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Things You Need To Know Before Rooting Your Android Phone

Rooting an Android mobile is a little bit hard process for the new users who are trying to root Android mobiles first time and they don’t know what exactly root is. So many Android users are there who heard the word root but they don’t know what it is and how to do it. For the same we are going to share some things today related to root Android mobiles. You can read this guide and get complete knowledge about the things you need to know before rooting your Android phone.

Part 1: What is Root?

Rooting an Android mobile is a process of allowing Android OS mobile users to get access on privileged control which is also known as root access. Android OS use the Linux kernel and if you root Android then you can get superuser permissions on your Android mobile or tablets. Rooting is performed to remove the limitation from the Android mobile which comes with your mobile when you buy it and it gives you the ability to change the system application and settings. You can easily run those apps after rooting which needs you to have administrative level of permissions or you can easily do those operations which are not possible for normal Android users. Rooted Android also gives you facility to completely change the preinstalled Android operating system and install operating system of your choice.  

Part 2: Should I Root My Phone?

Yes you need to root, no you don’t need to root or maybe you need root your Android. These all three answers are right for this above question. Some people root Android just because that they like the hardware but the Android software they don’t like. Some people root it just to do anything whatever they want to do on their Android. Other want to add things to their Android which are not available just like internet servers or they want to use some services which don’t work on without rooted Android. Mostly there is only one reason of rooting Android that people want to get rid of some extra things which they don’t want to see on their phone. Well, any reason is right to root Android or not which is not mentioned here.

Before preparing to root Android phone you must know some things like that when you root Android then it will change everything on your phone including inherent security from Google and the developers of the device. Release version of Android doesn’t allows you to access an Android account with admin permission so you are responsible for any security issue on your mobile or any changes in your operating system and apps after admin permission capability. You must be sure about the way to root your Android first because if you are not sure about the way to root Android then you can break things and it can be harmful for your Android mobile. You must learn about the root more and exactly what it is. You must know that when you root your Android mobile then for many Android models you will lose your manufacturer warranty and the services which you are getting from your network provider can be denied and their apps as well just because of the security risk.

Why you should root Android:

a. Root enables you to unlock hidden features which are sometimes blocked by your carrier or install incompatible apps.

b. Root can easily boost your phone speed and battery life.

c. Mostly all apps today comes with apps you can easily block ads using rooted Android.

d. You can easily uninstall preinstalled crapware in the rooted Android mobiles.

e. Rooted Android allows you to flash custom Android which is the best advantage of the root.

Why you don’t need to root Android:

a. The major issue with the rooted Android is the security risk because you get access over entire system and you can change mostly every parameter of Android system.

b. When you root Android you will lose your manufacturer warranty because manufacturer doesn’t allow you to root Android.

c. Rooting process is not same for all devices it changes from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device so you have to choose right process very carefully.

d. You can’t download official Android system updates from your manufacturer after rooting.

e. Rooted Android mobiles always have risks of hacking by the other users by installing wrong apps.

After reading the above things about rooting you can decide it is better for you to root Android or not. 

Part 3: Preparation Before Rooting

There are so many things you must follow before rooting your Android phones. You must take care about these things before starting the root process on your Android mobile.

1. Backup files

Backing up your important files and other data of your Android mobile is an extremely important thing before rooting Android mobile. Because we already told you that rooting is little risky process and you can lose your important files so it is better to backup them to the safe place before starting the process. Whenever you root Android mobile then it will wipe all user data of your mobile.

backup before rooting

Ensure your battery level

Android rooting process take some time to complete so before starting root you must make sure that you have 80% of battery remaining in your mobile phone. If you don’t have that much of battery level then charge your phone before starting otherwise the process will stop in middle.

charge your phone before rooting

Know about your phone

May be it sounds that obviously you will do it but sometimes we miss obvious things only so before rooting Android mobile you must know everything completely about your Android mobile. Like model number, device name, carrier, Android version, kernel number or build number etc. by knowing about these things only you can choose the right rooting process for your mobile. Just visit Setting > About Phone to know the information about your mobile.

know your phone before rooting

Part 4: How to Root My Android Phone?

Above we have discussed different things about rooting such as things you need know before rooting or what is root. Now it’s a time to discuss about the way to root your Android mobile phone. I am going to tell you about the best way to root Android mobile through this part of the guide today.

dr.fone - Android Root is windows software which enables you to root Android mobile in only one click. Wondershare Android Root Software is able to detect your mobile model and all other information automatically without knowing about the information about your phone. Users just need to do one click on Root Now button and everything will be done by the software automatically. It supports over 7000 mobiles phones of mostly every company and you can install different ROMS on your Android mobile after rooting it using the Android Root software. This software is available there on the official website for free to try.

dr.fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
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How to root Android mobile with Android Root

Step 1. First of all you have to download and install Wondershare Android Root for windows from the official page. After installing launch Android Root by double clicking on the Android Root icon and you will see an interface like the below picture. Now click on More Tools option from the left Panel and select Android Root option on the interface.

android root

Step 2. Once software is launched it will ask you to connect your Android mobile by using your mobile USB cable. Please ensure that there is not any Android Management Software is running on your computer.

android root

Step 3. Connect your phone with computer via USB cable and it will be detected in some time with a perfect solution of rooting your Android mobile. Once phone is detected click on Root Now button on the software interface now Android Root will start rooting your mobile and everything will be done automatically.  

root your phone with android root

Step 4. That’s it your work is finished now. Just wait your phone will be rooted automatically in few minutes and you will see a message Phone Rooted on the interface. That means your phone is successfully rooted and you have complete access of your phone now.

android root complete

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dr.fone toolkit - Android Root

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