Dr.Fone User Guide for System Repair

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How to Repair iTunes System Issues?

iTunes is an essential component used within iOS systems for managing multiple operations. Although it has been left out of the mainstream system tools available for iOS devices, many users still opt for this platform for multiple purposes. One such need comes against resolving the system issues within the iOS device if it is not resolved with the primary techniques. This guide recognizes the need to repair iTunes to establish a proper connection.

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Part 1: Which iTunes Errors Can Dr.Fone Repair

While Dr.Fone provides a comprehensive set of operations for performing an iTunes repair, there are a few things that must be recognized before adopting this method. Using the services of Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair, you can easily retain your data and solve all synchronization problems existing against the iTunes service. Furthermore, with this tool, you can get hold of more than 200 iTunes Errors and have them resolved.

The following list provides an overview of the variety of iTunes errors that need to be executed at some stage. Look through the list to identify the source of the iTunes error causing problems in your iOS device.

1. iTunes Common Errors

The first set of iTunes errors involves more than 100 errors that involve some basic discrepancies within the platform. While the platform is usable in such errors at times, you can face issues with the startup and updates of iTunes or discover the software to be crashing, freezing, or displaying other errors.

2. iTunes Connection Errors

Whenever your iTunes is not recognizing or reading the iTunes you are trying to connect with the cable, multiple iTunes connection errors are associated with it. Out of many iTunes errors, iTunes Error 14 and iTunes Error 13010 are some major errors showing connectivity problems within iTunes.

3. iTunes Syncing Errors

For an iOS device that does not sync its data within iTunes, multiple errors come into display showing the failure of the process. For highlighting synchronization problems within iTunes, iTunes Sync Error 54 and Match Not Syncing Properly are a couple of errors you should keep in mind.

However, there are more errors that display synchronization problems in iTunes. "iTunes Stuck on Waiting for Items to Copy" and "iTunes Won't Sync with iPhone, iPad, iPod" are a couple of synchronization errors reported.

Part 2: How To Fix All iTunes Issues?

Dr.Fone offers a complete solution for fixing all iTunes errors, eliminating the need to tackle each issue separately. With Dr.Fone, you can resolve all iTunes-related problems automatically while preserving your data. To learn how Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair helps you in providing a proper iTunes repair system, follow the steps provided below to fix all the issues of your iTunes:

1. iTunes Standard Repair

Step 1Open System Repair Tool

Make sure to download and install Dr.Fone on your computer and launch the platform to redirect into the System Repair tool from the Toolbox section.

access system repair tool

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function, we will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2Select Device Type

Continue to select iOS as your device type and continue opening another window. Connect your iOS device to the platform through a USB connection.

select device type

Step 3Access iTunes Repair

From the options appearing on the window, continue with the iTunes Repair feature.

lead to itunes repair

Step 4Select the Particular iTunes Error

You will be directed to a new window where you have to select any appropriate iTunes error depending on the nature of the problem you are facing.

select itunes error

Step 5Proceed With Standard iTunes Repair

Proceed to the next screen to observe the initiation of the automatic process of iTunes repair. Click Repair to initiate the standard repairing process for your iTunes.

start standard itunes repair

Step 6Observe the Results

Once all issues are resolved, a comprehensive report is displayed on the window with the option of going for Advanced Repair if needed.

view results of standard repair

2. iTunes Advanced Repair

Step 1Try Going With Advanced iTunes Repair

If iTunes still show the error messages, please try Advanced Repair. On the same screen, select the respective option and continue.

try advanced itunes repair

Step 2Observe the Progress Of Advanced Repairing

The following window displays the progress of the repair. If you wish to disband the operations, click the Cancel button.

observe the progress of the advanced repair

Step 3Conclude iTunes Repair

The screen prompts over the completion of the iTunes repair. Continue by clicking OK to conclude the process.

complete itunes repair


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Solution center on YouTube

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