Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone Error 9 and How to Solve It

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iphone error 9 solution

If you’re reading this, you probably have the iPhone error 9 (iTunes error 9) issue on your device. Maybe you missed an important update or firmware notification that led to this problem. It’s annoying to grab your phone one day only to realize something is wrong with the device.

You’ll be happy to know you’re not the only person with this problem. More importantly, there are multiple ways you can fix this error and continue using your iPhone without any distractions. We’ll introduce all the possible solutions to eliminate the issue and guide you through the steps.

What Is the iPhone Error 9?

The iPhone error 9 is a known Apple code that pops out when restoring or updating your device. This error is also possible on iPads, representing a connection problem between Apple’s servers and devices. Simply put, your iPhone or iPad can’t connect to the servers to update or restore.

You can also get this error message if your device disconnects from iTunes while restoring or updating. Sometimes you won’t get the error code 9 but instead codes 4014, 4013, or 4005. The same issue causes all these messages.

You will receive a message that the device can’t be restored or updated, followed by the error code.

Symptoms of the iPhone Error 9

Even though you can get various error codes, some other prompts and symptoms might indicate you have this issue:

  • Your device is working faster when you’re using a better USB port.
  • Your device isn’t operating as fast as it can because it’s not getting enough power.
  • Your device is charging slower when using the USB cable.
  • You received other error messages during restoration or update.
  • You get an “unknown error” prompt during one of the two processes.
  • Your device timed out during iTunes syncing.

Common Triggers for the iPhone Error 9

Apple support says that a faulty USB connection usually causes the issue. However, there are many different reasons the USB connection could be compromised. At the same time, some other triggers cause the iPhone error 9:

  • You have a corrupt network database on your computer due to a hacking attack.
  • You jailbroke your phone in the past.
  • Your network settings are damaged, corrupted, or hacked.
  • Your firewall is blocking your access to the servers.
  • You have a security system that’s interrupting the connection or blocking access.
  • You lost your internet connection.
  • Your USB cable is damaged.
  • Apple’s servers are currently down.

iPhone Error 9 Best Fix – Repair Your System

wondershare dr.fone ios system repair

The most effective way to deal with this issue is to repair your iOS. This method will help you with this error and fix any other system or software issues on your device. It’s an excellent approach because it has high success rates while keeping all your data.

For example, reinstalling your system means losing all of your data. One of the best tools you can use for that is Wondershare Dr.Fone because it’s easy to use and preserves data. Before you start, you must download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer.

  • Step 1: After connecting your computer and the iPhone with a USB cable, start Wondershare Dr.Foneand click System Repair within the Toolbox option on the left.

wondershare dr.fone home screen

  • Step 2: Click iOS Repair.

wondershare dr.fone ios repair option

  • Step 3: Select Standard Repairto prevent losing data.

wondershare dr.fone standard repair

  • Step 4: Activate the recovery mode on your phone, download the correct firmware for your device, and click Repair Now.

wondershare dr.fone firmware download

  • Step 5: Click Donewhen you see the “Repair Complete” message.

wondershare dr.fone system repair complete

Other Error 9 Solutions to Try

You can try other solutions if system repair doesn’t fix the error 9 problems.

Update iTunes

Sometimes the issue isn’t about your device, cables, ports, or connection but iTunes. If you’ve missed the latest iTunes update or didn’t get a notification, you should check if any are available. Here’s how you can update your iTunes:

Updating iTunes on Mac:

  • Step 1: Start iTunes.
  • Step 2: Go to the Apple menu > iTunes> Check For Updates.

updating itunes on mac

  • Step 3: Carefully follow all the steps and wait until the update is complete.

Updating iTunes on Windows:

  • Step 1: Start iTunes.
  • Step 2: Click Helpand then Check For Updates.

updating itunes on windows

  • Step 3: Follow all the steps and wait until the update is complete.

Reset Your iPhone/Hard Restart

If you’ve encountered a problem, it doesn’t mean it’s a severe issue. Sometimes all you have to do is restart your device to fix the problem.

How to Restart iPhone 11 or Later

  • Step 1: Press and hold one of the Volumebuttons along with the Power

restarting your iphone

  • Step 2: Release them once the power-off sliderappears and drag it.

iphone rester slider button

  • Step 3: Hold thePower button to turn on your iPhone.

How to Force Restart iPhone 11 or Later

  • Step 1: Press the Volume Up button and release.
  • Step 2: Press the Volume Down button and release.
  • Step 3: Hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

iphone force restart instructions

Check Ports and USB Cables

usb ports and cables

The USB port and cable must work properly to have a stable connection allowing you to execute operations within iTunes. That will not only help you avoid the error 9 issue but also help you smoothly use iTunes on your device.

Here are some steps you can take to see if your ports and cables are working well:

  • Check if the USB cable is loose when connected. Move it around and see if it disconnects.
  • Check if your USB cable is designed for your iPhone. If not, replace it with a certified one.
  • Switch ports and see if they all work the same.
  • Try putting your USB into another computer to see if the issue is with your phone, cable, or computer.
  • Remove the USB cable from the socket, blow the connector and the socket, and put the cord back in.

Update iOS and macOS

Updates are critical as they fix various issues, hardware miscommunication, software errors, etc. Check both of your devices for updates and install them if there are any, as that might be why you’re getting the error.

How to Update iPhone OS

  • Step 1: Start the Settings
  • Step 2: Tap General.

updating iphone ios

  • Step 3: Tap Software Updateand wait until the device checks for updates.
  • Step 4: If there are available updates, tap Download and Install. Wait until the process is complete.

downloading and installing iPhone update

How to Turn on Automatic Updates on iPhone

Once you’ve updated your iOS, turn on automatic updates so you don’t have the same issue again:

  • Step 1:Tap Settings.

settings button on iphone

  • Step 2:Go to General > Software Update.

software update option on iphone

  • Step 3:Turn on Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates

automatic updates on iphone

How to Update macOS

  • Step 1: Start the Apple menuand click System Preferences.

updating macos with finder

  • Step 2: In the System Preferenceswindow, click Software Update.

software update option in finder

  • Step 3: If an update is available, click Restart Now.

starting macos update in finder

Disconnect Other Devices From Your Computer

disconnecting usb ports and cables

We connect our computers with various devices, and there are multiple ports you can use to attach devices. Over time we tend to use as many devices as possible because it’s convenient and opens up more possibilities.

However, when you have five USB devices connected, it’s easy for your hardware to get confused. At the same time, your drivers might get outdated or corrupted because you’re using many different cables. Removing other external devices and leaving only the USB for your iPhone might solve your problem.

Turn off the Firewall

The firewall on your computer might be preventing iTunes from connecting to Apple’s servers. This problem doesn’t usually happen on Mac devices since iTunes is Apple’s software and isn’t recognized as a threat. Here’s how you can allow access to iTunes:

  • Step 1: Go to Startand find Windows Defender Firewall.

accessing windows defender firewall

  • Step 2: Go to Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

allow an app through firewall

  • Step 3: Click Change Settings.

changing firewall settings

  • Step 4: Check MSIand the Private and Public checkboxes and click OK.

allowing itunes through firewall

Restore Your iPhone Without iTunes on Mac

If you can’t restore your phone with iTunes, use the Finder on Mac instead. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the phone to Mac using a USB cable.
  • Step 2: Click the desktop and then File> New Finder Window to start the Finder.

starting finder on mac

  • Step 3: Select your iPhone in the left sidebar.
  • Step 4: Click Restore iPhonein the General tab and wait until the process is complete.

restoring an iphone using finder

safe Downloadsafe & secure


Follow these steps carefully, and we guarantee you can handle the issue. We recommend doing a system repair before anything else because it’s the most successful method and will also fix other software issues your device might have. Good luck!

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