Dr.Fone User Guide for Data Eraser

Learn how to use Data Eraser to erase mobile device data permanently and completely to protect your privacy. Download the latest version of Dr.Fone and get started now.

How To Free Up Space With Dr.Fone?

The best way to optimize the conditions of your iPhone is to make space in the device. Deleting every unwanted thing from your device manually will take hours until you make some considerable space. As an alternative, Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is a data-optimizing iOS space-saver tool to help you make space for your iDevice.

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1. Erase Junk Files

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Data Eraser comes with a diversity of features that can be used to make space for your iDevice. To utilize this iOS space saver properly, find out how it is done by following the steps provided below:

Step 1 Open Data Eraser Tool

Access the Data Eraser tool after launching Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and connect your iDevice.

open data eraser

From the available options on the left panel, select the Free Up Space section.

choose free up space

Step 2 Select Junk Files to Delete

To erase junk files, select Erase Junk Files from the available list and let the platform analyze the condition of your iDevice. After a composite scan, all the junk data will be available on the screen in categories. Checkmark the data files that you wish to remove and click Clean.

select junk files to delete

Step 3 Successfully Remove Junk Files

As the process concludes, a prompt screen appears, showing its completion. You must restart your iDevice to save all changes made to the device. If you wish to perform another round on the device, click Rescan at the bottom of the screen.

remove junk files successfully

2. Uninstall Useless Apps In Batch

When you initiate the Data Eraser tool on your computer and proceed to the Free Up Space section, you will find the option of Erase Applications in the list. Continue on the next screen to select the unwanted apps from the identified applications and click Uninstall to execute the process.

uninstall apps from the data eraser

3. Erase Large Files

Step 1 Scan Large Files on iDevice

From the Free Up Space section, select Erase Large Files option to continue on the next screen. The platform automatically scans the connected device and starts displaying all files that are large in size.

scan large files to delete

Step 2 Filter Large Files and Delete

Locate the drop-down menu from the top and select the available options of file formats. Set a limit on the size with the option available on the top. This will filter out the specific files that are fulfilling both metrics. Select the data displayed on the screen and click Export if you wish to save it on your computer. To erase it from your iDevice, click Delete to execute the process.

filter and delete files

4. Compress Or Export Photos

Step 1 Access Organizing Photos Tool

You need to select the Organize Photos option from the Free Up Space section in the Data Eraser tool. Continue on the next screen to select whether you wish to compress the entire photo gallery or export photos to the computer to create space in the device.

On clicking Start, the lossless compression process automatically starts.

open photo organizer

Step 2Select Images to Compress From Gallery

On the next screen, select the images that you wish to compress within the device without losing their quality. Before selection, you can select a date, and continue with the selection of your images. Keep a check on the quantitative analysis of free space provided by the platform on the top. Once done, click the Start button on the bottom-right of the screen to initiate the process.

select photos to delete

Step 3 Choose Pictures to Export and Delete

If not enough space has been freed up on your iOS device, you can export photos to your PC and delete them from your iOS device. Click "Export" to continue.

select photos to delete

Photos of different dates are displayed on the screen after the scanning. Then select a date, select some or all of the photos, and click "Start".

Note: The "Export then Delete" option should be checked. Otherwise, the Data Eraser tool will retain the photos on your iOS without freeing up any space.

select photos and export

Step 4 Define the Path to Export and Conclude

Set the path to save all the exported pictures and click Export to execute the process.

set export location and delete

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