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6 Things to Do before Rooting Android Devices

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Rooting your Android device lets you get around the limitations set by your manufacturer. You're able to remove bloatware, speed up your phone, install latest version, flash a ROM, and more. If you decide to jump to root process, there are 7 things you must do before rooting your Android devices.

what to do before rooting android

1. Backup Your Android Device

You never know what will happen during the rooting process. To avoid any data loss, making a backup for your device is pretty important and necessary. Check how to backup android device>>

things to do before rooting android

2. Battery is a Must

Do not ignore the battery level of your Android device. Rooting might be hours of work for a newbie. It's possible that your Android dies in the rooting process due to a drained battery. Therefore, make sure your battery is charged to 80%. Ideally, I recommend a 100% charged battery.

7 things to do before rooting android

3. Install Necessary Driver for Your Android Device

Ensure that you have download and installed the necessary driver for your Android device on computer. If not, download driver from official website of your manufacturer. Additionally, you must enable USB debug on your Android device. Otherwise, you can't root.

things to do before android root

4. Find a Suitable Rooting Method

A rooting method does fine for one Android device, which doesn't mean it works for you. You must know clearly about your device specific. According to the device specific, find a suite rooting method.

prep work before android root

5. Read and Watch Rooting Tutorial

It's great for you to read many articles about rooting tutorials and keep in mind. This makes you stay calm and know the complete rooting process. Watch some video tutorial if condition permits. A video tutorial is always better than plain simple words.

prep work before rooting android

6. Know How to Unroot

Chances are that you might have trouble in rooting and want to unroot to get everything back to normal. To make things earlier at that time, you can now search the internet to get known some tips about how to unroot your Android device. Actually, some rooting software also allow you to unroot Android device.

what to do before rooting android

James Davis

James Davis

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