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How to Root Android with One Click Root APK and Its PC Alternative

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Owning a mobile phone is a necessity in today’s fast paced life. So, when an Android device behaves abnormally, the repercussions are tough to handle. Having reliable one click root solution for Android would help you to a great extent. These software applications allow you to have super user level access to customize your Android device, so that you have your device up and running without any snags.

Root Android device via One Click Root APK

Rooting programs such as One Click Root APK can help you in rooting your Android device and help it get back to shape. You can directly install the APK file in your Android phone and root it without the help of a PC. With their live-chat support you can root your Android device without any trouble.

Pros of One Click Root for Android

  • It is a time saving and simple rooting application.
  • It Supports more than 1000 Android devices.
  • It enables you to access blocked features on your phone.
  • It is a freeware and doesn't cost a penny.
  • It roots the device without any data loss.
  • It is powered with Titanium backup option as well that can help you to perform backup of your necessary data easily.

Cons of One Click Root for Android

  • It is not compatible with HTC Android devices.
  • Devices running on Android 3 or previous versions are not supported.
  • The app does not support unroot feature which means you will not be having power to unroot your device once rooted via One Click Root.
  • It can brick your Android device the moment any rooting glitch appears.

Step by step tutorial

Installation of One Click Root APK is very easy and simple. All that you need to take care of is, following the instructions carefully to do the same.

Download the APK file for One Click Root to your Android phone. Once the download is complete go through the following steps to install the software and root your Android phone successfully.

Steps for installation

1. Go to ‘Settings’ in your Android device.

2. Click on ‘Security’, and check ‘Unknown Sources’.

Security settings

3. Now, open the downloaded APK file of ‘One Click Root’ and install it.

Rooting your Android mobile using One Click Root Apk

1. After the installation completed, launch the ‘One Click Root’ app on your Android device.

2. Now, from the main screen interface of the One Click root Android app, you are required to tap on the "Safe Root" button to root your device safely, this may take up to several minutes to root your device.
Or else, select the "Fast Root" option to initiate rooting in the quickest way and in a matter of few minutes. One Click Root will get your device rooted.

main screen of One Click Root

PC alternative of One Click Root APK

Apparently there are reasons why people feel a bit hesitant to try an APK version of any software. As they directly run on your mobile devices, leaving less scope to undo the harm. One Click Root not being supportive to HTC mobiles, and Android 3.0 or older version devices is another drawback. With PC based software you have more control over rooting activities performed with your phone. Dr.Fone is one such reliable one click root solution for android, having a varied range of compatible features for a wide range of mobile devices.

The outstanding features of Dr.Fone are as follows:

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - Root

Best and Free PC Alternative to One Click Root APK

  • Dr.Fone's toolkit has several features, but its root feature is absolutely free to use.
  • There is no data loss, while you root with Dr.Fone.
  • Dr.Fone - Root is one of the highly ranked yet simple to use one click root solution for Android.
  • This rooting tool is easy and uncomplicated to use. Your device gets rooted just within few clicks.
  • The tool supports more than 7000 models of Android devices.
  • 100% safe and trusted software in the market due to its Privacy Protection Policies.
Available on: Windows
4,794,640 people have downloaded it

Step by step tutorial for Dr.Fone - Root

For a successful rooting operation, it is important to learn the right way to do so. Here we explain the most convenient way to root your Android device at its best. Please ensure that you carefully follow the step-by-step guide to root Android devices through Dr.Fone for best results–

Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone

First and foremost download Dr.Fone software to your computer. Once the download is complete, install the software and launch the Dr.Fone program on your computer.

Now that the software tool is successfully installed in your PC, connect your device through a USB cable. Make sure the connection is successfully established. Meanwhile, from the main screen interface of the Dr.Fone's program window, click on the "Root" tab to begin the rooting process.

Step 2: Detect and root your device

Soon after hitting the "Root" tab, your device may show a pop-up asking for your permission to enable USB debugging. Ensure that you click ‘OK’ to enable the required USB debugging. Now, check the ‘user agreement’ and click ‘Start’ to initiate detection of your device model and its compatible rooting package information.

start to root

Step 3: Initiate rooting

Once the system detects the device model and the compatible package in a few minutes, Dr.Fone - Root will get ready to root it. Lastly, you are required to click the ‘Root Now’ button to initiate the root over your Android device. Tap on ‘Confirm’ when the pop-up appears to confirm your actions and within a matter of few minutes the rooting process will be completed.

allow rooting

Now that the rooting process is over, your device is all set to rock. You can now disconnect the device from your computer and enjoy the variety of rooting privileges on your Android device.

Video Guide: Try the PC Alternative of One Click Root APK to Root Android

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