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2020-04-04 03:59:34
Best software by Nebojsa

Exceptional software for transferring data from ios to android telkephones for every recommendation to userstware for transfer iPhone and ANDROID

2020-03-22 01:06:28
is good by zineb

i like this i love this app is verry verry good and i wish tlecherger my whatsap

2018-02-06 20:29:19
windows 7 by mohamed

can i use inthe windows 7 ore just 8..10 only ?

2016-10-06 21:19:07
mobiletrans by Shashwat

i have bought a new android phone i transfered all my data effciently very good software.

2016-09-04 03:58:13
One of the best purchases ever! by Robert

This is really the best spent 39 dollars ever. Made a backup of my BlackBerry, started Mobile Trans, connected my new iPhone witch was found automatically, pressed 'Start Transfer' grabbed a beer and 15 mins later everything was copied! not only the contacts but also the calendar, photos, videos even the text messages! This software is worth every penny!

2016-08-25 04:20:05
Excelent by Aviel Levi


2016-08-06 04:23:32
Mobiltrans superb by Peter G

Just an easy to follow almost one click programm to copy all the data from one mobile device to another

2016-08-03 16:35:42
Yasss… no more complicated process by Aidan G

I can do everything in one go.

2016-07-21 10:20:37
Thanks to this application by andre wedhos

Thank you, thanks to this application I was finally able to move all the data my blackberry

2016-07-02 05:23:37
1 by manu

is good

2016-05-13 11:47:24
5 by rania


2016-05-11 18:04:22
Completely Successful by John Hunt

I bought this as I was desperate to get something to transfer data etc from one phone to another. I transferred everything to my new iPhone but to my disappointment the iPhone was crap. Not my cup of tea at all. I then bought a phone that is know as a "Phablet" wow it was so new I expected this new software to say "sorry, no can do" but to my surprise it worked it. Worth every penny. When one spends money on something that works as it should one can only give it recommendation, I would like to give it the best recommendation I can 5 star 10 out of 10 well done "Wondershare" it works well

2016-05-10 21:37:26

Please add Nokia Lumia 930 to your support list.

2016-05-04 08:08:05
garbage - i wasted 2 hrs trying to transfer music from on phone to another by gord

i was told it was free to transfer songs from one phone to another i wasted 2 hrs debuging etc and it wanted money garbage site

2016-04-24 12:23:32
An Unbeatable product by P.K.Sakhuja

Mobiletrans ia an unbeatable product for the management of smartphones particularly for the people who are regularly upgrading or switching their smartphones to different operating system to transfer the contents. It deserves five stars as it performs the transfer of data across the phones without any glitches. Must for smartphone users.

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