step 6Data Transfer Completes

As the data is transferred successfully, the complete details are displayed related to its completion. Click OK to close down the process.

complete ios android phone transfer

Part 2: Transfer Data From iOS To iOS

Step 1Set Data Transfer Path

On accessing the Phone Transfer tool, continue to connect your iOS devices and let them load their data on the next screen. Here, define the Source and Destination of the transfer to specify the direction of phone transfer. To change locations, use the Flip button on the top.

set ios data transfer path

Support Data: Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar, Alarm, Bookmark, Notes, Voicemail, Wallpaper, Ringtone, Voice Memos.
Step 2Choose Data Types

After the successful determination of Source and Destination, continue to select the particular data types that you look forward to transfer. Checkmark all data and select Start Transfer to proceed with the operations.

select data types for transfer

Step 3Turn Off Find My Feature

Once done, a prompt appears on the front asking to turn off Find My feature on the iOS devices. Open the Settings of the iOS device and proceed further by tapping on the name at the top. Continue from iCloud > Find My feature and turn it off.

disable find my service

Step 4Observe Phone Transfer Progress

As you turn off the feature, the data transfer initiates and the progress bar displays the completion of the process.

view completion of ios data transfer

Step 5Complete iOS to iOS Phone Transfer

Once done, the window in the front shows the completed phone transfer. Click OK to conclude the process entirely.

complete ios data transfer

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