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2019-12-13 16:03:34
Ensure safe when I play AR game by Riley

I heard lots of robbery on AR game players at night. I don't wanne be one of them, and I selected this tool, which allows me play the game without leaving my house.

2019-12-13 15:48:36
it's good for changing location by Muhammad

it's good to work in my new downloaded zombie game, wow, love it

2019-11-28 15:08:53
Useful tool by Sunny

It's really useful for me especially when I don't want others knowing where I am. It can help me fake any location.

2019-11-28 11:15:09
Satisfied for the function by Victoria

I'm frustrated when many iOS apps ask to visit my location. Sometimes I have to allow and give permission though I'm not willing to. This program helps me to change the location and make it not real of my existing place. It protects my location privacy. I like it!

2019-11-27 09:46:00
Enjoyed everything about this software by Joanna

It works exactly what it was advertised, I got all the features that I need. I love it I can prank my friends like saying I'm in the UK.

2019-11-26 15:48:34
play AR without walking by Luke

I can set a route on the map and make my geographical coordinates move along it, while I myself am not moving actually. this is cool in AR games.

2019-11-26 15:45:11
fun app by Samuel

this app is fun cuz i can use it trick others to believe I am somewhere else, hahaha

2019-11-26 15:42:52
Like it, it worked on pokemon go by Daniel

Pokemon Go recently took hard measures against faking GPS on iOS devices. Most spoofing apps failed. I tried this one, it worked.

2019-11-26 15:26:59
good tool to teleport by Stevenson

i want to teleport to other regions to find my best match on tinder, and this tool helped me. better alternative to its own tinder plus feature. the only issue is that you've to use it with a computer.

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