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2018-12-04 09:17:34
Please add Sony Xperia LT18i by sonyxperia

Hello. I really like your software; however, the unlock feature does not support my phone... Sony Xperia LT18i. I can't access my phone due to the forgotten PIN. Please include this phone in the list of supported devices. You are my only hope, there is no other method I can try. I will buy the software if you include it! Thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to it!

2018-04-09 09:58:31
Does it work for Samsung Galaxy s8? by Srinath

Pls help!! Lots of data at stake. I've heard good reviews abut your product. This is my last hope!

2018-02-01 07:03:20
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo by Sandu Vlad

I cannot find my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo in the list, is there any other option to select from there in order to unlock my broken screen phone? Please reply as fast as possible so i know if i should buy the app, thank you in advance !

dr.fone reply: If you can't find the model of your phone in the list, it means that your phone is not supported right now. Sorry for it.
2018-01-25 10:06:07
compatibility by jim

hello, does this work for the samsung galaxy s7 edge? i would like to know before i purchase screen unlock. many thanks,

2018-01-12 11:47:22
Unlock old Galaxy S5 by Dean

Had an old Samsung Galaxy S5 that was PIN locked and on attempt 9/10 before automatic wipe and had 100's of old family photos on it which I really didn't want to loose. Tried many guides on the internet, but eventually took the risk in purchasing dr.fone -Unlock. After paying, I had the phone PIN removed in about 10 minutes and was able to plug the phone into my PC and copy off all the photos. Very happy with the purchase, great product.

2017-12-29 18:34:33
Unlock for Samsung S8 (SM-G950) by Lia

Great app! really works. Unfortunately the unlock option for my phone is not available yet, please update the phone types. Thank you for the help.

2017-11-05 08:37:39
Unlock by Zohir

This app Is good and easy solutions for any problèmes phone screan or pin cod

2017-09-16 05:22:55
Unlock Galaxy A7, SM-A710FD by Rangana

Currently it is not there on your list. Please make it enabled. I have no other way. I am so confident your team can provide me the solution.

dr.fone reply: Thanks for your feedback. We have taken it into consideration.
2017-09-04 05:39:38
wonderful program i like it by ashraf

wonderful tools it helps me to recover my phone I would recommend it to my friends

dr.fone reply: Thanks for choosing dr.fone.
2017-08-26 01:02:17
Excellent way to use the locked phone with damaged screen by Kartik

It is really a nice way to use a phone with damaged screen with an OTG cable with a mouse. Thanks...

dr.fone reply: Thanks for choosing dr.fone.
2017-08-17 03:46:37
Does it work with a Galaxy S5 neo - G903F ? by Cris

Does it work with a Galaxy S5 neo - G903F ? This looks like a great tool hope it works for the S5 neo

dr.fone reply: I'm sorry it's not in the list right now. I will forward your requirement to our development team.
2017-08-05 22:05:57
Android password removal by Anne Atkins

I spent a few frustrating hours trying to unlock my phone. Found this and send many thanks for the ease of use.

dr.fone reply: Glad that we are helpful. :)
2017-06-14 17:03:04
Locked screen. by Michael F.

It stopped at the downloading and did not say it was completed, maybe because it did not have my SM- G900V on there. It was worth the try.

dr.fone reply: Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded it to our product team.
2017-02-22 06:21:10
Awesome by Hung

pretty much awesome, nothing more to say

2017-02-12 23:27:50
Very good customer service by Bhavana

I am totally satisfied with the service.

2016-08-16 23:41:18
Work on all types of lock by Ross Morgan

It works on all types of security measures---even fingerprint. I have four devices with different types of locks and tried on all of them. It works.

2016-07-20 19:21:34
pretty easy by Nick

It's really pretty easy for me, I'm not a computer tech man.Thanks.

2015-11-10 15:46:08
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who''s the best superhero in the world? by Carla

Yes! Wondershare Dr. Fone is! Saved my life(in pictures) ! I can''t thank enough for developing such a great program!

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