Top 3 Common Line App Problems and Solutions

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Line is one of the most popular instant communication applications available for Windows, Android as well as iOS devices. It allows making free voice calls and sending messages for free too whenever and from wherever you need. It works on a VoIP platform that allows free calls to happen at ease. While the application works well with the very minimum requirement, there are some known problems that might crop up while using the Line application. Although there are various platforms on which the Line application can be used, some common problems persist that can be fixed easily though following certain simple steps. Some of the common problems are, for example, users not being able to login or not being able to gain access with the password, facing issues while downloading, issues with calls, etc. While there are various issues, most of them are bugs that normally would get fixed with the new update. But, with the varied range of smart phones and platforms this application is being used on, some issues can only be fixed at the user end. The steps involved in the process could differ depending on the platform being used. Out of the various issues, we have listed some of the major ones below along with the quick and easy steps that would fix them in a jiffy for you.

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Part 1: Application Starting Issue or Application Crash

Solution 1 - Update the Application: Now, there could be various reasons why this could happen. One of them could be the version of Line app being used. Hence, to resolve this issue, you must update the Line application version to the latest one, which most likely would fix the issue.

Solution 2 - Restart the Device: Restarting the device sometimes resolves a lot of software related issues as it refreshes the device memory, clears the cache on the device etc. So, restart the device and check if that resolves the problem with the Line app too.

Solution 3 - OS Update: Update the device OS to the latest version as the issue of applications crashing is more likely to occur on older operating systems. To check for recent updates in Android, simply go to device settings and tap on “About Phone” and then on “Software Update”. This will show up any recent update which has come for the device.

Solution 4 - Check Internet Connection: Problems with internet connection could also be the reason behind the Line application login issue. Check your internet connection using the browser.

Solution 5 - Clear Cache, Unnecessary Data and Applications: If there is not enough space in the device, the device might not function properly. So, check if there is enough space left for the device to work properly. Try clearing the unnecessary data and applications such as messages that aren’t important to keep, images and photos etc.

Part 2: Messages Not Getting Received

One of the major issues with the Line application used for Android devices is also the non-receipt of the Line messages even though you find notifications coming in. This issue is one of the most plaguing issues which can still be sorted by following a few steps. It could be one of the cases where the actual message is received sometime after the notification. So, wait and if still things don't work as normal, try the following steps:

Step 1 - Go to the list of chats and open the particular chat that you are facing the problem with.

Step 2 - Restarting the device helps most of the times. Try restarting the device and checking if the Line application works normal after the restart. Restarting the device actually restarts the application which could possibly sort the issue.

Step 3 - Check the version of Line app that is not working. If the application version is not updated, update the application to the latest version which could fix the issue. The Line application can be easily updated through the Google Play Store for Android.

Part 3: Unknown Login Notification

Don’t log in to the line account for some time and consider the following scenarios:

There could be a case where someone else might have entered the email address and password. So, if you can still use the same Line account, please change the password immediately before someone else attempts to log in to your Line account again.

There could be chances of someone else using the Line account, if you are no longer using your Line account, and if you receive the login notification. In this case, the original Line account can be retrieved by logging in to it again through a smart phone. This is best done within 24 hours of receiving the login notification.

There are certain steps to log in to the Line account:

Step 1 - Start the Line application and tap on “Log in”.

Step 2 - Enter the original email address and password which are registered with the account to be retrieved. Tap “OK”, or you can select “Login with Facebook”. Change the password after you have logged in.

line app not working-Start the Line application line app not working-Tap “OK” line app not working-Login with Facebook

Line application is one of the most popular applications for instant messaging and calling with most number of users. But, when it comes to using Line application, there are few tips and tricks that one might not be aware of even after using the application for some time.

Here are some of such tips and tricks that you could make use of while enjoying the Line application:

You can prevent automatic addition from contacts - In case you don’t want the people with your phone number to add you in their Line contacts automatically, there is an option for that as well which when turned off, you can only be added to their Line contact list when you have accepted their request.

Mentioned are the steps to turn the option off:

Step 1 - Open Line application and then click on “More” and then “Settings”.

line app not working-click on “More” line app not working- click on “Settings”

Step 2 - Tap on “Friends” and then uncheck “Allow Others to Add”.

This option when turned off does not allow others who know your phone number to automatically add you as their Line contact.

Unlinking the registered phone number - Unlinking the registered phone number is not that easy. It’s a tricky process, but one that can be done. All that you have to do is change the login option to unlink the phone number or register the application with another phone number. Backup the chat history before proceeding with this trick. After the backup is done, go to “Settings” and then tap on “Accounts”. Now, just link the Facebook account and give all the permissions that the application might require. After the application is linked with the Facebook account, uninstall the Line application and re-install the application to login using the linked Facebook account and it’s done.

line app not working-tap on “Accounts” line app not working-allow login

So, these are some of the tricks and tips to use with the Line application on your favorite smart phones.

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