Dr.Fone User Guide for System Repair

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How To Upgrade or Downgrade Apple iOS/iPadOS Without iTunes?

Apple devices come with the option of upgrading their operating system now and then. While you may receive timely updates of iOS or iPadOS on your iDevices, there are several others that are practiced updating the OS. One such method involves iTunes, which can be a risky process. As an alternative, Dr.Fone comes with an option to update iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without iTunes and even downgrade iOS.

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Part 1: How To Update iOS or iPadOS to the Latest Version?

Wondershare Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) provides a comprehensive set of options to update iOS devices without iTunes. While the process retains data for you, it upgrades your iOS without jailbreaking the device. Neither is the device put at risk, nor does Dr.Fone allow such procedures to compromise the quality of the device.

Step 1Launch Dr.Fone and Select System Repair

Download and install the latest version of Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and continue to launch it. Proceed to the Toolbox section from the left panel and select System Repair from the options.

access toolbox on drfone

* Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of Dr.Fone function, we will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2Select the Device Type to Repair

Continue to select iOS on the next screen to define the nature of the device that is to be repaired.

select ios for repairing

Step 3Proceed with the Right Method

As you are redirected to the next screen, look for the iOS Upgrade/Downgrade option to lead to the required set of options.

select an appropriate option for ios

Step 4Select the Option to Upgrade iOS

For upgrading your iOS, you are advised to continue with the Upgrade iOS option on the next screen.

continue to upgrade ios

Step 5Attach iDevice to Establish the Connection

The platform prompts for connecting the iDevice with the computer that is to be processed with a USB connection.

connect the device with a cable

As you attach the device with a proper USB cable, the platform detects the device and continues to establish a proper connection.

successfully connect idevice to computer

Step 6Select iOS Firmware and Download

On a successful connection, a list of upgrading options appears on the next screen, where the user can select any option to continue with the process. Click Download against the iOS version that you want to upgrade to.

select ios firmware to download

Note: For updating iOS, you are provided with the options of a flat flash and upgrade flash, which come in both official and beta versions.
Step 7Initiate Download of iOS Firmware

The firmware starts to download on the platform and is verified before it is made ready for installation on the iDevice.

start downloading ios firmware

Step 8Repair iOS Device with Installed Firmware

Once the iOS firmware downloads successfully, click Repair Now on the platform to initiate the process.

continue to repair ios on the device

Step 9Observe the Completion of the Process

You can analyze the completion of the process through the progress bar appearing on the next screen.

observe the progress bar of completion

Step 10Conclude Upgrading iOS/iPadOS

As the operating system is upgraded on your iDevice, continue to click Done to conclude the entire process.

successfully conclude updating ios

Part 2: How to Downgrade iOS or iPadOS to an Older Version?

When it comes to downgrading your iOS or iPadOS to an older version, Wondershare Dr.Fone provides a comprehensive set of functions within its tool. You can select the most appropriate version according to the available options. Find out how you can downgrade Apple iOS with the help of Dr.Fone:

Step 1Select Downgrade iOS/iPadOS

As you progress into the right menu, select Downgrade from the two options for the execution of the required process.

select to downgrade ios

Step 2Backup iDevice If Needed

A prompt will appear asking you to back up your iOS device data before executing this process, as the process normally erases the data of the device. Click Continue if you do not bother with the erasing of your data.

Note: For example, if you are downgrading from iOS version iOS 16.4.1 to version iOS 16.4 the data within the iDevice will be retained. Conversely, if the iDevice is downgraded from iOS 16.4 to iOS 16.3.1, the data will be erased from the device. Thus, it is best to back up your device before performing such an operation.

backup device if needed

Step 3Connect your iDevice with USB Cable

You will then be asked to connect your iDevice with a USB connection.

connect idevice with usb

As the device is attached, it will be automatically detected, and the platform will continue with the particular method.

make a successful connection

Step 4Select iOS Firmware to Downgrade

Select the best iOS firmware option from the options on the next screen, which will act as the version to which the iDevice will be downgraded. As you tap Download, you will be redirected to a new screen.

select the firmware to downgrade ios

Note: For example, if you are downgrading from iOS version iOS 16.4.1 to version iOS 16.4 the data within the iDevice will be retained. Conversely, if the iDevice is downgraded from iOS 16.4 to iOS 16.3.1, the data will be erased from the device. Thus, it is best to back up your iOS device before performing such an operation.
Step 5Download iOS Firmware on Platform

The respective iOS firmware will start downloading on the platform. Before it is used to downgrade the iOS across the iDevice, the platform will verify the process.

view download progress

Step 6Perform the Downgrade Process on the iDevice

Click Repair Now to redirect toward installing the iOS firmware on your device.

initiate downgrade of ios

Step 7Conclude iOS Downgrade

The progress bar displays the completion of the process.

preview completion of the downgrade

As the iOS is successfully downgraded on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, continue to click Done to execute the entire process.

conclude downgrading ios


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