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How to Access Phone from PC?

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While making a presentation on your computer, all of a sudden you have to access data files from your phone and this thing becomes irritating for you. As you have to use the phone and computer at the same time. What if I tell you that to access phone from PC is not a big deal nowadays. You can easily access your phone files from the computer and vice versa. Once your phone is connected to a computer you can do whatever you want. It can be easy and time-consuming too for some of you at the same time. Let's take a view; how you can make it happen within a few minutes.

Part 1. Access Phone from PC by USB Cable (Free but Time-Consuming)

To access phone from PC is not difficult. You can achieve this by using a USB cable, which is considered as simplest way. You can say that it is time-consuming but easy to handle. To share heavy files, this method is regarded as a savior. Just follow the simple steps and you are all set.

1) Connect your phone to your PC through a USB cable.

2) Open your phone and unlock it.

3) Notification of “Charging this device via USB” will appear on your phone.


4) Tap this notification and select the "Transfer Files” option.


5) Go to your desktop and click on "File Explorer" in the taskbar.

6) Go to “This PC” or “My Computer” icon and open it.

7) Look for your respective phone icon and click it.

8) Here you will find all folders of your phone.

You can access any file and transfer it directly to your computer. Also, you can transfer files from your computer to your phone too. See isn't it that much easy!

Part 2. Access Phone from PC using Third-Party Apps

Have you ever thought that to access phone from PC means you can even send text messages? Imagine you are talking to your friends while also doing a task on a computer at the same time. Are you shocked? Well! The best thing comes now as it is not a dream to achieve this. Modern technology has made this easy. For this, you have to use third-party apps and you are all set to do whatever you want.

Here is a list of best apps with their pros and cons that can make it easy for you to access phone from PC.

a) Dr. Fone Phone Manager

Dr. Fone Phone Manager is a powerful tool that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. You can access files, SMS, contacts, pictures, and videos of your phone from PC. You just have to connect your smartphone with your computer through USB cable. Then you can share files between your phone and PC. Follow the simple guide below to achieve your goal.

1) Download Dr. Fone Phone Manager toolkit on your computer.

2) Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable and allow debugging USB.

3) The interface of Dr. Fone will appear, select “Phone Manager.”

use drfone to access iPhone photos

4) Select the phone you want to connect.

5) By selecting Transfer device photos to PC you can browse any picture and transfer it to the computer.

drfone phone manager - transfer from iphone to itunes

6) You can take similar steps for transferring music and other media.

7) If you want to transfer files from the computer to your phone you can select that file and export it.

export iphone photos to pc

8) If you want to transfer pictures from computer to phone, go to photos icon on Dr.Fone - Phone Manager interface and import file that you want to share and click “OK.”

See this is not that difficult but it facilitates you a lot in sharing heavy files and folders.

b) AirDroid

AirDroid is another powerful tool that can make it easy for you to remotely access phone from PC. It gives you features to share files and even mirror screen. By using this you can send messages too. Make sure that while using the wired connection, your devices are on the same network. Follow the guide below to use this app and control your phone remotely.

1) Download and install the AirDroid app on your mobile phone.

2) Download and install Airdroid desktop client app on your computer.

3) Sign in to both apps through the same account.

4) Select your device and click on the Binocular icon.


5) Select remote control so that connection gets established between your devices.

6) Select file transfer icon and transfer files from phone to PC and vice versa.


This app has different features like AirMirror and AirIME that help in casting your phone screen to PC and type messages from the computer onto the phone.

c) Vysor

Vysor is a free app that gives you the feature to easily access phone from PC. It is actually a screen mirroring app. You just need a USB cable to connect devices and make sure that devices are on the same network, and you are all set to enjoy the remote access of phone from PC. The best part is it is easy to download from the play store or you can have its chrome extension too. Follow the following steps to enjoy the features of this great app.

1) Download and install the app on mobile and its chrome extension on the desktop.

2) Enable USB debugging on your phone by going to Developer options from settings.

3) Tap on ‘USB Debugging” to enable it.


4) Go to the desktop app open it and click on "Find Devices."


5) From the list choose your device and click "Select."


6) Your devices are now connected you can access phone from PC easily.

Pros and Cons of all Apps

Features Dr. Fone Phone Manager AirDroid Vysor
Files and Folders Sharing Yes Yes Yes
SMS No Yes Yes
Subscription No No Yes
Remotely Control No Yes No
Price Free/Paid Free/Paid Free/ Paid


To access phone from PC can make your life much easier. You can share files from your phone to computer and vice versa. Not only this you can even type SMS too from your computer by controlling the phone. What you need is only a USB cable and some apps that will help you to enjoy this fantastic feature. Once your phone and computer are connected you can do whatever you want.

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