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How to Get Root Access / Permission / Privilege on Android with Ease

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What Is Getting Root Access?

Gaining Root Access or Rooting an Android device is basically a process using which a user successfully acquires full authority on his/her Android device. In other words, when you get root access, you are permitted to customize your Android device the way you wish.

You might have observed frequently that there is a good deal of preinstalled apps in our Android devices that need to be deleted because of their uselessness, but you find it unable to do it. The good news is getting root permission transforms this inability into ability, giving you the power to do this.

Not just this, if you get root privilege for Android, you are allowed to execute certain things including:

  • Installing the apps with the root access demand
  • Uninstalling unwanted apps from the device
  • Removing unwelcoming ads

It should also be noted that rooting is in two ways: with a computer and without a computer. In this article, we will learn how to get root access on Android via computer and without having it.

How to Get Root Access on Android with a PC

Here in this section, we’ll make you familiar with getting root access on Android, if you own a computer. The tool required for this operation is Dr.Fone, excellent software designed to help users to obtain root permission on Android easily and do far more other things.

The Root feature of Dr.Fone is Free of Charge and ensures that your device is rooted in full safety and security. It supports almost all Android devices and is well known for its positive results, making it the best choice to use for gaining root permission on Android devices with PC.

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - Root

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Before getting on the wheels, here is the checklist of certain preparations that must be considered doing prior to gaining root access on your Android device.

  • Gaining root access involves risks to your data. You are always advised to make a complete backup of your data on your device.
  • Make sure to get your Android device fully charged as rooting is a bit tricky and technical operation that may eat up some time.
  • Firewall and antivirus software may interfere in the rooting process. Ensure that your antivirus and firewall are disabled prior to initiating the rooting process.

Guide to getting root permission with PC

Now that we have made all necessary preparations and are ready to get the device rooted, let’s not wait any longer and get to understand the rooting process. Below mentioned is the detailed guide on how to get root access on Android via Dr.Fone – Root.

  1. Get the Dr.Fone – Root on your computer.

    Head to the official website of Dr.Fone and download the Dr.Fone software on your PC. Launch the application after installation. Now, connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable and hit on “Root” tab from the main screen interface of Dr.Fone.

    get started with obtaining root access

  2. Detect your device model and package information

    As soon as you hit “Root” tab, you’ll receive a pop-up message on your device’s screen (if your Android device’s OS is 4.2.2 or higher). Hit on “OK” to enable USB debugging.

    Now, on the software window, hit on “Start” button to analyze your Android device to detect your device’s model and package information for rooting.

    Getting root permission starts

    Finding the perfect rooting solution for your device may take a couple of minutes, depending on your Device Model.

    Detect the Android device model to get root access

  3. Initiate the root process on your Android device

    Lastly, after detecting the perfect solution for rooting your Android device, Dr.Fone – Root will then bring you to a new interface. You are now required to hit on “Root Now” button to initiate the rooting process.

    last step of getting root access

    Please make sure to “confirm” the action on your Android device too and keep your device connected during the whole process. That’s it; your device will then be rooted in just a matter of a few minutes.

    Android root access got successfully

Video Guide: How to get root access on Android

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How to Get Root Access on Android Without PC

If you don’t possess a computer or by any other reason you wish to get root privilege for Android, you can use iRoot. It is an app used on Android devices where there is no need for a PC.

iRoot helps you to root your Android device without getting it bricked and has a good success rate for it. It supports various Android devices and can be considered an alternative to get your device rooted if you do not possess a computer.

Guide to getting root permission without PC

  1. Grab your Android device, launch your browser, and head to the official website of iRoot.

    Now, hit on the “Download for Android” button to download the iRoot apk for your Android device on your SD card.

  2. Get into your File Explorer, locate the downloaded iRoot apk file, and open it.

    iRoot apk file downloaded

  3. Install the app and touch “Open” when the installation completes.

    iRoot app installed

  4. Accept the license agreement by tapping on “I Agree”.
  5. Hit on the “Root Now” button on the main screen interface of the iRoot app.

    start the process of getting root access

  6. After the rooting is successful, check if the Kinguser app icon is available on your App drawer.

    If it is there in your App drawer, then you can proceed with other operations as a superuser, such as deleting a preinstalled app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Root Access

Rooting has got its perks, but it surely has some disadvantages. Here in this section, we’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of getting Root Permissions. Go ahead, take a look at the table below.

Advantages Disadvantages
Custom ROMs are packed with a lot of customizable features than the conventional Operating Systems stored on your device.
Flashing ROM or rooting your Android device may exploit the Operating System or your device or both.
Remove preinstalled crapware in a hassle-free way. Rooting voids the warranty of your device. So, if your device is in the warranty period, it is recommended not to perform rooting on it.
Enable the user to remove unwanted pop-up ads.
By getting root access to your device, you also open doors to malware or viruses to enter into your device easily. This is because the preinstalled Operating systems of Android devices have a much stronger security system than the rooted ones.
Some apps require root access prior to installing them. With root access, users are able to install any such app on their Android device.
Some powerful apps that require root privileges can help improve the performance and battery of your device. You can enjoy such powerful functionalities after rooting your device.
The root access allows you to transfer all the apps to the external storage, allowing room for more new apps or data.
You can install custom themes that require root access and turn your Android device’s boring UI into a whole new spectacular theme.

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