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How to Create Line Account on Pc without Phone

The Line is an excellent application for smartphones and PC for fast communication with our friends and relative. It has great features of doing chats, video calls, text messages and so on in a very easy and fast manner. The line can be used as the alternative for any free application like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. It imports all your phone contacts so you don’t need to find the friends who use Line manually but this is not the same case when you use Line on PC. If you create a new line account on PC, you need to add the contacts manually. This article will teach you today how to create a Line account on your PC using Bluestacks so that you can enjoy the application as in smartphones. It is a fantastic experience to use Line on PC for contacting and chatting wth your friends and family.

The line is an amazing application especially for the smartphones, yet you can also enjoy it on your PC if you know these methods. Bluestacks is an emulator that helps you run the Android applications on personal computers. Therefore, it helps you download and run Line app on your personal computer to enjoy all features of Line for fast communication

as you do on your phones. To sign up a Line account on your PC, do follow these clear and straightforward steps, and it will be done within 30 minutes. 

Step 1. Downloading and installing BlueStacks

You have to download Bluestacks and install it on your PC in the very first step. You can easily find it on its official website for download. Here is its official link for downloading bluestacks: http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button. It might be a bit time taking to download it on your PC depending on your internet speed.

sign up line for pc

Step 2. Installing Bluestacks

Once the download the complete, you need to click on “Run” and follow the few simple steps to install it fully. As you know, this step will be completed in few minutes. You can easily see the process in the pop-up screen.  

sign up line for pc

Step 3. Launching and Searching

In this step, you need to open the Bluestacks which you have already installed on your PC. You also need to sign in to the play store to get access to the applications using your details. After logging in, you need to find the search  tool on it to search Line app. You just write ‘line” on the search box, and it will be there. 

sign up line for pc

Step 4. Downloading Line

This step consists of installing the Line app on your PC through Bluestacks. In the previous step, you found the Line on search tool, and now you need to download it. To complete this step, it will ask your Gmail logins for downloading the app from the store. 

sign up line for pc

Step 5. Install Line

Now you have to install Line in this step to use it on your PC. After giving login details, it will download it and install it by itself after you click on Accept its Term & Condition. Based on the size of the file and internet speed, it may be a bit time consuming so be patient until it is installed by itself.

sign up line for pc

Step 6. Launching Line

You have already installed Line on your PC by now. This very simple step instructs you to launched the recently installed Line application. Tap on the Line icon and it is done.

sign up line for pc 

Step 7. Choose Country and Number

In this step, you need to choose your country and then give your phone number. As you provide these, it will send you a message with an activation code. It may take some time to send you code depending on your country networking speed. 

sign up line for pc

Step 8.  Enter the Code

This step tells you to verify the code that you received on your phone number you provided. If you have not received the code, you can click on “Resend the Verification Code” to send you the code again. If you have already got the code, just paste the code or write it and click on “Next” to go to next step.

sign up line for pc

Step 9. Setting up Email Account

In this step, you need to set up your email account. As the code is verified, it will ask you for your email and password. Put your working email address and the password. To complete this step, click on Register to move to next step. You have nearly finished the registration process. 


sign up line for pc

Step 10. Registering Name

This step asks you to set your name to finish the registration. Now you have successfully created your new Line account on PC. After this, you can add the contact manually, find your friends, add them and so on. You can enjoy Line app now on you PC with your buddies.

sign up line for pc

Hence, you learnt how to sign up a new line account on your PC using Bluestacks. The Line has the top level of exchanging fun using the stickers, smileys, and emotion icons while chatting with your friends. In brief, it is one of the best application for free communication using the internet. If you follow the mentioned steps carefully, you can enjoy the line app on any PC with great joy. 

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