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Top 30 Android Root Apps in 2024

Bhavya Kaushik

Dec 26, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

30 Best Android Root Apps of 2020

If you are looking to unlock your device’s potential, and want to maximize its capacity, we recommend you go through the following list carefully, as this offers a comprehensive knowledge and cumulative understanding of the best Android Root Apps there are in the market.

So, here is your list about Android Root Apps.

1. Xposed Installer

Rated as one of the best apps for rooting your Android device in 2016, it has managed to garner some great reviews. It installs the internal binary to your device. This means you can change how your notification bar would appear, along with other settings and customized themes. It is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Top Android Root App: Xposed Installer

2. Gravity Box

Another one of the few best Android root apps, this is for the one who wish to control the entire customization of their device and go to the next level. This requires the functioning of Xposed Installed alongside, and can help the ones who are looking to change their phone buttons, insert a navigation bar, notification bar, along with many more features.

Top Android Root App: Gravity Box

3. Xui Mod

If you are looking for Android root apps, this one should be on your list. Users have been marveled by how awesome it is, especially the ones who are very particular about their interface. Animation, status bar gradients, transparent features to your existing animations, along with many more features make this one of the most used Android root apps.

Top Android Root App: Xui Mod

4. DPI Changer

Going forward in our list of Android root apps, we come across DPI Changer. As the name clearly suggests, this one is used to modify the PPI or DPI of one’s phone screen. Enhancement of the visuals is one reason why this application has been successful, appealing to all gaming users.

Top Android Root App: DPI Changer

5. Set CPU

If we are talking about Android root apps, it’s difficult to leave this one out. Useful for the ones looking to tweak the processing power, battery life, and CPU frequency, it helps in giving the user access to the CPU of their Android device. Therefore, users have the chance to run their battery at lower frequency, thus ensuring longer phone sessions.

Top Android Root App: Set CPU

6. Battery Calibration

Another name in Android root apps is that of ‘Battery Calibration’, but is only for the users whose devices have enabled root permissions. Deleting the battery stats.bin file responsible for decreasing battery life, it gives you better battery life, and tweaks the battery charging cycle of your device.

Top Android Root App: Battery Calibration

7. Flashify

Flashify is one of the Android root apps that helps users flash their Android device with a different CWM or TWRP. The app is used to flash recovery or flash-able zip that contains any systemui.apk.mod. Custom recovery from your device is made possible. PC is not required in order to flash any recovery or boot image.

Top Android Root App: Flashify

8. Root Browser

This app has been awarded amongst the best Android root apps for this year, as it helps the user to access system menu which is otherwise inaccessible. It also allows the user to gain access to the root director, and can simultaneously act as a text editor. Any file lying on the ROM of the system can be modified as well.

Top Android Root App: Root Browse

9. MTK Tools or Mobile Uncle Tools

Moving on with our list of Android root apps, this one is for MTK Android devices. While it fixes any GPS problems with your device, it can also help you tweak the volume of your speaker. Backup and restore IMEI of an Android device, along with bootable ability in recovery mode are some of its other highlights.

Top Android Root App: MTK Tools or Mobile Uncle Tools

10. Greenify

Greenify also makes it to our list of Android root apps, for its ability to put the applications in the hibernation mode which often run n the background and suck your battery life as well as device performance. This saves your battery a lot of its power, and can enhance the performance of your device.

Top Android Root App: Greenify

11. Chainfire 3D

One of the more popular Android root apps, this one is for the users who love gaming. By causing reduction of rendering graphics, this helps your gaming applications perform better, along with lowering the graphics of your games. Thus, there is no lag while you enjoy your favorite game, enhancing your complete experience.

Top Android Root App: Chainfire 3D

12. Root Uninstaller

Another noted app in the list of Android root apps is Root Uninstaller. As one can make out from the name, this app is instrumental in removing the bloat, or the pointless apps installed within the device by the manufacturer. A single click is all you need to get these apps out of your phone with this app. Awesome, isn’t it?

Top Android Root App: Root Uninstaller

13. Kingo Super Root User

It is impossible not to talk about the Kingo Super Root User app when we talk about the best Android root apps. Kingo Super Root on Android for fast root with utmost ease.

14. AppsOps Android Root App

Looking to deny permissions to specific app, this one from the list of best Android apps should do the trick. You can use this application to revoke the permissions of an application, or disable any app read permissions of a different app. However, some users have experienced system break down as they had revoked system functionality.

Top Android Root App: AppsOps

15. Root Call Blocker Pro

Making it to our list of best Android apps, this paid app by the name of Root Call Blocker Pro offers some amazing features, but mainly blocking of calls from numbers that aren’t in your contact. Alongside, it also allows you to block calls for a specific time range. Even though it’s paid, it’s highly used for its brilliant functionality.

Top Android Root App: Root Call Blocker Pro

16. Full! Screen

Another app to make our list of best Android root apps is ‘Full! Screen’, which can help the users, takes away the soft key along with the notification bar. Users can get back their extra space, and the app allows for the customization of numerous buttons. New menus, gestures, and other features can be added through this app.

Top Android Root App: Full! Screen

17. GMO Auto Hide Soft Keys

Direct competition to the previously listed app in our list of best Android root apps, this one comes with several options, main being the function to hide the soft keys. Retrieval is made possible through a pre-determined hotspot. Full screen mode can thus be enjoyed and one doesn’t have to pay for the app.

Top Android Root App: GMO Auto Hide

18. Goo Manager

A very special app to make it to our countdown of best Android apps, this helps you download and install anything you like on goo.im. ROM and GAPPS download for your device are made possible, and for custom recovery, one can install TWRP recovery. Users can use the interface to reboot the recovery or flash ROMs without using one.

Top Android Root App: Goo Manage

19. ROM Toolbox Pro

The app deserves a special mention in our list of best Android root apps due to the bunch of features it has to help almost every user.

Download ROMs, install recovering, better management of your applications, and coupled with a file browser, this app packs a powerful bunch for the users.

Top Android Root App: ROM Toolbox Pro

20. SDFix

Moving on with our list of best Android root apps, we come across a system modifier tool that helps Kit-Kat and Lollipop users overcome the locked-down SD card problem. Limitations on file browsers are removed, but one should know that it doesn’t work with all the devices. Easy to use, this can be used as an option for the ones dealing with SD card issue.

Top Android Root App: SDFix

21. SuperSU

This app has been developed by Chainfire; it gives the users root access to their device. The interface of the app makes it easy to use, is usually updated to support new devices, and allows users to understand their Android devices better. It has helped its parent company garner immense respect in the domain of Android.

Top Android Root App: SuperSU

22. Tasker

We cannot complete our list of best Android apps without a mention of this app. This application allows you to do anything you want to. However, before using this app, we recommend that you read the online FAQs as there is a lot of learning involved. You can also do more to your taskbar through this app.

Top Android Root App: Tasker

23. Titanium Backup

This app is a part of Android root apps helping users to uninstall the applications that come from the manufacturer, eliminates issues with freeze apps, and allows you to backup your applications and application data. Users tweaking with their ROM have been admirers of this application for years now.

24. Xposed Framework

Installation of ROMs has now been replaced by this app. A favorite with developers, this one does many things like performance tweaking, visual changes, remapping of the buttons and a lot more. The app can be downloaded through the XDA thread, link of which has been given below. Definitely a hit!

Top Android Root App: Titanium Backup

25. Trickster Mod

Moving on with our list of best Android root apps, this one has great interface, and one can use this to know CPU statistics, change the CPU frequency, offers advanced gamma control, allows users to unlock without fast-boot and data wipe Kernel, along with many other features that makes it a hit.

26. Smart Booster

One of the lesser popular Android root apps, this is useful when playing games or when the phone keeps rebooting due to heavy usage. It keeps the background apps at bay which otherwise drain your resources. It has countless features that are amazing for this app, and is essential for the ones looking for speed in their device.

Top Android Root App: Smart Booster

27. Root Firewall Pro

You can opt for this app from the Android root apps if you have been facing issues with your data usage. You can block certain apps from consuming your precious data bandwidth, has a one-click widget enabled, and differentiates 3G and WiFi data for your understanding. Certainly recommended!

Top Android Root App: Root Firewall Pro

28. Link2SD

It is crucial to know what makes this one of the best Android root apps. This helps devices with a small internal storage capacity, allows linking of DEX files of the system apps to SD card, link internal data of apps to SD card, along with various features that can help applications installed on the 2nd partition of the SD Card.

29. Solid Explorer

One of the best file managers in the form of Android root apps, it allows root access that makes it a fully functional root explorer, has FTP client with support for private and secure connections, independent panels that serve as file browsers, and the option of drag and drop between the panels. Power punch!

Top Android Root App: Solid Explorer

30. Device Control

The last app in our countdown of Android root apps, but not the least is this one which packs a variety of features that include Tasker, app manager, editors, Entropy generator, and wireless fire managing system, GPU frequencies, governors, screen color temperature, and a lot more. Don’t wait further, go ahead and install!

Top Android Root App: Device Control


Choosing between the best Android root apps can be a difficult option, and therefore, we have listed applications that perform a variety of options. Therefore, if you are looking to root your device, the first thing to understand is that the rooting must be carried out keeping a specific objective in mind. While some may want to tweak their ROM, there are some who would look for better battery performance, and therefore, the application you would choose from the list would depend upon the necessity you have from the rooting process.

Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

contributor Editor

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