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Mastering Lock Screen Settings: How to Enable and Disable on Android


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

In the modern world, the use of smartphones has become such a common trend that everyone would feel abnormal if they don't have a smartphone of their own. So big the demand is that all IT companies are trying their best to introduce as well as innovate several excellent brands of smartphones. To support the function of smartphones, by far there have been numerous operating systems existed. Among them, Android is one of the most popular as well as trustworthy OS.

Just like any other smartphone, all Android devices have their ways to protect the data stored inside a smartphone from being corrupted or leaked. One of the simplest and most easy-to-use ways is to make use of the lock screen.

The lock screen has proved to be a traditional yet efficient way to help you protect your Android phones. In this article, we will provide you with an informative piece of writing about everything you need to know when it comes to the Android lock screen, and ways to enable and disable it.

Part 1: How to Enable Android Lock Screen

If you have spent time searching and looking for features of your Android devices, you will find the process of enabling a lock screen is a piece of cake.

· Step 1: On the main screen of your Android devices, tap on the gear icon - which is the icon representing the Settings menu. Once you have chosen it, you will see a drop-down menu on the screen. In the options provided, tap on the Security bar.

disable lock screen android

· Step 2: Under the tab whose heading is entitled Screen Security, tap on the first bar in the list called Screen lock.

disable lock screen android

· Step 3: Once the step is done successfully, Android will give you plenty of choices about ways to lock your Android devices' screens. Among these ways, select one particular type which you feel is most convenient as well as free-risk. After that, type in your PIN code to confirm the choice and finally activate your lock screen feature as you wish.

disable lock screen android

disable lock screen android

Part 2: How to Disable Android Lock Screen

To certain customers, the lock screen can do more harm than good, and they would prefer to disable the screen lock on their Android devices. This process is also an easy one to follow, as long as you still hold good memory of the security code.

· Step 1: On the main screen of your Android devices, tap on the gear icon. It will directly lead you to the Settings menu of the phone. After that, a drop-down menu will appear with several choices and bars. Among them, tap on the Security option to begin your work.

disable lock screen android

· Step 2: Under the heading called Screen Security heading, you will be shown 3 choices. Tap on the first one, which is entitled Screen lock.

disable lock screen android

· Step 3: Once you have done the previous step, a brand new screen will appear and then you will be asked to fill in your PIN code. This is a step that helps guarantee that you are the true owner of the Android device.

disable lock screen android

Step 4: As soon as you have confirmed the right PIN code in the bar provided, you will then be presented to the next drop-down menu. A similar screen will appear which shows you plenty of choices. Tap on the top of that list, which is a bar called None.

disable lock screen android

Step 5: In the end, you have successfully disabled the screen lock on your Android devices. You are now capable of using it without any hesitation about the screen lock.

Part 3: Common Problems of Disabling Lock Screen

The process to disable the screen lock on Android may seem easy to handle as well as straightforward to several customers, but there are still some annoying problems that users have to deal with while trying to disable the lock screen.

What are the top 2 common problems?

Below are the two most common problems faced by Android users during their efforts to disable the feature of screen lock.

1. In the Screen Security choice, the None bar can not be chosen.

Description of the problem: There is a sentence below it stated: "Disabled by administrators, encryption policy or credential storage". All the space of the None option is in white and grey.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. Once you have made sure you are suffering from this nasty one, try to follow these below pieces of advice to see if it is capable of giving you a hand.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu from the main screen. Then tap on the Credential Storage. You will see a drop-down menu like the screenshot below.

disable lock screen android

Step 2: Continue to tap on the Clear Credentials (Remove all certificates) option. Then next click on the OK button. Wait for some seconds until your Android device has finished the process.

Step 3: To make sure that the previous step has been performed successfully, try looking at the bottom of the drop-down menu. If the Clear Credentials (Remove all certificates) are grey out and can not be selected, then you have managed to do it.

disable lock screen android

Step 4: Now that the problem is solved, you can feel free to turn back to your Screen lock option in the beginning and disable the feature of locking screen Android as usual.

2. You have mistakenly encrypted your SD card. You want to disable the encryption, only to realize that it requires you to set a new screen lock code. But when you come to the Screen lock menu, all the options but Password have been greyed out.

disable lock screen androiddisable lock screen android

This is pretty weird, but actually, it is one of the most common troubles that many users have complained about. But to your surprise, the solution is very simple and easy. All you have to do is to reset your password, but with a little change. Your password MUST include at least ONE NUMBER in it. Confirm your new password then you will be able to disable the lock screen Android as usual.

Bonus Tip: Remove Android Screen Lock If Forgotten Password/Pattern

As much as the lock screen can protect the personal information on the phone, it can also cause much trouble if you forget the lock screen password or enter the wrong password too many times. So here comes the need for phone unlocking software. One of the best is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android), which can help us bypass forgotten Android screen locks without any data loss(limited to Samsung and LG series phones). Other Android brand phones will be wiped out all the data once starting to unlock with Dr.Fone

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Remove 4 Types of Android Screen Lock without Data Loss

  • It can remove 4 screen lock types - pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.
  • One-time payment for unlimited use of multiple devices within a specified time period.
  • Work for Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series, LG G2/G3/G4, etc.
  • Besides, unlocking the screen lock, it also works best to unlock the Samsung FRP lock in devices with Android 5.0 and higher.
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Steps on How to Unlock Forgotten Password in Android Phones

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and click on Screen Unlock from the primary window.

disable lock screen android

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer via USB cable. The program will recognize the phone directly. Select the phone model or "I can't find my device model from the list above" to continue.

disable android lock screen

Step 3: Follow the instruction on the program exactly to set the phone to Download Mode. First, you will need to Power off your Phone. Secondly, Press on Volume Down, Home button, and Power button simultaneously. Thirdly press the Volume up button to navigate until the phone enters Download mode.

remove android lock screen

Step 4: After you set the phone to Download mode, it will begin to download the recovery package. When the recovery package is downloaded successfully, the lock screen on your android device will be removed. You won't lose any data during the whole process.

remove android lock screen

screen unlock

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