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Full Solutions To Fix iTunes Error 9 or iPhone Error 9

Most of you who've experienced iTunes error 9 (iPhone error 9) on their iPhones will probably want a solution quickly, as everything on your iOS device just stops working. The problem occurs when you restore iPhone from backup or upgrade your iPhone; however, several reasons are attributed towards the problem, and you need a specific solution for your iPhone.

fix iphone error 9006

Part 1: How To Fix iTunes Error 9 with No Data Loss (Simple and Fast)

Here comes dr.fone - iOS Repair, a total fix for iPhones and other iOS devices to recover from booting issues like white screen, black screen, iPhone errors, stuck in recovery mode, and boot loops with no data loss. These are typical problems leading to abnormal performance.

dr.fone - iOS Repair

Fix iPhone error 9 or iTunes error 9 without losing data!

Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

A major plus is the dr.fone software repairs the operating system without causing any loss of data. At the same time, your iPhone or other device is updated to the latest non-jailbroken version even in an unlocked device.

Steps to fix iPhone error 9 with dr.fone

Step 1. Launch dr.fone and select "Repair" Feature

  1. Click on "Repair" to start the function.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. The software recognizes the iPhone or any other attached device.
  3. Click on "Start" within the software to begin.

fix itunes error 9

Step 2. Enable Firmware Download

  1. To recover from an operating system failure, the latest firmware must be downloaded to the iOS device.
  2. The software recognizes the model, asks for confirmation, and suggests the latest download.
  3. Click Download. The process completes automatically.

fix iphone error 9

Step 3. Returning To Normal

  1. Once the firmware is installed, the software begins preparing the iPhone.
  2. The iOS device comes out of recovery mode. If the Apple logo had earlier persisted within a loop, it begins acting normally. You longer get the iPad error 9 message. It takes around 10 minutes for the iOS device to recover and function normally.
  3. Visual instructions are clearly shown on the screen.
  4. Use the device only after the process is complete, as indicated by the software.

fix iphone error 9

With iTunes Error 9 or iPhone Error 9 bothering so many iOS device users, the new dr.fone solution really simplifies the process of recovering from booting errors and when the iOS device does not respond to laborious manual methods.

Part 2: How To Fix iTunes Error 9 with an iTunes Repair Tool

When the iTunes error 9 occurs, have you doubted there is something wrong with the iTunes itself? Many users are seeking methods to fix this error but only forget about the corrupted iTunes components.

The result, of course, is not ideal.

In this case, you should have your iTunes repaired to fix iTunes error 9. Luckily, with the below iTunes repair tool, you can have iTunes repaired and fix any errors without any hassle.

dr.fone - iTunes Repair

One-Stop Solution to Fix iTunes Error 9 and other issues

  • Fix all iTunes errors like iTunes error 9, error 2009, error 9006, error 4015, etc.
  • Fix all issues in the connection and sync of iOS devices with iTunes.
  • Lose no existing data while fixing iTunes issues.
  • Repair iTunes to normal within 5 min
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

By following these steps, you can fix iTunes error 9 with few clicks:

  1. Download dr.fone - iTunes Repair by clicking the above button. Install and start it up, and click "Repair".
  2. fix iTunes error 9 by repairing itunes
  3. In the new window, click "iTunes Repair". Then connect your iPhone or other iOS device to the computer.
  4. connect device to fix iTunes error 9
  5. First let's choose "Repair iTunes Connection Issues".
  6. If iTunes error 9 still pops up, click "Repair iTunes Errors" to have all iTunes components verified.
  7. After the verification, if iTunes error 9 does not disappear, click "Advanced Repair" to have a thorough fix.
  8. advanced repair to fix iTunes error 9

Part 3: Five Common Ways To Fix iTunes Errors 9 and 9006

There are several ways to attempt a fix. When you get a message asking you to restore your system and you click "restore". Nothing happens. In fact, you're confronted with a hung phone. Here are 5 of the most successful ways to get rid of iPhone error 9 and iPhone error 9006.

Solution 1: Recovery Mode

We can try to enter recovery mode to fix iPhone error 9, but this method will lead to data loss. So you'd better think about this method. And in order to fix iPhone error with no data loss, we show you a method in Part 1. You can choose the proper one for you.

  1. Disconnect the iPhone.
  2. Try Reboot Program.
  3. Enable the phone again.
  4. Relaunch iTunes.

The system should restore. Try the method once or twice before adopting another.

Solution 2: Updata to the Latest iTunes Version

Check if the latest version of iTunes is installed on the Mac or another computer. If not, update to the latest version. But this method is not 100% effectual.

fix iTunes error 9

For A Mac

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. On the computer top menu bar click on iTunes>Check for Updates.
  3. Follow the steps to install updated version.

For a Windows-Based Computer

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Enable Help > Check for Updates on the menu bar. If you can't see it, click on CTRL and B keys.
  3. Follow the simple instructions to update.

Solution 3: Ensure USB Cable Connection

The USB cable could be faulty if you happen to use a cable that did not come with your device. Here are the steps to ensure the USB cable is okay.

  1. Ensure the original USB cable is used. You could also try a standard Apple USB cable.
  2. Make sure the cable is not dislodged or unplugged. You may get an iPhone error 9006 as well.
  3. Plug the cable into another USB port. It should connect directly to the computer and not the keyboard.

Solution 4: Checks USB connection

Connection with the computer could be faulty. Complete the following checks to enable a proper connection. Test the process at every step.

start to fix itunes error 9

  1. Check if cable connections at both ends are firm. To be sure, unplug the cable from the computer first and reconnect it. Then unplug the cable from the iPhone or other iOS device and reconnect.
  2. Disable any third-party battery pack.
  3. Connect the USB cable directly to the device port.
  4. If you find a 30-pin or lightning cable connected to a USB hub, keyboard, or display, unplug it and connect it to your computer's USB port directly.
  5. If any virtualization apps are running such as VMware or Parallels, disable them. It could interfere with your communication over the USB port, especially if they are not up-to-date or are improperly configured. If the method works, promptly complete the app update.
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. Restart the iPhone or other iOS device.
  8. If iTunes error 9 (iPhone error 9) or iPhone error 9006 still persists, see if any software updates are needed. For example, an OS X update may be due on a Mac or you could download the latest iTunes version.
  9. If a Windows-based computer is used, check if your USB card or computer firmware update is required. It can be downloaded from a manufacturer's site.
  10. Finally, connect your iPhone or iOS device to another computer.

Solution 5: Check Security Software (Complex)

It is possible security software installed on your iPad cannot communicate with Apple on its update server. The problem could also occur when you try to sync the device or download content like songs, and you get the iPad error 9 message.

iphone crash message

  1. Inspect your security software settings and make sure connection to Apple is enabled.
  2. Make sure your iPad or other device is recongnised by iTunes.
  3. Now check whether the time, date, and time zone are set properly on the computer.
  4. Use your computer as administrator and not in guest mode.
  5. Ensure the latest version of iTunes is available.
  6. Update the OS version on the Mac or Windows-based computer.
  7. Make sure the security software is updated.

Tips: Avoid iTunes error 9 by restoring iPhone without iTunes

Some of our users may confront iTunes error 9 when restore iPhone with iTunes. Actually, we don't need to use iTunes since it may casue complex errors. There is a friendly and flexibly tool, dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS) can help us to selectivley backup and restore iPhone with one click. We can get the detail information to restore iPhone from this article: How to Restore iPhone Without iTunes.

restore iphone from backup

They're downloading

dr.fone - Recover (iOS)

dr.fone - Recover (iOS)

Recover deleted data from iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud backup files.

dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

Repair your iOS system issues at home, without data loss.

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