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Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS):

How to Upgrade and Downgrade iOS without iTunes?

Do you seek to upgrade your iPhone 13 to a new version of iOS? As everyone seeks a better user experience, they seek a foolproof upgrading system. In another scenario, you might be facing issues after upgrading to a new iOS version. To get yourselves out of it, you might look to downgrade your device without losing data. To execute this successfully without losing data and jailbreaking your iPhone, use Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) for effective results.

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Part 1: How to Update iOS or iPadOS to the Latest Version?

Step 1: You must download and install the latest version of Dr.Fone on your computer. As it is installed, launch the tool and click on the "System Repair" tool.

choose system repair option

Step 2: Next, lead to select "iOS" from the two available options as you are working on your iPhone.

tap on ios

Step 3: You will be led to a new screen where you have to select "iOS Upgrade/Downgrade" from the available options.

choose ios upgrade downgrade option

Step 4: As you proceed to upgrade your iPhone's iOS version, select the "Upgrade iOS" option and lead next.

proceed with upgrade ios

Step 5: You will then have to connect your iOS device to the computer through a USB connection.

connect ios device with computer

As you connect your device to the computer, the platform will automatically detect the device and proceed to establish a strong connection.

establishing the connection

Step 6: As the device is connected, you will be presented with some upgrade options that you can consider for your iOS device. Select any appropriate iOS firmware version by clicking on "Download."

choose ios to download

Step 7: As you select a respective firmware, for example, iOS 16.0.2, it will start downloading across your computer.

downloading the ios firmware

Once it is downloaded across your computer, the platform will verify the installed firmware before installing it on your device.

verifying the ios firmware

Step 8: Once the firmware is verified, click on "Repair Now" to install it across your iOS device to upgrade it.

initiate the repair process

The progress bar shows the completion of the process of upgrading the iOS version on your device.

repairing the ios device

Step 9: Once the firmware has been installed successfully, a prompt will display its completed execution. You can click on "Done" to conclude the process.

hit the done button

Part 2: How to Downgrade iOS or iPadOS to an Older Version?

Step 1: While configuring your device with Dr.Fone, as you redirect into the "System Repair" tool, select the option of downgrading iOS when you come across deciding the nature of the process. Click on "Downgrade iOS" and proceed next.

select downgrade ios option

Step 2: You have to connect your iOS device to the computer through a cabled connection.

attach your ios device

The platform detects the device and starts establishing its connection for downgrading iOS.

connecting your ios device

Step 3: The list of iOS firmware versions you can downgrade to is displayed in the next window. Click on "Download" adjacent to any appropriate version.

download ios version for downgrade

Step 4: The selected iOS firmware will be downloaded across your computer.

downloading the ios firmware

As it is downloaded, the platform verifies the authenticity of the firmware so that it can be installed on your iOS device.

verifying the ios firmware

Step 5: The firmware is verified, and you can see the "Repair Now" button on your window. As you select the button, the firmware starts installing across your device.

click on repair now button

The progress of iOS firmware installation is displayed across the next screen through a progress bar.

downgrading the device

Step 6: As the process concludes, you will observe a prompt on the screen. Select "Done" to conclude downgrading your iPhone.

repair process completed

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