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Sometimes it’s important to root Android mobiles to completely access Android devices features. There are so many reasons why users think about rooting an Android phone. Such as you want to hack Android games by editing game.xml root file and get gaming power, coins, money, diamonds etc from subway surfers. You can use Root Browser app on your rooted Android mobile to do that. If your phone is not rooted and you want to root Android phone then you can follow this guide or if you don’t know how to use Root Browser on rooted Android mobiles then also this guide is helpful for you.

Part 1: What is Root Browser

Root Browser is an Android application which is usually known as a file manager application and people think that it is only a file manager but it can do more than a file manager for you. This is a ultimate file manager application for rooted Android mobile and enables you to take fully control on your Android mobile. It allows you to explore file system of your Android phone. There are two types of file manager panels available in this app. Root Browser Android app allows users to explore apk, jar, rar and zip files or you can view or edit any file on your Android mobile using it or add new folders to any directory by using this application. If you like to use this browser then you can download it from the below play store URL or download Root Browser apk from the other apk sharing sites as well.

Part 2: How to use Root Browser

Step 1. First of all users have to install this application on their rooted Android mobile after installing it you need to launch it. You can find this app easily by writing root browser in the Google play store search bar on Android rooted mobile.

how to use root browser

Step 2. Once you have installed root browser apk or from play store you can easily hack games as well. Click on the root browser app now to launch it and go the Data folder > Data Folder directory.  

how to use root browser

Step 3. Now find the folder of the game which you are looking to hack. For Example we are hacking MyTalkingTom here. After finding it just go to the shared_prefs.

how to use root browser

Step 4. In the shared_Pref now you can do any changes in your game. Just find out Game.xml and (Game here means the name of the game which you are looking to hack). You can edit files here. For example we are going to Up the level of game. Open xml file and Find Level up helper. In this place you will see a numeric number Change it in the any up number of your choice and click on Save button.

how to use root browser

Part 3: User Reviews about Root browser

There are so many different review available on the Google and we are going to share some major reviews with you.

Review #1

As per this review this users is really very happy with the app but they need little update that is while editing the game values there is no search option to search values.

root browser user review

Review #2

As per this user this app worked perfectly for them and they said that this app is provided the options of access edit and save a root level file. This user easily restored the volume up down soft button in the Samsung galaxy s4.

root browser user review

Review #3

As per this user he is not happy with the performance of the application. When they tried to find the second data file they can’t find it in their mobile.

root browser user review

Part 4: One Click to Root Android Devices with Android Root

Wondershare Dr. Fone - Android Root is windows software available for windows users to root their Android mobile in just one click. Android Root software is really very easy to use and allows you to root Android phones in just one click only. Once you Android mobile is successfully rooted you will be able to access thousands of apps and get a great compatibility with your Android mobile. You can easily uninstalled preinstalled apps on your Android mobile after root in just one click.

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

How to use Android Root to Root your Android phone

Step 1. First install the software on windows devices from the below URL and launch it on your computer or laptop. From the left side of the root Android interface choose More tools and Select “Android Root ” option from this list.

android root

Step 2. Now just connect the Android mobile which you need to root and before connecting please confirm that your mobile USB debugging mode is enabled. Once device is connected it will automatically detect Android mobile and you are ready to root it.

android root

Step 3. You will see interface like the below pic when phone is connected. Now you are ready to root your phone just tap on the Start button to continue Android Root process.

android root

Sep 4: Root your Android phone

It will take few minutes to read your phone properly and make it ready to root. When it is ready to root you will see a Root now button. Now you can start it. Just click on “Root Now” button to start to root process of your Android phone.

android root

After clicking on the root now button take your phone in hand and a Popup message will appear there on the mobile screen asking to confirm the root process. Click on “Confirm” button to continue the rooting process. Now your phone will be rooted in few minutes automatically and root Android software will show you messages like the below picture.

android root

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