Impact of WhatsApp Addiction

Time You Waste on WhatsApp Each Year

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Come on just admit it!
You spend much more time on WhatsApp than you think. It's time to stop waisting your best times on WhatsApp.

The Side Effects of WhatsApp Addiction

Suffer from wrist and finger joint pain and some times crippling arthritis of fingers after long term messaging.

Aloofness of social gathering. Many people reports that WhatsApp overtakes their real relationship.

Too many unwelcome distractions. Occupies your time and ends up lacking of concentration.

Social anxiety. Some whatsApp features may cause social anxiety, taking WhatsApp ticks for example.

More than 70% surveyed reports WhatsApp made a serious interferences in their privacy.

Shortened form of words is another real propblem. They even use shortened form of text in formal occasions.

Test WhatsApp Addiction and Win A Kindle

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1. How often do you check WhatsApp every day?
2. How often do you change your display picture?
3. What do you do while you are waiting for someone's reply?
4. How many groups are you in?
5. What's your first thought when you are added to a new WhatsApp group?
6.Have you ever thought of turning off "blue tick" feature?

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You got: {{parseInt(score)}}% addicted to Whatsapp.

You are most likely a light user of WhatsApp. You can take it or leave it and it probably does not cause any significant problems in your life.

Keep it up! The social apps like WhatsApp are existed to bring people together, not to take over our real relationships.

WhatsApp is a part of your daily routine. At times you may spend too much time with it and may regret long WhatsApp sessions after you finally log off.

Keep in minds that don’t let the social apps to take over the time that you should have spent with the family and friends in person.

Watch out! You're quite addicted to WhatsApp, aren't you? You definitely use it on the daily, and you're part of one too many groups for your liking. If you find yourself opening WhatsApp for no reason, take it as a sign.

Too much time on Facebook may be causing or contributing to "real life" problems and you may use it to avoid other important responsibilities.

Your life revolves around WhatsApp. You would find it very difficult to go more than a day without checking your account. Your relationships and your school or work performance are probably suffering due to excessive Facebook use.

You would greatly benefit from reducing your WhatsApp time, and learning about tips to get over WhatsApp addiction.

8 ways to get over WhatsApp addiction

  • 1

    Uninstall WhatsApp

    The easiest way to stop yourself from spending time on WhatsApp is to uninstall the app from your phone. It sounds crazy, but it works.

  • 2

    Keep yourself busy

    Develop new hobbies, or find something else to do, such as reading a favorite book, spending more time with family and friends, etc.

  • 3

    Remove WhatsApp shortcut

    Well if you cannot afford to delete the Whatsapp application completely from your phone, you can at least remove the Whatsapp icon on your home screen.

  • 4

    Disable WhatsApp notification

    The addiction starts again when you see or heard the WhatsApp new message notification. Mute the groups or turn off Show Notifications from your phone Settings.

  • 5

    Delete useless groups

    Mute the groups which are not so important, so you don't check WhatsApp so frequently. Or just delete the useless groups.

  • 6

    Hang out with friends

    Plan a trip with friends to a park, mall, or ice rink. Or join a friend to walk the dog for the afternoon. Just avoid using your phone.

  • 7

    Make schedule

    Make schedule for check WhatsApp everyday, for example, spend half an hour every night. Don't check it whenever it has new messages.

  • 8

    Call your friend instead

    Instead of messaging your friend/co-workers on WhatsApp, call them instead. This will save you much time.

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