Three Easy Solutions to Root Sony Devices

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When it comes to android devices, there are a few brands that have a global reach. Sony is certainly one of them. With its dedicated line of Xperia smartphones, it has created a distinctive presence for itself among all the android fan boys. Sony has produced different kinds of Xperia devices that are a favorite among plenty of users out there. Though, when it comes to root Xperia, most of these users face some or other kind of trouble.

It is one such limitation that every android user faces. Sony is certainly no such exception and in order to truly customize the device, users are required to root Sony smartphones. The process can be a stringent one and if not executed wisely, you might end up losing your data or can even corrupt your firmware. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Read on to know about three easy and hassle-free ways to root Sony Xperia devices on the go.

Part 1: One Click to Root Sony Device with Android Root

Android Root is probably one of the simplest and most efficient ways to root android devices. Owned by Dr.Fone, it comes with a dedicated support and an interactive interface that would meet every requirement of yours. Currently, Android Root supports more than seven thousand devices, including every major Xperia phone. It provides a quick root feature and is pretty easy to use. In just a single click, you can now root Sony device of yours using this remarkable tool.

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Android Root is one of the most secure and safest ways to root your device and will make sure that your firmware would remain intact. Simply follow these simple steps to root Xperia with a single click using this amazing tool.

1. Firstly, you need to download and install Dr. Fone - Android Root on your system. You can simply visit here and try the application for free. If you like it, you can always buy its complete version and perform your everyday tech activities easily.

2. After launching Dr.Fone, go to the left side of the interface and select the option of “More Tools”. Now, out of all the other alternatives, simply select “Android Root”.

root sony with android root

3. Now is the time to connect your Sony device to the computer. You can simply use a USB cable to do so. The interface would give you a prompt to connect your device.

root sony with android root

4. As soon as your Xperia phone would be connected, the application will recognize it automatically. Give it a while as it would automatically detect your device and come up with the most feasible solution to root it.

root sony with android root

5. After completely detecting it and downloading all the required packages, it will let you know by giving the following prompt. You can simply click on the “Root now” button for the process to commence.

root sony with android root

6. With a single click, you would be able to root your device. Your phone would pop up a message to ask if you want to continue. Simply confirm it and give the application a few minutes.

root sony with android root

After a while, it will complete the rooting process and restart your device. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds. With just a single click, you would be able to root Sony Xperia using this remarkable application.

Part 2: Root Sony Device with iRoot

In case you want to look for another alternative, we suggest using iRoot. Though, the interface is quite different, but it also provides a secure way to root Sony devices. Before you commence, make sure that your phone is at least 60% charged and operates on at least Android 2.2. The desktop application works fine with all the new versions of Windows operating system. Make sure you are ready before following these simple steps to root your device.

1. As usual, you need to download and install iRoot on your system. It is available here.

2. Before connecting your phone, make sure that you have enabled the USB Debugging option. You can do it by visiting the Developer Options (under “Settings”) and turning the USB Debugging on.

root sony with iroot

3. Simply open the interface of iRoot on your system. When it’s ready, connect your phone to your system using a USB cable.

root sony with iroot

4. After a while, your device would be automatically recognized by the application. It will give a similar prompt like this. Simply click on the “Root” button.

root sony with iroot

5. In case you have already rooted your device before, it will provide a prompt and ask if you want to re-root your device.

root sony with iroot

6. Have some patience and let the application root your device. After a while, it will prompt you as soon as the process would be completed. Simply click on the “Complete” button to finish rooting.

root sony with iroot

Part 3: Root Sony Device with OneClickRoot for Android

OneClickRoot has emerged as one of the leading applications that can help you root Sony Xperia and other devices easily. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and will provide a secure way for you to root your device. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Start by downloading the software from here and install it on your system.

2. Enable the USB Debugging options before connecting your device to the system.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

3. Now, open the software on your system and simply click on the “Root now” button.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

4. Your device would be identified and it will ask you to connect your phone using a USB cable. It will also remind you to turn the USB Debugging option on.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

5. After performing both the tasks, simply put a check on these options and click on the “Root now” button to commence.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

6. If you haven’t signed in, it will ask you to provide your credentials. You can also create a new account if you want to or simply provide your credentials if you already have an account.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

7. After successfully logging in, it will display the specifications of your device. Simply click on the “Root now” option once again and your device would be rooted. It would automatically update the drivers and take the backup of your data.

root sony with oneclickroot for android

8. Lastly, it will give a congratulatory message. You can exit the setup now.

Before you commence the rooting process, make sure that you have downloaded the drivers for your Sony device and have taken a backup of your data. It is of utmost importance that you prepare your device before the commencement of the entire process. This will let you root Xperia phone without facing any problem. Choose the method of your choice and unleash the true limits of your Xperia device.

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