Top 12 Useful Line Tips and Tricks

James Davis

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Line is one of the most popular messaging apps of the recent times. It has connected millions of people through its amazing features. You may have been using Line for years, but might not know how to make the best out of it yet. Using Line is extremely easy and fun. Here, we will provide you 12 tips and tricks on how to use Line app more efficiently. These tips and tricks will help you experience Line in a better way.

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Part 1: Switching off automatic addition from contacts

You cannot let anyone add you to their Line contacts just because he or she has your number. It is always safe to make sure who is adding you to their Line contacts. You can do this simply by switching off automatic addition from contacts. By switching off this option, people can add you in their Line contact only when you accept their request. To do this, follow the steps below

a) Line app > more > settings.

b) Tap  “Friends” and un-tick “Allow others to add”.

Easily, you can stop others from adding you to their Line contact.

allow others to add

Part 2: Change the image quality

Ever wonder why the image quality is so low whenever you send an image on Line app? This is because the default settings of the app change the quality of the image from normal to low. However, you can undo this to send images of the normal quality. Follow these instructions to do it.

a) Open Line app > more > settings

b) Tap “Chats and Voice” and then tap on “Photo Quality” and select normal.

line photo quality

Part 3: Turn off invites and Line family messages

Get to know how to use Line app more wisely by turning off invites and Line family messages. It is quite annoying when you keep on receiving invites from your friends to play games on Line or messages from Line family. Even if you don’t want to, they just pop up out of nowhere. The best option to stop this is to turn off the invites and Line family messages. Here is how you can do it

a) Line app > more > settings > notifications > additional services

b) Un-tick “Receive messages” under “Unauthorized Apps”.

disable line invites

Part 4: Know how to update Line app

Updating your line app to the latest version is very important. New features are added with every update, so it is important to stay at the top of your game and know how to update Line app. The process is very simple, all you have to do is go to the app store > search Line > click update. 

update line app

Part 5: Manage the Line blog

Every group chat you are on has a blog for everyone to see and interact just like a social networking site. To access the blog, simply swipe left. It is quite impressive and a unique experience. You can also share these blog posts to chat for people to view.

manage line blog

Part 6: Know how to use Line app on pc

Sometimes it is much easier to chat on a bigger screen with a proper keyboard to type on. All the features from Line can be experienced on the desktop as well. To get the idea on how to use Line app on pc, simply download and install the Line application for pc. Login with your existing account or create one. You can download the application for desktop from here.

use line on pc

For windows 8 the Line application is available in the app store. Once you know how to use Line app on pc, you can have a better experience with Line.

use line on pc

Part 7: Add friends in different ways

Line has more than one way to add friends in the Line contacts. One of the popular ways is to shake your phone to add your friend. You just have to shake your phone at the same time as your friend. To enable this go to More > Add friends > Shake it and two friends will be connected in this uber-cool way.

line add friend

If shaking the phone to connect with someone seems like too much work for you. You can scan each other’s QR code which Line generates specifically for everyone. To enable this go to More > Add Friends > QR Code, this will start the camera for scanning. 

Part 8: Know how to get coins on Line app

Want to get some extra coins to buy new stickers? Line offers free coins for watching videos, playing games, and downloading and launching apps. Many people ask this question, how to get coins on Line app? Here is how! Just go to settings and tap Free Coins. You can see the available offers and complete them to get free coins. Line keeps adding new offers time to time, so make sure to keep an eye there.

get coins on line

Now when you know how to get coins on Line app, make the most out of the offers available.

Part 9: Make money with Line

This will change your opinion on how to use Line app. If you are artistic, then Line can be used to earn money as well. You can make your own sticker sets on Line and earn money from selling them on Line Creators Market. All you have to do is register and upload your original images in ZIP file approved by Line. You earn 50% of the sales from selling stickers. Quite a handsome income if you ask me.

make money with line

Part 10: Find your school friends

Just think about all those old school friends who studied with you. You probably don’t even remember their full names now, but with Line you have a chance finding them. Just download “Line Alumni”, you’ll be asked to enter the school name and the graduation year to bring up the users who have the same information. Now, you are one step closer to finding your old school friends with Line.

find school friends on line

Part 11: Massive group call

Your favorite group might be a vast one! For this reason, Line has introduced massive group calls, which can allow you to talk to 200 people at once. You can fit your entire group of friends and talk without a problem. To call your group of friends, just enter the group you want to call to and tap the phone icon on the top right corner. Your friends will receive the notification and as soon as they tap the “Join” button, they’re in.

Moreover, to avoid any confusion, there will be a mark on the picture of the person speaking, so that you can make out who they are. 

Part 12: Set time to erase your chat

In a chat based conversation, the worst part is anyone can see that information and refer to it anytime they want. This is a problem that can’t be solved, but could be minimized using “Hidden Chat” option. You just have to set the time, after which the message will be erased from the receivers chat. This is a secure way to share any private information.

To start a hidden chat, commence a chat with an individual, tap on his name, select the first option “Hidden Chat” and you can see a hidden corner of Line chat. There will be a padlock symbol next to the person’s name to mark that it is a private conversation. You can set the timer from 2 seconds to one week by just tapping the “Timer” option. As soon as the receiver sees the hidden message the timer starts and it will erase after the set time.

It will be automatically deleted after two weeks if the receiver does not see the hidden message.

erase line chats

With these tips and tricks to use Line app, you can have a whole new experience with the app. Now you know how to update Line app, so keep your app up to date to enjoy all the exclusive features from Line. Get the best out of this remarkable app and stay connected securely and safely with all your friends and family.

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