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2019-02-14 00:34:47
Trustworthy company by Matt

My iPhone crashed and Apple washed their hands of it - saying there was nothing they could do to help. I was slightly sceptical paying an internet company to assist but Dr fone pointed out their money back offer. The product was easy to use and efficient. Unfortunately my data wasn’t recovered but the refund was forthcoming and the customer service was excellent. I can recommend anyone tries this product as even if it doesn’t work the company are completely trustworthy!

2018-12-04 08:13:52
Cheating husband by Melissa

Thanks to your program I was able to confirm my husband and best friend were having an affair for two years while I was sick and away for medical treatment frequently. Enjoyed my bed, my garage, both my trucks, helped with my children, even did her laundry at my house. Come over and cook us dinner all the while they were cheating. Wow! I recovered years of messages and photos. My, my, my! Priceless! Worth every penny!

2018-11-14 08:42:05
Excellent Customer Serivce by Tom

Unfortunately, my phone software was beyond repair. The customer service team rocognized that and helped me get a refund. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work and good luck solving many more users problems.

2018-10-03 06:08:19
Before this app nothing was able to retrieve my lost texts. by Geoff Hall

Nothing ever works out like I planned. I had hopes with other apps but the proved to be a waste of time. I was hesitant to even give it another try. This app exceed my expectations.

2018-05-16 13:24:36
messenger retrieve by benjie abbido

i want to retrieve my deleted messeges on messenger so i can read my past conversations.

2018-02-14 04:37:41
Nice by Sonu

Very nice product and very comfortable, easily used. Very nice product and very comfortable, easily used.

2017-09-14 17:00:23
ok by emad

The program is very nice and also very useful thank you The program is very nice and also very useful thank you

2017-09-02 18:25:36
i cloud activation lock by rahul

my i phone 5 activation lock could open my icloud this tool kit full erese

2017-08-31 06:06:24
usefull application by jiranan

it's very useful application

2017-08-08 11:10:13
,jbljbdv by nanees

very useful they did not state that free trail does not includes restore. I downloaded and backed for an hour and came to realise i need to pay for the whole thing. They

dr.fone reply: The free trial version allows you to check if your lost data can be found or not. If not, you don't need to pay for it. It's a kind suggestion. :)
2017-08-08 08:17:21
Worth it? by Jim

Unable to test your phone is working again without spending a lot of money? Probably useful for phone shops but even the free trial isn't available? Perhaps if the service was available on line with a smaller one off payment (only have one faulty phone) then yes it's worthwhile

dr.fone reply: Good suggestion and I will forward it to our team. Thanks. :)
2017-08-05 17:42:43
I Hope by Jhonel Velasco

Its good but can you make a free trial for a month. All and all its pretty good.

dr.fone reply: Good suggestion and I will forward it to our team. Thanks. :)
2017-07-28 13:10:13
Great by katrina

It's great but can you make a free trial?

dr.fone reply: We do have trial version, which allows you to scan and check the result. Just download the program and try it for free.
2017-07-28 05:04:15
Software may be good but is too expensive by Damian

Prices for software are very high if someone want to use it once or twice a year.

dr.fone reply: Data is priceless. :)
2017-07-14 02:01:24
Drfone by Trung Hieu

i lost my note without backup on icloud. but after i get it back by Dr.Fone so amazing. I'm very thankful for your help. godless all of you. Moahzzzzzz.

2017-07-11 21:21:30
Prior Informing FAIL by AJ

When allowing us to download free trial, they did not state that free trail does not includes restore. I downloaded and backed for an hour and came to realise i need to pay for the whole thing. They should offer atleast one time backup and restore with free trial

dr.fone reply: Dear, the trial version comes to tell if your lost data can be found or not, so that you can decide whether you need this software or not. Thanks for your coming.
2017-07-06 21:02:50
Dr.Fone toolkit - Zalo & Attachments by Trong Binh

can u add Zalo & Attacment func for iOS and Android in dr.fone toolkit product

dr.fone reply: Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion. I have forwarded it to our product team. :)
2017-07-04 02:09:47
Not even a hit of help by Petro

It does exactly what itunes does - only difference is dr fone actually tells you your device is unrecognizable even if it is not connected to your pc.

dr.fone reply: It's completely not the same with iTunes. dr.fone toolkit - iOS Data Recovery allows you to scan and recover deleted data directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, preview and selectively restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup files with no data loss from your current device. This is not iTunes does.
2017-05-28 12:28:17
i Hope by Isanfe

This Fuckin Ipad gets Work soon.... OMG>>>MOTERFUCK IPAD APPLE!!!! I LOVE SAMSUMG!!!!!!!

2017-04-19 12:10:48
The experiment is under way by badr

The program has read a lot about it and they seem to me to be wonderful

2017-04-07 04:43:56
Cheating husband by Melissa

I purchased this program after becoming suspicious my husband was having an affair. It extracted all the deleted information off his iPhone and I discovered an 18 month affair with my best friend. Thank you DrFone.

dr.fone reply: We wish you a good life. Good luck!
2017-04-05 17:18:11
Free Trial Recovered Contacts and Notes by Happy Customer

This application recovered my deleted contacts and notes! The free trial allows you to view contact names and numbers and also copy/paste note contents. Great program, saved a lot of headaches!

2017-02-21 22:30:04
cost..!! by dennis shaw

the various applications seem to be too costly. i hope they are worth the price.

dr.fone reply: Please contact us if you have any question or problem when using it. Thanks.
2017-02-09 06:16:20
tried the free version by sam

this is very easy to use and pretty intuitive. unfortunately i was unable to find what i was looking for on my device. maybe i had deleted the file too long ago. never mind it was worth a try !.

dr.fone reply: Once the lost data has been overwritten by new data, you won't find it back. Good suggestion: turn your device into Airplane Mode until you find the lost data back. Before you purchase the software, do remember to use the trial version to scan and preview the data first. It will give you important clues.
2016-08-11 10:40:08
locked note 11 by Joan

Thank you so much for the help with my cell phone. You are the only ones out of numerous sites,& carriers that could help me with my issue & not loose my data, contacts & all my pictures. I just can`t thank you enough!!!

dr.fone reply: Glad to hear that we're helpful. Thank you.
2016-08-01 21:55:22
Very helpful by Cha

it really retrieved the message that I accidentally deleted. It was a relief cause I badly needed the informations in it. It was worth downloading *thumbs up*

2016-07-08 00:50:24
Best recovery software for your iPhone or your iPad by Matthew Trompf

I bought this so I recover contacts, SMS, notes, call logs, photos, videos, etc. on my iPhone or my iPad

2016-07-01 17:19:21
tsrek1970.at@gmail.com by tarek

It's a very good product I was impressed by a lot has strongly advised me where I thank the genius who has the inception of you and all the appreciation and thanks

2016-06-29 08:40:54
Great Customer Service by Zachary

My wife's iPhone was severely water damaged. We didn't know if anything would work, but we tried Dr. Fone as a last ditch effort. It still didn't work, but the customer support team was awesome and tried to help us figure it out. It didn't work still, so they refunded us the full purchase cost (we complied with what they asked us to do, which wasn't all too hard). I will come back if I am in a similar situation again. Incredible customer service from Joanna!

dr.fone reply: Thank you. Please take care of your iPhone in future and don't forget to make backups.
2016-04-10 07:47:17

This helped me recover really important notes and for a free trial! i tried in so may places and this just helped me soo much! Thank You

2016-03-22 13:35:56
Great Program! Great Customer Service! by Jennie Pless

This program has done everything I needed it to do and more. When my computer crashed less than a month after I bought the program, Wondershare''s Support page guided me through re-registering the product. Couldn''t be happier.

2016-01-19 07:52:21
Super by alevtina

All deleted photos are found. Took about 30 minutes. The program installation does not take much time. If you know English, then everything goes much faster. I will use the program in cases of emergency. Hope for successful recovery of important to me photos.

2016-01-01 05:34:24
thank you for help. you help me to recover my deleted photos. this programme is excellent. i advice to everybody to use this programme if you delete needed information by islam

thank you for help. you help me to recover my deleted photos. this programme is excellent. i advice to everybody to use this programme if you delete needed information

2015-12-28 07:14:39
fomka by Veronika

Good program. Helps people to recover deleted files. Thanks to the creators. I recommend using a lot of people who really need to restore apps. Don''t be afraid to install this program. Because it will help you to recover your deleted comments

dr.fone reply: Thank you very much!
2015-11-22 05:41:53

So, I have never been one to write a review, like ever, even with the thousands of things that I''ve bought on amazon that I''ve loved, I was just never the one to write a review. Yes, some of you may call me shady or lazy for not giving back since reviews are what technically make consumers purchase. Anyways, I''ve had many moments where I''ve lost pictures on my iPhone and/or computer and was absolutely pissed. I researched everywhere to find a solution and of course Wondershare''s Dr. Fone for IOS (Mac) was the first thing that I saw when i began to research. I was highly skeptical at first, but it ended up saving my fiance''s and my own life. We were a little over intoxicated I must say lol, and one thing led to another and all the pictures and movies that we filmed were gone, and I mean vanished. No where in the photo trash and we had even connected it to the computer and saved the pictures and videos there. Well my guess, don''t tell my fiance lol, is that she accidentally permanently deleted our wonderful pictures and videos. But with Dr.Fone for IOS and Wondershare Data Recovery (Another Life-Saving Program) which I would highly recommend. Don''t fall for those other low-costing software saying they will do the same thing and more, because I have personally tried it. Thank you Wondershare Data Recovery & Dr. Fone for iOS (Mac)

dr.fone reply: Anthony Park, thank you so much and you make us feel proud.
2015-09-18 22:34:03
So here is a response you can count on. My Iphone went into recovery mode and yes I received 90 percent recovery and still working on trying to get to 100 percent by T Lost Data from IPhone factor

Thank GOD! Losing some of your most critical documents is nerve racking. But thanks to Wondershare unlike the others...be very careful! I did the factory reset and immediately after I started the Wondershare free trail. My documents showed up! Try the free trail and you will not regret your purchase. I am elated and of course still trying to retrieve the rest. Good luck!

2015-09-09 08:21:47
Thanx by Gaganpreet kaur

Thank you so much...!!! I spent an entire day in fixing my iPhone 4s that was in recovery mode. I had not updated my itunes and icloud for a long time and hence I was avoiding to Restore to prevent any data loss. I tried a lot of other softwares and links like tiny umbrella and recboot but nothing got it out of the recovery mode. and 5 minutes into this software and my phone turned back on. :)

2015-09-06 02:14:06
A by jz

love it !!! its great software to recover your lost data. Also even good to see what your girl deletes and keeps on her phone..women can be really sneaky...must have program!!

2015-08-21 20:30:53
Recovery of my iphone was a Success by Jordan Roebuck

something went wrong while updating to IOS 8.4.1 and my phone was stuck in Recovery mode. After working for several hours with apple support, I just could not et it to either update or restore thru ITunes. I googled and googled and found Wondershare. Downloaded it and then had to purchase the license. It went into fixing it back to normal and within a few minutes my IPhone was alive again...so seriously worth the 70 bucks.

2015-08-10 01:01:10

I Never...write reviews. Contacts are so important to me as I work in casting. Suddenly lost all of my newest most important contacts this morning. My guess is because I deleted my 2 main work Gmail accounts on "Mail" app or it''s after syncing my phone with my iTunes (which I normally don''t do)? Dr.Fone has recovered it ALL. Even the ones lost a year ago. Can''t thank Wondershare more...

2015-07-11 06:42:34
Thanks :) by Henry

Well This program better then itunes because my itunes gets stuck on extracting software and wont restore the iphone with this program you can restore without losing your data its fast and easy everyone should buy this program!

2015-07-11 04:23:18
OMG! Thank You! by James

OMG Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I had ONE note on my iPhone that accidentally got deleted. It was the master password for Dashlane; and as we all know, Dashlane doesn''t have a master password recovery for MAJOR security reasons (which is good actually). Tried 2 other software programs before this one, and none of them had the recovery power this one has. I guess third time is the charm! A MUST BUY for anyone in need of emergency data recovery on any iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

dr.fone reply: Please take care of your important data in future, James. :)
2015-06-24 15:47:49
Recovered Notes by Mary Pags

I am new to the Ipad and thought the Notes were safe on the device. I deleted them from the Icloud and they were totally gone. Great product - thank you Dr Fone. I didn''t have to pay for the program until I was sure my lost stuff would be found. Easy to use. Easy to understand. Got everything and more back.

2015-06-14 08:07:21
Fixed my iPhone 5! by Jack

I''ve rarely write reviews for products. After attempting the latest ios upgrade for my iPhone 5, the phone went into a frozen mode and iTunes said I needed to recover the phone which will remove all of my unsaved pics (700+ photos), etc. I found Dr.Fone for ios through a apple discussion site. It works! I have no idea how it did it, but Dr.Fone helped restore and saved my phone. Totally worth the investment! Thanks Dr.Fone!

2015-05-26 17:44:51
Worth every penny by L. Miles

I had to buy a new phone because one of ours was broken and I lost videos of our cat we recently had to put to sleep. This program allowed us to recover these irreplaceable videos. The only thing I would change would be to be able to uncheck all items and then check only the items you want to recover.

2015-05-19 21:44:34
Recovery Mode by Andrea

Great i cant wait to get everything back i went to do a software update for my iphone 5s and it froze so i tried rebooting phone then it went into recovery mode and i came upon this site from a guy who posted a video i am hoping this will do the trick!

dr.fone reply: The dr.fone toolkit - iOS System Recovery will work for you to get your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode.
2015-05-15 05:58:24
Pricey, but good by Brett Brodersen

It does a great job of backing up my iPhone, whether in totality or selectively, which is huge in my line of work because almost anything sent or received on my device can potentially be used as evidence in civil or criminal matters. If backing up your phone is a matter of business and not just pleasure, I highly recommend this program.

2015-01-04 20:54:24
Lost Notes by Vanessa

I was so excited and amazed that when I accidently erased my notes with passwords and information that I needed daily off my phone, that Dr. Fone was able to recover all this lost information. Saved me from countless hours of calling places and recovering them the old way! Thank you!

2014-12-29 02:20:04
Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Win) Review. by Geoff

The Itunes backup and recover procedure failed when doing an IOS7.1 upgrade and I lost a lot of photos and couldn''t sync the iphone anymore. I found this application online and it worked a treat. A bit pricey but compared to the time spent in trying manual solutions and the loss of data it was woth it

2014-11-23 01:05:09
Ms. by Marcia Guerrant

I lost all my pictures from a 2 year period from an unintentional "restore" to my phone. I was trying to backup to the icloud and I thought it was asking if I want to backup but the word restore was there and I didn''t realize it would take my phone back to original state before all data and pictures. Dr. Fon was able to retrieve many of those lost photos. Not all but many. I think it''s a great product and easier to navigate than icloud by far.

2014-11-11 01:41:07
Thank you Thank you Thank you by Sandrina ­ Wagga Wagga NSW Aus

It is so nice to trial a product and have everything go 100% smooth. Buying a US product from Australia is always a bit nerve racking. Wondershare website gives such a professional look and feel and with their video examples it made the decision of trialing the product along with immediately purchasing it a breeze. Then I find they have a really cool range of other products. I can now upgrade my iphone software with confidence as I know my data is safe and sound on my PC. Thanks to Wondershares great product. The logical layout and the ease of using this product is fantastic. If you are like me, live in Australia and sometimes hesitate with purchasing software over the internet, don''t hesitate. This product lives up to all expectations and more. This will be the first of many of their products that I will trust and purchase. Thanks again Dr.Fone product by Wondershare.

2014-11-01 16:35:07
Messages by Taliyah

I deleted a message that I really didn"t to delete because it had good memories and I really wanted back so I went to Youtube to find alway to get it back and I find this website and i find the messages that I delete and Im so happy that i find it

2014-10-29 07:53:44
Worked, but not without issues by Jon Beadles

My iPhone 4S died a month ago. Just suddenly refused to recharge. I thought I had a backup via iTunes on my PC. When I got my new iPhone 5S, I assumed I could just restore from that backup. Then I found that there was no such backup. I thought all was lost. A few weeks later, my new iPhone began complaining that it couldn''t back up to the iCloud because of insufficient space. Investigating, I discoverd that the backups I thought iTunes was writing on my PC were going to the iCloud instead. After a web search, I found and bought your software. The Dr. Fone software had a lot of issues downloading the backup from the iCloud. For several tries, it stopped at 44% downloaded and popped up a message blaming the internet connection. I was at my place of business at the time; there were no issues with the internet connection. Repeated tries produced the same result. Tried to analyze the part that it downloaded. It showed me all the file names and put the correct number of bits in each, but none of the files were usable. All were corrupted. Decided to give it one more try at home before writing for a refund. It ran more or less all night there, and bombed in a similar way -- this time with 61% downloaded. On a lark, I asked it to analyze that partial download. This time it found all my photos; none were corrupt.

dr.fone reply: Thanks for your feedback in detail. We will test it immediately.
2014-10-12 17:50:23
Ms by Tammy Woodall

I cannot thank your product enough. My mother passed away and I had several voice mails I wanted to keep. My iphone went into recovery and all hope was lost. I called my carrier and Apple to no avail. Your product recovered them and I can''t thank you enough. The last voice mail that was placed on the phone was her wishing her only great grandsons 2nd birthday. Since he is autisic this voice mail means everything to the family. Thank you so very very very much for saving my moms voice.

2014-09-20 02:06:24
SO GRATEFUL!!! by Gail Swanson

I broke my phone on the day that a very good friend passed away, and in the midst of my grief, I also realized that I lost some precious video, pictures, and voicemails. I am so thankful that I found your software on the internet and it worked! My iphone screen was broken so I couldn''t input my password, and itunes wouldn''t sinc because of that. But somehow your program worked and I have everything. THANK YOU!

2014-08-20 12:49:21
lost important text message by mike

i somehow lost an important client on my text imessage so i was really upset because it was a big contract we got for my business, downloaded this software and it brought out the deleted message. this program works 100% and i would recommend it to everyone i know

2014-08-02 09:57:23
Excellent but expensive by Holly

Ihphone 4 somehow deleter all photos, could not found anywhere on phone or itunes. This software recovered them all very quickly, but you have to pay the fully price of the software £54, to me this was worth it as some very precious photos, but it is expensive.

dr.fone reply: Memories are priceless. :)
2014-07-29 07:53:36
excellent by pavan

excellent tool for recovering data for iphone.i lost my important data in my iphone unfortunalty. i am really scared beacause it has very importent requirment data. in that situation i found woundershare software. iam installed this application,then i get my data through woundershare.

2014-07-15 06:18:11
recovery of data on ipad after factory reset by yasmin

when i upgraded my ipad, lost all data. called apple and was told that data cannot be retrieved. i am not a techie but i know that the data was backed up as i could see it on the summary section of itunes. i found this website and so glad that i did as i so needed the data that i had on my ipad. thank you so much! i am so grateful and now can take a breather!

2014-07-09 19:45:17
Dr Fone is GREAT!! by SMS

I erased pics from my iPod when I thought they wouldn''t be needed. However, three months later I suddenly needed the photos concerning a legal case. Dr Fone was able to recover 93 of the photos! Some were not available, but 93 were. What a life saver.

2014-07-08 01:25:06
mr by steve

my icloud account was hacked and somehow deleted all my contacts,thanks to this great website i will be able to retrieve all the lost info thanks again for your help

2014-06-29 00:30:26
This app is very excellent by Dafi

My iPAd was stuck on boot logo then I want to restore it. But before that I back up my file on icloud with wondershare. I have try many apps but they cannot back up perfectly. Thank You Dr. Fone

2014-06-27 19:06:47
Thrilled with the product by Nan

I inadvertently deleted several hundred photos from my iphone and then remembered i had backed up my iphone 4s with itunes. This product easily located and recovered all of my files, including my photos. I went from being sick to being thrilled. Fabulous!

2014-06-23 12:28:35
water-damaged iPhone 4s by M. Olivas

After replacing battery, phone powered on w/o screen. I was finally able to blind enter the password -- and blind choose "Trust" -- then Wondershare did the rest!

2014-06-06 20:43:20
Wondershare DrFone for ios is absoutly amazing by amandaarriaga

this program even in trial form helps me keep track of my life.. i am able to confirm memories .. as i can fall into a delousional state.. silly brain damage... thank you.. i will put it on my wish list.

2014-06-02 23:26:01
Wow WOW by JJShaffer

Paid and downloaded, it is awsome, you know how all of your info is stored in your notes, one of my notes just vanished, this program got it like that. Thanks guys

2014-05-27 23:53:07
Found all my calendar items via an iCloud backup by Don Engel

I lost several pending months of appointments due to SOMETHING, still not sure what. I will say that the software will be a LOT better when the recovered items can be put back on the phone, rather than being saved on the PC.

2014-03-01 01:22:21
Amazing! Must Buy! by Austin

One of the best recovery apps out there! The option to use icloud is the best feature. My suggestion for a future update would be to select certain file types before you start recovering so you don't have to wait so long if you just want to recover certain things. Like if I just wanted to recover all my contacts and notes, there needs to be an option before you start recovering to select certain files within the back up.

2013-10-25 15:32:43
This helped me find out my husband had an affair.... by Screw You

Recovered an old iphone back up and discovered my husbands infidelity through old text messages and photos that he tried to hide after I returned home from being out of the country. Thank you for saving me a lifetime of Misery!

2013-10-05 15:06:47
iPhone nightmare by Kirsty

Dr Fone saved the day stuck in recovery mode and just connecting to Dr Fone re-set this back to normal mode no need to scan and avoided restoring factory setting, fast and life saving

2013-09-26 00:31:01
Thank you! by Kris

When my restore from backup failed on my new iPhone set-up, I was panicked because I thought I'd lost all of my contacts and notes. This allowed me to recover them from what iTunes was telling me was a "corrupt" backup file

2013-09-13 02:14:09
Thanks! by Yannah

Hi! I don\'t know what happened but I lost all my contacts from my iPhone 4s as well. I think I just screwed something on the iCloud. I\'m really not sure. I need to recover that and also have a backup so I can just copy the contacts for the new phone I\'m planning to buy. I guess I\'m fortunate this time that I found your post about this problem. I\'ll follow all the instructions and install the needed tools. thanks!

2013-09-13 02:09:09
Really helpful! by TommyV

How stupid of me to leave my iPad when a kid\'s playing around and spilled his milk on my iPad! Frustrating! I downloaded the trial version of Dr.Fone. It looks so easy to use and is such a big help. Thanks! I\'m now ready to download full version for full recovery.

2013-08-27 22:56:05
Exemplary Customer Serrvice! by Lorran

Thank you for the excellent customer service! While your product (Dr. Fone Data Recovery for iPad) is still incapable of recovering photos and videos (please hurry on the upgrade!) from my "New iPad," I was very pleased that your company refunded my entire purchase price as promised. Now, THAT'S what I call great customer service! Thank you, and good luck on the update. I'll gladly re-purchase the product once that much needed capability is implemented.

2013-05-22 21:40:42
Need this badly! Awesome! by Bobby

Need this badly because I don't want to lose my files on my iPhone and I don't have the patience to wait in the process of backing up to iTunes. Tried you recommendations here and I'm impressed on what Dr.Fone can do. As mentioned, I've also seen some lost files. Awesome!

2013-05-18 08:18:23
Daycare Payments by Jessica K.

I normally store all payments on my iphone to later input in computer. As i was doing receipts for parents i noticed that particular note folder was gone-vanished-deleted somehow my heart dropped to my stomach i literally started to cry. Thank "GOODNESS" for searching the web found this software and it saved my Behind!!! A million thanks and i will definitely refer this software and purchase. :D

2013-03-09 16:14:44
Life Saving by Gee

i tried to upgrade my iphone and suddenly it crashed! went to apple stores, all said the only way to get my iphone back to life is to restore it and lose all my data!!. im glad i didnt listen. i searched and i found this software.. and it saved my life :D Thank you.

2013-02-25 04:30:28
A-MA-ZING! GENIOUS! by Anonymous

Thank you, Wondershare!!! After a failed attempt at hacking into my phone, an ex sent it into recovery mode... I tried everything to get it out of RM- jail breaking, hard resets, everything! I couldn't stand the thought of losing ALL 3,000+ of my irreplaceable pictures, which I had foolishly not taken the time to back-up. The very first button I pressed on Dr. Fone took me right out of RM and my phone was fine, no data lost. However, I still found loads of old content and can't sing enough praise about this program!!! Thanks!!

2013-01-19 04:21:57
Thank You So Much by Rugna

I really needed to find a contact that i had not stored and which got lost as i upgraded my phone! but this product worked wonders!!!! I got all my imessage history back as well as the contact number! thanks!!!

2013-01-18 08:20:31
Dr. Fone by John Goh

Had purchased it and use to do a directly recover from iOS devices basically my old 3GS. It works well and all that is gone is back. When will the directly recover from iOS devices such as 4s and 5 be available? I need badly to do it to my 4s as the current version is not able to do a direct with my 4s.

2012-12-20 01:17:52
Excellent by Carol

I upgraded to IOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and lost all images on my iPhone. Some of these were very important. Recovered all. Great product!!

2012-12-11 03:27:30
good job by Benjh83

I lost some important file that I thought I already had backups. I didn't do anything until I get a solution for this. I'm really thankful that with your iPhone data recovery software, I was able to retrieve those files. It's such a relief! Good job on this software!

2012-12-11 03:24:27
Awesome! by Frankie

How awesome! I tried to scan my iPhone 5 if I can recover some important files there. I was surprised that the scan would really recover those files! There are some old photos as well that I will definitely keep.!

2012-12-11 03:21:42
Worked for me by Babin

With Dr.Fone, I retrieve all iPhone photos I thought were lost forever. It is really great!

2012-12-11 03:12:08
A good data recovery product. by Albert A.

What a great way to start my day! I read this last night while I browse for solutions on how to recover my lost files on my iPod touch. I decided to try it this morning and I'm so amazed that it really did help me recover my files. I used Data Recovery for iTunes. I'll definitely recommend it to my friends! Thanks!

2012-12-11 03:07:03
Thanks for help by Chels

I tried your software and great that it worked for me! I have a small shop and I rely so much on the text messages from clients. This is such a helpful tool! I'm very glad I've learned how to extract SMS from iPhone. It's really convenient! I like that there's a preview of the messages that I can check first. Thank you!

2012-11-12 20:36:27
Thank you Dr. Fone! by Ruth Martin

Recently I had an unfortunate incident and thought I had lost all my iPhone data. Before I gave up completely, I decided to research online to see if there was a way to get it back. I found Dr. Fone! So happy I did, I felt it was a small price to pay for helping me get my data back. Totally worth it!

2012-10-19 09:40:04
It was worth every penny to me! by Amy

The software scans and extracts the lost or deleted data from either your iphone or your itunes back-up (the data itunes stores when you synch you iphone to itunes). In order to recover (save the data to your computer), you have to purchase the license for the software and register it. It was worth every penny to me to save 6 months of pictures and videos from my phone that Apple said was "unrecoverable".

2012-10-18 10:28:48
Pleased with it! by Supermek Mt

I am very pleased that I was able to recover all my wife's contacts, pictures, and videos when we thought they were lost 3 months ago. Great software! Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Hopefully I can get it all restored back as one now.

2012-10-15 15:35:17
THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!! by Mita

My phone was stolen. Wondershare Dr.Fone really helps me get back my previous data from iTunes backup. They're so important to me!

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