How To Fix Do Not Disturb Not Working on iPhone

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When you don't want to switch off your phone, Do Not Disturb (DND) is a useful function to use to filter out digital distractions. Incoming calls, messages, and app alerts will be muted while using Do Not Disturb. Do you have a task that demands intense concentration? Or maybe you just need some alone time and don't want to be disturbed by phone calls or texts? Do Not Disturb might be your savior.

Do Not Disturb, on the other hand, maybe a hassle, especially when it doesn't function. Let's say you're receiving calls and text messages despite being on Do Not Disturb. Alternatively, DND prevents your alarm from sounding.

Why does my Do Not Disturb not work?

Notifications may override your iPhone's Do Not Disturb settings due to a variety of factors. We'll go through every probable cause of Do Not Disturb not functioning on iPhone (and iPad) and how to solve it in this article.

Solution 1: Check your Do Not Disturb Settings

When you lock your smartphone, Do Not Disturb on iOS will mute your incoming calls and alarms. Here's how to use the function that allows you to mute all notification alerts while using your phone.

  1. Open the Settings > Do Not Disturb menu (Settings > Do Not Disturb).
  2. Select Always in the Silence section.

If Do Not Disturb doesn't muffle incoming calls while you're using your iPhone or while it's locked, go on to the next alternative.

check DND settings

Solution 2: Turn Off Repeated Calls

When Do Not Disturb is on, phone calls, texts, and other app alerts are muted, but individuals may still contact you if they call several times. Yes, your iPhone's Do Not Disturb option may be overridden by repeated calls (from the same individual.

Turn off Repeated Calls in your device's Do Not Disturb settings to avoid this from occurring.

turn repeated calls off

Solution 3: Disable or Adjust Do Not Disturb Schedule

If you observe that Do Not Disturb only works at certain times of the day, double-check that you haven't accidentally created a Do Not Disturb schedule. Make sure the Schedule option is turned off in Settings > Do Not Disturb.

If you do create a Do Not Disturb schedule, double-check that the quiet hours (start and finish times) are set appropriately. Check the chosen hours as well as the meridian designation (i.e., A.M and P.M).

adjust DND schedule

Solution 4: Change Contact Status

Your "favorite" contacts, might override your iPhone's Do Not Disturb settings. When you mark a contact as favorite on your iPhone, that individual may contact you at any time of day or night (by phone call or text), even if Do Not Disturb is turned on.

So, if you're receiving calls from a random contact when Do Not Disturb is turned on, be sure you haven't accidentally marked the contact as a favorite. To check your favorite contacts on your iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions below. We'll also teach you how to remove a contact from your favorites list.

  1. Tap Favorites in the bottom-left corner of the Phone app. Cross-reference the contacts on the list and keep an eye out for any odd or unfamiliar names.
  2. Tap Edit in the top-right corner to unmark a contact.
  3. Press and hold the red minus (—) button.
  4. Finally, pick Done to save the change and touch Delete to remove the contact from the list.
Change contact status

Solution 5: Change Incoming Call Settings

When Do Not Disturb is enabled on your iPhone or iPad, does it fail to hush incoming calls? It's possible that this is because you've enabled Do Not Disturb to accept all incoming calls. Select Allow Calls from the Do Not Disturb menu.

Make sure either ‘Favorites’ or ‘No one’ is selected. If you want just incoming calls from unknown numbers to be silenced when on Do Not Disturb, you may choose All Contacts.

change incoming calls settings

Solution 6: Restart iPhone

A device reboot is a tried-and-true remedy to a variety of strange iOS issues. Shut off your iPhone and switch it back on after a few seconds if Do Not Disturb is still not functioning. Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned on and set appropriately according to your preferences.

Solution 7: Reset All Settings

Only phone calls, messages, and other app alerts should be muted while using Do Not Disturb. Your alarm clocks and reminders will not be turned off. Surprisingly, some iPhone users have reported that Do Not Disturb sometimes interferes with alarm alerts and sound.

If this fits your current situation, consider resetting the settings on your device. This will restore your device's factory default settings (network, widgets, alerts, and so on). It's worth noting that your alarms will be removed.

Note that resetting the settings on your iPhone or iPad will not delete your media files or documents.

To reset all settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and input your phone's passcode.

This will take 3–5 minutes, during which time your device will turn off and on. After that, turn on Do Not Disturb and set a fake alarm. Check to see whether the alarm goes off at the scheduled time.

Solution 8: Update your phone

If your phone's operating system has a problem, several functions and applications may stop working. It's difficult to tell whether Do Not Disturb isn't operating because of a software flaw. As a result, ensure sure your iPhone and iPad are running the most recent iOS version. To see whether there's a new iOS update for your smartphone, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Solution 9: Fix iOS system problem with Dr.Fone - System Repair

Dr. Fone, an iOS system repair tool, can fix the Do Not Disturb not functioning problem. This app provides a one-click solution to any issue you may have with your iPhone or other Apple devices. The ways to resolve the "iOS 12 Do Not Disturb favorites not functioning" problem are as follows:

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

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    1. From Dr. Fone's main window, choose "System Repair."
      Dr.fone application dashboard
    2. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer using the lightning connector that comes with your device. When Dr. Fone detects your iOS device, you have two options: Standard Mode or Advanced Mode.

      NB- The normal mode resolves most iOS machine difficulties by keeping user data. When deleting all data on the computer, the advanced option fixes a slew of other iOS machine issues. If the usual mode isn't working, just switch to advanced mode.

      Dr.fone operation modes
    3. The program recognizes your iDevice's model form and displays the iOS framework models that are accessible. To continue, choose a version and click "Start."
       Dr.fone firmware selection
    4. After that, you may download the iOS firmware. The procedure may take some time due to the size of the firmware we need to download. Ascertain that the network is not disrupted throughout the procedure. If the firmware does not update properly, you may still download it using your browser and then use "Select" to restore the downloaded firmware.
      Dr.fone app downloads firmware for your iPhone
    5. The tool starts validating the iOS firmware after the upgrade.
      Dr.fone firmware verification
    6. In a couple of minutes, your iOS system will be fully functional. Simply take the computer in your hands and wait for it to start up. Both of the iOS device's issues have been rectified.
      Dr.fone fix now stage


In order to have a better view of the situation, we looked at the top 6 methods that may be employed if Do Not Disturb iPhone isn't functioning. You may try turning on the function in the Settings menu. After that, try restarting the iPhone to check whether the functionality works or not. Furthermore, you may try resetting the settings. If this fails, the best option is to utilize Dr. Fone to resolve the problem. Most of the time, employing Dr. Fone will address the problem. You may also experiment with the Restrictions options. If none of the other options work, the factory reset is the final resort.

Do Not Disturb is like a well-behaved pet dog who obeys commands to the letter. If you set it up properly, you should have no problems with the functionality. If none of the troubleshooting techniques above resolve the issue, contact Apple Support or go to an authorized Apple Service Provider near you to have your iPhone inspected for any software or hardware damage. You may also reset your device to factory settings, but make sure to back up your information and data using Dr.Fone software.

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